Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Penny Does a Runner: Part IV

“Oh goodness, I’m for it now!” thought Penny as she was marched down the corridor, her wrist held firmly and painfully by her deeply unamused teacher, her grey skirt dancing as she hurried to keep up.

“Please, Miss Pinchit!” she cried in one last plea for clemency, “Don’t take me to the Headmistress! I won’t do it again!”

“You most certainly will not!” snapped her furious form tutor in reply. The burly schoolmistress gave Penny’s slender arm a spiteful tug as reward for her insolence, making the hapless girl trip over herself, wincing in distress.

Things looked bleak for young Penny (and her bottom) indeed; hopeless...

...but she was nothing if not quick-witted! That very moment the door to a washroom came into view and a thought came darting to her. “M-Miss...” she whimpered, “Please may I go to the toilet? I need to... um, well... I don’t want to wet myself in the Headmistress’s office... I’ll be quick!”

“Oh, very well,” sighed Miss Pinchit in irritation. “But mind you are quick, girl!”

Freed from her teacher’s vice grip, Penny slipped into the washroom. Her eyes lit up at her one chance of escape: the row of windows, high up on the wall above the washbasins! Heedless to the consequences, she clambered up onto a porcelain sink and quietly levered the window open, then, with some difficulty, climbed up out of it. In the several moments she was halfway through, head and arms outside, legs and feet dangling inside, she made a little wish that no-one would come into the washroom – she didn’t want a repeat of her previous experience!

With one final push she came tumbling out of the window, landing with a bump outside on the grass, but she cared little about the soreness: she was free!



  1. Oh no Pennykins! Running away never helps, darling.

  2. Too late, Aunty - she's off! ;D

  3. Since Penny's already running...run, Penny, run! :)
    Better not let anyone see you loitering our of school in your uniform!

    Glad she did not get stuck in another window :D

  4. lol. Not as glad as Penny I bet, pao!

    I need to fink how to get her some non-school clothes now. Hm hm...

  5. This is so great, have a good writing sticker Miss Hasler. I paticulaly liked "washroom," and the tugging description. Thank you well dome.

  6. :) Thanks, Harry! A good writing sticker - wheee! :D

  7. Hmm, maybe she could 'borrow' the gardener's coat... or wrap a huge piece of cloth around her like a toga and remove her blazer since that would give her away instantly.

  8. Uncanny that you should comment now, pao... I've just posted the next bit! ;)

  9. ok, you would have thought she had learned from her first window experience. But desperate times really do call for desperate measures :)

  10. Some girls never learn, I guess... :D

    I've never climbed out of a window myself, but a friend of mine has on more than one occasion - including to escape a telling-off from a lecturer XD