Thursday, 22 September 2011

Further reading

I've added a new blog to my list (over there, on the right, just below the schoolgirl being spanked) called SEXUELLE: it's the blog of erotic author Elizabeth Forster and I recommend it highly. Elizabeth sounds like a very naughty girl, and I'm sure she would appreciate advice from readers on just how she should be punished.

Just like me, in fact! x


  1. Might I suggest the same punishment for you, Penelope, that I recommended for Elizabeth on Sexuelle? Not for any particular reason....just because!

  2. Oh, but, Miss! (stamps foot petulantly) I don't deserve the strap! I've been a good girl all day... nearly...

  3. ...apart from skipping English class...

    ...and showing off my knickers to the boys in the playground...

    ...and having one little measly cigarette behind the bike sheds...

    ...and telling tales on Elizabeth...

    /me smiles sweetly and hands Miss a slightly sorry-looking apple x

  4. Outrageous behaviour from a senior girl. Report to my study at once, Penelope. You deserve to be severely punished and mark my words you will be!

    You will go across my knee, skirt up knickers down, for a good spanking.

    You will bend over my desk and receive fifty with the strap. Ten for each instance of misbehaviour, with extras if you lose position.

    You will bend over and touch your toes for six of the best with the senior cane, with extras if you lose position.

    You will write five hundred times, "I will not be a wicked little girl".

    You will not misbehave in my presence again.

    Now come along! No dawdling, girl!