Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Jolly hockey sticks

Just a picture post today. But isn’t this a wonderful picture? It perfectly captures the era I would love to have gone to school in.

Maybe if I make a wish before closing my eyes in bed tonight...


  1. Penelope, when you have removed your coat from your bicycle ride , come to my study in quarter of an hour for a reminder about the definition of out of bounds.

    1. While you are on your way, I would like you to ask Julie and Ronnie in the Third Form Common Room to accompany you, I'm going to give an example for them of what will happen if they stray to far.

  2. Oh! But, Sir! I didn't mean to go out of bounds! I only popped out to the sweet shop...

    Er, I mean... that is... Deborah put me up to it!

  3. It's Mrs Bunter to you Penelope, I won't tolerate back chat,I shall talk about this when you are before me on my office.
    Quarter of an hour later, three girls in waiting area.
    House Misstress office opens, Mrs Bunter, carrying phone, girls hush.Hand over reciever, Harriet Bunter, announces, You two, Ronnie and Julie, take a seat, this won't take 20 mins, Penelope, Hands on head wait in this corner, right in girl, hold it there, knock when your called.
    Five mins later: door opens. You two can go when I've finished punishing Penelope here. Id like you to hear what happens to any girl who goes out of bounds even for "fun," when I mentioned in house prayers not to ride all the way to the bottom of the high street hill.even though Penny is in the lower sixth , any girl of Gracefields will be dealt with in the consistent way, so be warned, the pair of you have: put that nose back in the corner; got off lightly because you were seen but as you are newish your identities could not be established beyond reasonable doubt. Penelope go and stand by your stool,I'll leave the door ajar just so you really know what you've got away with.

  4. Sorry Miss, I didn't recognise you for a minute there.

    Penny grinned naughtily.

    Please, Miss! I won't do it again, I promise!

  5. Penelope Mr Bunter, saw five girls on bicycles get some buns, all four were enjoying the slope down the high street . Four girls stopped at Carry on Corner, but one Girl carried on, that girl was you Pernelope Hasler, it may seem unfair but this is a duty I have to perform for your own good. Am I right? Quite, so over you go, hold the lower stool rail, Skirts are to be raised Miss Hasler up, up hold it high on your stomach, that's it.
    Bend over , Julie and Ronnie were the reason for my adress to all on Monday let this be a reminder to obay house notice.

  6. Blushing and slightly flustered 1940s Penny found herself gazing at the herring bone wooden floor,
    " you've awarded yourself extra unnecessarily Penelope, ONE for backchat, ANOTHer for finding this all so amusing. Now let's continue with your original award of four, four of the very best, THE BEST,

    Is this story of intrest Miss Hasler? Hand in air.

  7. Penny timidly raises her hand, then quickly returns it to her side.

    Please Miss, I'm sorry Miss! I didn't mean to giggle!

  8. Just as Penny's hand grips the rail again a flaming livid streak is felt followed by the garstly pistol sound of a cracking no nonsense big time big school cane stroke.

    Wil another be required get you to stop talking and learn your place Miss Hasler?

  9. To recap: Penny has taken, two extra for back chat, and has just had another extra for talking while being punished. Mrs Bunter is keen to knock any happy go lucky Sharapova antics out of her girls because ( she's a cruel spinster, not wife of Harry, I think it adds a dimention of extra severity.) it's not seemly behavior.

    I'm not finished with you yet, stand up, hands on head, in the corner with you. Penny does Old Harriets biding, just as the anxious flutters go up a notch she hears Miss Bunter boom stay still girl, simultaneously feeling cold spindlely hands roll up her white shirt to her high mid rift, then swift. Removal of her blue skirt, folded once and placed a top the high stool behind her, then finally for now, Penny senses slightly warmer fingers inside her knicker elastic around the top of her hips moving around too her behind as her navy blue full size are now unceremoniously whipped down.

    Just as Miss Bunter expected when she moved from behind Penny and looked through the gap in the door, the two third formers both sat back in their seat.
    Miss Bunter went

  10. Miss Bunter went to the door, stepping through she calls the two sat down, as they all look at the office door closing itself , Miss Bunter using her right arm to open the door and hold it.

    This girls is what happens to any clever clog smarty pants who pleads and fibs while addressing me. Is that clear? Yes Miss they reply. Raising her tone and voice, towards the figure in the corner, Miss Bunter asks the figure with three long dark red stripes across it's buttocks, would you recommend pleading and flippancy to the third form Penelope?

  11. Penny gulps back a tear, wincing at the burning sensation in her humiliatingly exposed rear.

    N-no, Miss! I wouldn't!

  12. Wedging her door open,Miss Bunter tells the two they can go and slowly and silently she makes for her desk, clearly stating in a matter of fact way, I don't want to hear a word from or sound till I tell you, is that understood ?

    Yes, Miss,

    After some writing, a couple of phone calls and more , ink pen scratching, Penny was surprised to hear her house mistress say. Penelope I will have to deal with your formal punishment at a later date but soon. Quietly put yourself back together and go to supper, there's to be a house prays tonight in fourth form dorm. With that Miss Bunter, turned her head down and continued with her very important desk work.

    God this is good isn't it. Eh!

  13. House Prayers Meeting:7pm Fourth Form Dorm.

    Good Evening girls Jenny will read the prayers.

    Thank you Jenny, I'll push through the notes.
    (I) this is for the sixth form. 10.30 at night is plenty late enough for lights out in regular term time, Miss Baker will be doing the rounds for at least a fortnight, concequenses will applied vigorously.
    (ii)caffeinated drinks are banned from the house, so make sure all your luxuries are so, the dining room will still be serving, teas and coffee I might add at the appropriate times.
    (iii) Thr Hockey First Team common has been closed, till further notice, for those that don't know there has been a fracka, till the damage is fix, and the area and bar have been repaired. The people involved and some are from Gracefields ate being dealt with by the Head, I might add that the silliness of this kind of thing brings a shame to our house that has had repercussions for those just on the edge of this foolishness.
    (iv) which brings us to Penelope Hasler up here please.
    Too many late nights, stimulating drinks, and association by proximity have brought Penny here.
    Miss Bunter ushers Penelope to stand to her left.

  14. So Miss Baker, please, the pert and prim but flat tight lipped Miss Baker makes for door where the dorm. Cane is hanging.
    Penelope, turn away from your peers please, hands around your ankles, legs apart

    So girls, I have interviewed Penny, she took her bicycle beyond carry on turn.
    Erie Hill, Trigger and his milk cart, or any other carriage, need not fear bicycles from
    The school because non of us will venture their very bright an early or after school. Even if it is at anytime or by mistake. Looking around, Is that clear?

    The cane for Penelope, with a nod,Miss Baker walks behind Penny, Miss Bunter moves from her position further away, Miss Baker lifts Penny's navy blue and takes her position to thrash the penitent before her. Facing the 40 odd girls in the filled room, Miss Baker gracefully places her hand on the small of Penny rounded back very gently moving away but holding her left hand at the same height, slowly her right arm extends the opposite way completely, pointing the tip down, Miss Bunter is like a pedestrian behind a line, Miss Baker head scanning the room legs apart. Both arms extended out like drooping wings lifts the cane in her right to vertical from horizontal, just like a fencer ready to parry.

    Yes, Gill said Harriet.

    Like a golfer taking a swing or jumping to avoid a galloping horse, an almighy fury of a stroke smacked the offered bottom.

  15. Penny yelps in pain, her body jerking for an instant as if she had been struck by lightning. Quickly she settles back down into position, wary of the penalty were she not to.

    Ohh! Oh... th-thank you, Miss...

  16. Penelope , What do you say? Says Miss Baker as if to a toddler.
    One, Thank you Miss.
    Like a Christ , rising to heaven, one palm facing down near the bending bottom the other grip facing up , the cane slopeing at 45 degrees.


  17. Let's all remember to get bed and sleep at the times we are suppost too.

    Gill lifts the cane to vertical again her arm rises to 90 degrees, electricity whorls around the room with dramatic effects, with the wait, the wait, Gill Baker shifts her wait onto here cane carrying side, as her left foot ballerina style just touching the floor waiting .

    Thank you miss.

    Quite The deputy housemisstress says.

    Caffeinated drinks.says the housemistress.

    The athletic elegant and dramatic cane holder again exultantly repeats her performance , this time looking seriously at the fith formers ,Ronnie and Julie.

    Holding her spread legs tightly with her hands Penny found herself very solidly balanced and strong, the humiliation was the worsed bit but she could be any of the other girls.

  18. "if you see bad behaviour stay out of the way."

    The last stroke is administered with a tough no nonsense flash exactly like the other four.

    " I look forward to seeing some of you at games tomorrow, house dismissed."
    Age group by age group file out of the dorm door, all looking at Penny still bent over until the last of the third form have gone leaving just the housemistress , her deputy and matron.
    " you may rise Penelope. Thank you for helping illustrate our new notices, and don't get caught riding that bicycle out of bounds,you may go; Matron will get you some clean underwear good night Penelope."
    Matron and Penny leave the dorm it is only when they left the room that Penny reachs back and rubs gingerly her showtime backside.

    1. Well, Penelope, said Matron as she unlocks an airing cupboard on the near by dim lit upper landing handing her a pair of fresh bloomers, you've only your self to blame. I personally thought you took your medicine well, it's no less than you deserve, it's a shame and I think you'll look back at this one day and admire just how modern and progressive Miss Bunter is and be thankful for the mercy she's shown for your future. Good night Penelope.

      Penny waits as Matron descends the stairs
      and makes her way to her dorm. She knows
      the others will beg to look, and as she arrives
      and opens the door some of the upper six girls are there their laughing stops,all except one blond, Come on Penny you can come with me tonight, it's the house captain, blond and smiling still, Thank you Maria.


  19. Thank you, Harry - a lovely story that I enjoyed very much. And it even has a happy ending!

    Cuddled up in the dorm with Maria... ohh! :)