Saturday, 19 May 2012

Little Penny writes

I think, after my last post about scary institutions and strict reformatories, that I could use a bit of cute and fluffy ‘little Penny’ time.

The young Miss Hasler is a creative little soul (when she’s not being a brat) – she likes writing stories, and drawing pictures, and she loves her colouring books – although sometimes her creative efforts do have a touch of naughtiness about them.

That is certainly true of the thing that I want to share with you today: Penny’s diary. (Don’t worry, I asked her permission to show such a personal item to my “growed up friends”). This important document – written on Penny’s very best My Little Pony notepaper, no less – provides a unique insight into things from her point of view. Shall we take a peek at a few pages and see what she’s been up to?

Aww! What a perfect little angel – writing about how much she loves her Daddy! Could anything be sweeter?

But alas, if we leaf forward a couple of pages, we see an unfortunate change in tone:

Oh dear. It sounds very much like Miss Hasler was set on being a quarrelsome little madam that day. And things only get worse in the following entry...

Poor, silly Penny! I guess the above goes to prove that, despite her pretentions, she isn’t too big for a spanking just yet. And, given how fond she is of misbehaving, I rather suspect that there are a lot of pages like this in her diary. But I’m equally sure that, though she might write mean things about him when she’s in a bad mood, Penny loves her Daddy with all her heart. And that she knows he only spanks her for her own good.

And on that note, I should return this lovely diary to its rightful owner. I’d like to thank Penny for allowing me to share her private thoughts with you all. Cuddles and ice cream for that little girl when I see her next! If any readers have comments they would like me to pass on to her, do please let me know.


  1. Very cute. And, I hope there will be a lot more pages like that! :)

  2. FAB FAB post and wtier's Blog: Poor little maughty Penny ! I presume she had to go over Daddy's knee, with her blue dress lifted and her little yeloow cotton panties pulled down to her knees (as they always should be for a naughty girl) so that her pink plastic "my little pony" hairbrush could pay a long and well deserved visit to a very tender and rather naughty, soft little bare white botty ?!...

  3. Yes, I would say to penny "thank you for having faith in me.I reckon you were realy upset when daddy spanked you for disobeying him,by writing about your troubles a problem shared is a problem solved,even the child of god was whipped shamed and hung out like a common theif he Rose so that alll that had faith th in his daddy would be allowed to rise again from the supposed dead for us to talk about him approximately 2012 year after his passing ; He realy did live was alive and was committed to that all who had faith could live knowing that they had not suffered alone .One reason why and unfair spanking is a ok to rise above."

    Harry (New full name Mr Harry Bunter.)

    Lots of prayers.

  4. joeyred51: Glad you liked it! I'll have to ask Penny if I can borrow her diary again sometime.

    Anon: Thanks! As to the exact details of poor Penny's spanking, I'm afraid I'm not privy to them. But I think it would be reasonable to assume that she was indeed wearing her "silly" blue dress and yellow panties. Whether those panties were pulled down to her knees or not, we can only speculate.

    Harry: I think I'll paraphrase that and say "Don't worry, Penny. Smacked bottoms always stop stinging in the end."

  5. Tell little Penny that Daddy always knows best. She must wear what Daddy tells her to wear, that she must stop jumping on the bed when told not to, and that Daddy loves her even when he has to give a spanking. Tell her TFD hopes her little bottom isn't too sore, and that he gives her a great big hug.

  6. Interesting. Does Penny want to be spanked, or does she want to be forgiving, with cuddles and hugs afterward?

    I think she wants both, a need that leads her into a endless cycle of goodness, naughtiness, punishment, and redemption.

    Now, let me remind you that the dress was a gift from your Aunt Becky, and I expect you to wear the stupid...uh, the lovely gift...whenever she comes to visit.

    I love you dearly, but actions have consequences, young lady. :-( & :-)

  7. Thank you for your kind comments, TFD and imreadonly2 - I popped in to see Penny this morning and passed them on to her. After I gave her a cuddle, of course.

    Penny's a little shy around me, so she just smiled and shook her head when I said that I hoped her botty wasn't sore. I told her that her Daddy loved her very much, even when he spanked her, and she smiled and nodded happily. Then she jumped down off her chair and lay on the floor and started drawing a picture.

    When she was done she came to me and held it up: it was of 'penelopy'. I gave her a big hug and said it was very good, then magicked a bag of jelly worms from my handbag. She is a little darling!

  8. Great writing and characterisation: Penny's diary is quite compelling.But rest assured Penelope, we hope all remains calm in her household; we certainly wouldn't want her to end up over Daddy's knee again with her tender little botty getting smacked- all red and stinging !...the poor thing :)

  9. Thanks, Anon! I do appreciate people appreciating my writing, as I'm not the most confident of little girls.

    And I too hope that Penny doesn't go over her Daddy's knee again too soon, but I fear that may be a forlorn hope...

  10. Not confident penny? you always come accross in a very confident manner to me, and your writing prowess is most excellent in everyway; so you have every reason to be very confident indeed and have true belief in your natural capabilities.

    Correction Man

  11. Aw, thank you CM. I'm glad it doesn't show, but it's true - I do lack confidence sometimes. Nice comments like yours are very welcome!

  12. Confidence is a state of mind Penny some are naturaly gifted with it, others learn it by engaging in certain circumstances during their life, either way it can be mastered,.Never doubt your excellent abilities the more you convince yourself of this true fact, the stronger your self belief and inner confidence will become. And i say once again you come accross very confidently indeed, not a hint of hesitation or shyness is visible at all.

    Correction Man.