Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Out and about

Now, I know that the primary purpose of this blog is to titillate with naughty tales of spanking, but I thought that, for a bit of variety, you might like to read about a day trip BH and I took last week.

We went to York (the old one, not the new one), which is a wonderful, pretty, quirky place, with some seriously ancient, beautiful buildings. Like these:

The whole place just breathes history and atmosphere. It’s a bit like walking round a huge, living museum. (With shops). Look! History!

I bet imreadonly2 remembers that day well... :D

One of the first shops we popped into was actually one of the best. In England there’s a sort-of charity called the National Trust that looks after historic buildings. And their shop in York (which sits in the shadow of the breathtaking Minster) is just bursting with cute trinkets and books and effects that speak of a more elegant, bygone age. (Think 1940s/50s England, big band music, and housewives in gorgeous tea dresses making homemade jam). I bought a couple of little bird/heart ornaments:

And I was spoilt for choice of nostalgia-rich books. I know a book is something of a luxury purchase, but I treated myself and splashed out on one called I Used to Know That:

You know when you just have to buy something? It was like that. The book is a kind of textbook-digest, with facts and figures and explanations of all sorts of things that one might have learned in school and half-forgotten since. It’s great! Interesting, useful, and really good for getting into an old-school school mood. Also perfect for those with a slightly flighty attention span (ahem): open it on a random page and you have a piece on algebraic equations. Flick forward and you have the Kings and Queens of England. It’s a bit like surfing the internet, but with the added loveliness of paper and ink. I rather suspect that it might be used in future home schooling lessons…

Anyway. What else can I tell you? The rain held off (just about) all day, we had a mini-picnic in a beautiful park, wandered round the Viking museum, walked along the city walls, went in loads of shops (and I sighed over many lovely, but unaffordable, frocks), had a cocktail in an ever-so bohemian bar, then a candlelit meal in an Italian restaurant, then made our way home, happy as clams. (Though I’m sure I will come to regret buying that book when I’m tested on geometry). All in all a really lovely day, and I wasn’t spanked once!

P.S. Attention fans of ye olde stuffe: York even has a shop that sells armour (!)

Perfect anti-spanking wear!


  1. Hi,

    I have visited York. What a great City. In one of the museums, there is a jail from Victorian days. I also remember the shop with the armour as well. I had a roast at the Guy Fawkes Inn one Sunday.

    Lots of terrific places for BDSM scenes or fantasies about them.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. It is great, isn't it? :)

    And you might be thinking of the Castle Prison, which goes way back to William the Conquerer (!)

    Dick Turpin was held there, you know. And so was P Hasler, on a previous visit to York...

    ...but I was let out again!

  3. 'happy as clams'? How happy are clams? And are they generally any happier than other shellfish?

  4. Hehe! It is a silly expression. I guess you haven't heard it before?

    *dashes to school library*

    It seems that "as happy as a clam" is a 19th-century American idiom. The full version is "as happy as a clam at high water," a slightly anthropomorphic take on the idea that clams at high tide are safe from predators.

    I did not know that!

    The website I got this dubious info from suggests that high tide is "surely the happiest of times in the bivalve mollusc world" – lol! :D

  5. Do I get a gold star for research, Miss? Hm, hm? Sweet smile? :)

  6. Penelope,

    Yes. I remember now, it was the castle prison. We took lots of pictures of us behind bars.

    Thank you,

  7. That the prison dates back so long really blows my mind - William the Conquerer, it's just too crazy! But then York itself is twice as old as that - nearly two thousand years old - having been established by the Romans.

    Hmm. I'm definitely in a school swot mood today.

  8. I'm sure the prison could easily be refurbished to be a reformatory, a place of redemption for naughty girls.

    As for sly remark, young lady, that is addressed in the previous post about your public spanking...