Sunday, 12 August 2012

Guest post: Words and pictures, by imreadonly2

A first for my little blog: a guest post! I am deeply honoured to play host(ess) to the talented, handsome and saucy spanking fiction author imreadonly2, who has kindly written a very interesting piece about a very interesting subject: the respective merits of images and words in the creation of erotica.

And that’s not all. As a result of his deliberations (and a little bratty pleading from me) he has also written a new spanking story – starring meee! – to be serialised in the Library of Spanking Fiction. Entitled The Perils of Penelope, the story was inspired by a Janus cover image (shown below) and details a certain Miss Hasler’s return to school, in uniform, as an adult. I am very proud to say that I was invited to contribute a couple of little sections, and some silly limericks, to the story.

Anyway! Without further ado (as they say), here’s my very special guest imreadonly2:


A recent discussion on pictures led Penelope and I to have an interesting sidebar about the role of pictures on her blog.

This is primarily a story blog that focuses on spanking fantasies, with pictures as an accent. Penelope (good girl that she is) is very conscious of not appropriating content, and uses photos and images discretely. Also there are numerous picture blogs on the web. So while Penelope utilizes pictures, and sees their advantages, the primary focus of the site is text and fantasy.

Text, like radio, allows you to create your own mental images. In a story Penelope can be a blonde, a redhead, or a brunette. She can simultaneously be 5 foot tall or 3 inches taller than Amelia Jane Rutherford. And her facial expression when that first spank lands will be precisely what the reader thinks it should.

Pictures have their place, but a well written story can weave a spell, and create a magic all its own. Anyone who loves words, and loves Penelope’s blog, appreciates how special stories can be.

Like Penelope, I prefer a hybrid approach. I thought many of the posts on MarQe’s Study and in the old Janus Magazines (particularly the covers) themselves suggested a story, at least in my mind. And of course the mind is the most wonderful of all our erogenous zones.

I particularly like the covers from Janus and Blushes and Rue because they aren’t explicit, and usually picture the girl waiting for the spanking, and dreading the punishment in store. Once again, what goes on in your mind is often far more interesting than the mechanics of the punishment itself.

Since Penny flattered me by asking me to write a story for her, I complied, using the Janus image from below (reposted with permission) as my inspiration for her story, and as proof of my picture-story-inspiration concept. Shortly after I selected this cover, it appeared on MarQe’s site; apparently he liked it too!

Thank you to Penny, and to Janus, for allowing me to attempt to write the story I imagined to reside within Janus 14 when I first saw the cover.

Penelope bit her lip as she waited nervously outside the Headmaster’s office. She looked down, nervously tucking her blouse into her skirt as she listened to the deafening TICK-TOCK of the clock upon the wall...

Penelope reflected back on the strange events that had led her, slowly but inexorably, to this precise moment. The Headmaster had been dreadfully nice – indeed, almost unctuous – when she had requested permission to sit in on her niece’s classes and take notes after her unfortunate accident. When she earnestly promised to be as discreet as possible, so as to not disrupt the school’s routine, the Headmaster smiled.

“I’m enormously pleased to hear that, Miss Hasler, because we’re quite old fashioned about such things,” the Headmaster said, sipping his steaming hot tea. “Students who disrupt our school’s routine quickly discover this, and they leave this office sitting quite a bit less comfortably than you are now!” he added, chuckling at his own wit.

It was a casual comment, made in jest really, not directed specifically at Penelope at all, but more at himself, and those naughty students foolish enough to cross his path.

But Penelope found her eyes magnetically drawn to the enormous wooden wardrobe standing against the wall. It was ancient, and very old and expensive looking, with two large doors that opened up to reveal heaven knows what. It was big enough to hide a dozen Penelopes, a thought that briefly crossed Penny’s mind as the Headmaster alluded to the school’s discipline policy.

There was a pregnant pause, and the Headmaster smiled as Penny bit her lip, and shifted nervously in her chair as she imagined what was in the secret cupboard. “Once a naughty girl, always a naughty girl,” he thought, “particularly the older ones.”

Continued in the Library of Spanking Fiction...

Many thanks to Janus Worldwide for granting me permission to reproduce their sexy cover!


  1. This is very nice. :) It is a neat idea to do a guest post, and it is always fun to write stories for and about each other.

    And what a naughty girl...:P

  2. Oh, I remember that image. It is totally our young heroine, Penny!

  3. For those who wish to read about Penny's back-to-school adventure (and learn why she is so nervously adjusting her skirt!)the story is now up on the library board. Please post your comments there, here, or everywhere. THANK YOU!!

  4. A wonderful beginning - very smartly written, and I really enjoyed the psychological tennis match between the two antagonists (yes, I read the whole of part I on LSF).

    I fear, Penny, that you will have cause to regret your insolence.

    Seriously regret it.

  5. Hi Penny
    I very much enjoyed reading your story on TSL last night, before I read your column.
    It's a fine start to the story and I for one am hoping for some juicy descriptions of the punishment and further ones.
    I have the original Janus tucked in my loft and it is one of their best schoolgirl covers.
    The original story in the mag isn't bad either!
    All the best


  6. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you are enjoying the story. But praise should be addressed to imreadonly2, not me: my bit is still to come!

    And sorry to disappoint anyone hoping that Penny gets what's coming to her, but I'm so not gonna regret tellin that stuffy ol' headmaster what I think of him, ner! ;)

  7. So it's to be a war of wills, is it? Well, I still say the odds are not on your side, but I am.
    And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Go, Penny!

  8. I love to read about it but don't want a confirmation email from the spanking library coming to my family computer. How about imreadonly putting it on his site.
    Anyway it does seem like good work. Yes that's a photo of our Penny on the front of that Janus, but I do love the picture from My Office Now Post, that's Penny too.

  9. Alas, poor Harry, imreadonly2 doesn't have a site. I'll have a think about how you might be able to read the story by alternate means.

    Thanks, RR! I appreciate the support. But I'm not worried. I mean, come on - as if a grown woman of twenty four and a quarter could find herself caned in school like a naughty student! Ha! It's a preposterous idea! ;)

  10. Penny, as always, is too modest. She contributed greatly via the words,the poems, and the inspiration in general.

    I've sent Penny back Part 2, HUMILIATION IN STORE, which is quite yummy. Her wonderful opening follows:

    The store that she would visit the following day was just off the main shopping street in town, but it may as well have been on Mars for all the heed she had ever paid it. As she walked down the street toward it – the same street that she had walked down countless times before – she felt indescribably different, as if she were floating along in a dream.

    She wondered how the people she walked past in the street would react, and how she herself would feel, were she to make the return journey dressed in school uniform. Would they laugh at her? Would they point? Would she blush? She felt a strange, exciting trepidation at the thought of it, as if a hundred butterflies were fluttering inside her. And she felt a naughty, tingling sensation between her legs.

    She arrived at the store. Abrams Schoolwear. As she stood outside she wondered how she had never once noticed it before. She looked at the items in the window: box-pleated skirts, jumpers with school crests, striped ties. Clothes for children. A fresh shiver of fear and excitement coursed through her at the thought that she would soon be dressed in such clothes; that she would soon exchange her individualized, unmistakably adult outfit for an impersonal, indistinguishable, childish one: a uniform.

  11. I also imagine Penny would look like a picture I've just posted.

  12. Part 2 is posted, so if you enjoy Penny's writing, or mine, you'll likely enjoy this! :-)