Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ready for my close-up

I’ve written a few ‘me’ posts recently: posts where I star, plain old Penny Hasler, in place of a fictitious naughty schoolgirl or an imagined sex toy of Maria Sharapova’s. (Not that there’s anything wrong with posts like that!) And, to use an English expression, that’s taken quite a bit of bottle. Because I’m quite a shy person, and quite a self-deprecating one, and so blogging about myself can feel like I’m standing in the centre of the room shouting “Hey everyone! Look at me!

Which isn’t something that I generally do. Even when I’m tipsy.

But you know – and I can’t say this enough times – other bloggers have shown me that I don’t have to think that way; that it’s okay to feature myself as a subject, and their examples have given me the courage to open up a bit more.

And you know what else? (This next bit is probably only apropos on a spanking blog...)

I want to show you a photo of my butt. I know that’s hardly ‘Garbo Speaks!’, but it’s quite a leap for me. Why do I want to? Quite a few reasons. For one thing I figure that it’s less daunting than putting up a photo of my lovely *ahem* face; secondly I have used loads of pictures of other girls’ butts on my blog so it only seems fair that I use one of my own; thirdly a pic of my rear won’t compromise the idea that readers can project their fantasies onto me and visualise their own perfect Penny; and last of all I figure that I write about it enough, so I should really let you see it. Kind of let you put a butt to a name, lol!

So anyway, here’s my butt:

Or some of it, at least. And apologies for the blurriness; BH must have shaky hands. ;P I chose the pic as it is quite modest (by saucy standards) and I guess it represents my idea of a tastefully teasing photo. I’m actually on all fours on the bed, wearing a red ‘skater’ dress that someone appears to have roguishly hitched up. I hope you like it! (But it’s okay if you don’t).

I should mention that this doesn’t mean I want to be bombarded with requests for more pics. I’m still just a spanking enthusiast and writer, not a spanking model. I’m not brave enough for that (and I have nothing but admiration for those women who are). And, like many other submissive women, I don’t like being pressured in my ‘real’ life to do things on demand: I like to do things because I want to. So if and when the next pic appears, it will be because I feel ready to put it up. I hope that makes sense and doesn’t sound too diva-ish.

P.S. I was spanked not long after the photo was taken. Quite thoroughly. Despite my struggling protestations. Which just proves that Poppy has it quite right: tops are silly!

P.P.S. I headed this post with a cute bunny in a cup because 1) the pic captures how I feel a lot of the time, and 2) that pic will hopefully appear on other blogs as a thumbnail, rather than my butt! (Don’t worry, I okayed it with the bunny first).


  1. Very, very lovely, and thank you for the post. I know it was a big and very brave step for you!

    Appreciate what you said about it being a story blog, as I have fallen in love with your words, and your story, not your picture.

    A perfectly lovely photo, yet I can't help but notice that there are no tram lines, and not a trace of redness. No offense to your husband, but clearly he isn't taking care of business!!


  2. Aw, thank you imreadonly2. You are sweet. And I love you too.

    As for the lack of redness, that photo can be considered the 'before' pic... had BH taken a corresponding 'after' pic my bottom would not have looked quite so fair and unmolested!

  3. Thank you for the post, it did take courage for sure. And, you have a very nice bottom.


  4. I liked the post and the rabbit is very cute.
    Also nice behind :)


  5. Perhaps it is a Playboy bunny in its fantasies. ;)

  6. Hehe, perhaps! :)

    Thank you for the kind compliments, Joey and Timmy. My bottom is very grateful.

  7. Awww. I 'wanna see the after photo and tease you about it!

  8. A beautiful bottom, Penny, and I love red and black attire on a girl. XO.

  9. At the risk of getting too philosophical, I think only you should decide the changes you take yourself through, so good for you. Oh and a beautiful bottom by the way.

  10. If you can't be philosophical on a silly spanking blog, where can you be? ;)

    And you are all too kind. "Beautiful" - thank you!

    Actually, Julie isn't too kind. Julie wanna tease a sweet fluffy bunny like me for bein spanked? Bunny cry now! :'(

    Just kiddin. I might put a spanked Penny pic up in the future, should I get the requisite courage from somewhere. Ickle bunny steps.

  11. Penny, you are a brave girl. Your bottom is as cute as the bunny in the cup, although rather more spankable.

  12. It occured to me that votre bottom could have been featured on your blog many times it's just that they are Not attributed To you. So many unidentified bottoms. You could be an anonymous model. Also I've never thought about your blog being too personal, it's your blog
    We readers like it so, keep up the good wk.
    Great bum by the way!

  13. Just how I imagined it, black panties and all. And even more adorable than a bunny in a cup.

    Never worry about being too Penny-centric; Like Harry says, it;s YOUR blog. If people don't want to come back they don't have to.

    But they do...

  14. Thank you RR, Harry and Aunty! I am so happy to have received so many kind comments. I feel very safe and reassured.

    I'm very glad you think my bottom is cute (and spankable), Aunty! The thought of being spanked by you makes me feel all yummy.

    I understand your point about "unidentified bottoms," Harry, but I'm rather shy about using a photo of myself sans knickers (even an unattributed photo) as I would know it was me! But then I didn't think I would ever put the pic in this post on my blog, so who knows.

    And thank you for saying that my bottom lives up to the one in your imagination, RR. You're the adorable one. xxx