Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lady of leisure

Four-day weekends rock! I’m on day four and, head cold aside, I feel recharged and relaxed. Weekends should always be this long.

Good: I’ve had some time to work on Project Summer, and it’s beginning to come into some kind of form. I love it when a piece of writing starts to take on its own personality and speak back to you.

Good: I had a lovely birthday, with cards and prezzies and phone calls and visits and kind wishes and a meal out. I felt very loved. And I got a birthday spanking! I think BH might need to work on his arithmetic, though... I turned 25 yet I got close to 100 – how does that work?

Good: We had a lengthy and thoroughly immersive ‘detention’ session the day after my birthday. I was put into my school uniform, given a lovely, belittling telling-off, a short, sharp spanking, and strict instructions to sit at my desk and write 250 lines. It took ages! And despite working as quickly and carefully as I could, I got an ‘F’ and a further week’s detentions for becoming aroused by my punishment! So unfair! (I also got a jolly good thrashing with the cane and a thorough seeing-to, but we won’t go into that).

Bad: Doggie ruined several of my books by wizzing against them.

Bad: I feel like I’ve got a sock sitting on my brain today. And the morning sickness thing is seriously kicking in!

Still, I’d call that a win on balance. :)


  1. Lots of good news. You got your birthday spanks plus 75 to grow on. But an 'F' on lines. That's not right.


  2. Thanks, TFD!

    Re the 'F', I should probably mention that it was my idea... ;D

  3. I missed your birthday?? (someone should be seriously punished for that....)

    Sorry, Penny, but a belated SlapHappy Birthday to wittel Penny, who is what now? Five? Six?



  4. No worries, RR, and thanks!

    Well, I say no worries, but of course you are now down for a very severe caning. It's for your own good...

    And ickle Penny is six. She'll be seven in 2016 :)

  5. I am glad that you had a fun birthday. However, I think you are very naughty telling BH to work on is arithmetic. My dear girl, I do not think that sets a good example for little Penny.

    Hope you feel better.


  6. Maybe you got ickle Penny's birthday spanks as well, not that she needed them after the spanking Aunty gave her for vandalising your blog, dear. You may have also gotten a spank from all your friends in the blogosphere. I hope you're feeling all better now, too.

  7. I reckon I must have got them, Aunty! LP definitely owes me in that case. And thank you to all my bloggy friends! (I think).

    Mm, I like it when you're all strict, Joey :D I bet you'd make a really sexy teacher. Oh, er, I mean I'm sorry I set a bad example for little Penny...

    And I am feeling better headwise now, actually - thanks for the nice wishes! The daily nausea seems to be a bit of a fixture, though, as do the swollen boobs and ultra-sensitive nipples. BH has threatened me with a pinching, but I think that's just one of those 'threats to make subby girls behave themselves'.

  8. sounds like you had a good birthday spanking and getting aroused from your punishment naughty penny.

  9. Aw, but... I couldn't help it! And anyway it was my teacher's fault for dressing me up and punishing me and turning me on... and for making me bend over and show him my panties...

    Teachers are mean! :(