Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The writing process and kissably red lips

Oh, I’ll never get it! Never, never! *CLANG!*

Just kiddin. My literary masterpiece is coming along okay, though there’s still a long, long (long) way to go and plenty of struggling to do. Barbara Cartland I am definitely not. But hey, it’s the journey that counts, right? And I always have Matthew Sweet to keep me company in my lonely writing eyrie and pep me up in the moments when I don’t feel so clever and wonderful. (Quite often, then). Mercy me, I love that man.

Anyway, here’s a random thing that might amuse. There I was last night, innocently browsing cosmetics after a hard day at the keyboard... like you do... when cor blimey and stone the crows guv’nor I came across a lipstick called, no word of a lie, Penelope’s Red! (“L’Oreal Color Riche Star Secrets Penelope’s Red,” to be exact, but that’s a bit of a mouthful). Talk about life imitating art!

Look, it’s real:

It’s a sheer, buildable, orange-red lipstick – I’m quoting someone who knows about these things here – a real statement lip! And not only does it offer vibrant colour, it conditions and nurtures lips to keep them soft, smooth, and supple with ultra-hydrating Omega 3! Ooh!

It does look nice, to be honest. And who wouldn’t want me on their lips? :D

Alas, I think this hot, desirable red is actually named after the rather-more-gorgeous-than-I Penelope Cruz, rather than lil ol’ me. But I can pretend. “I always wear Penelope’s Red... because I’m worth it!” (Pouts, flicks hair, turns and stumbles on impractical heels).


  1. Really cool.


  2. That lipstick looks suspiciously like the scribbling LP descorated the blog with, she didn't steal your lipstick did she Penny? Maybe I should have spanked her harder.

  3. You know Aunty, I think you might be onto something. That little pest! You have my full consent to give her another good spanking the next time you see her. (Fancy babysitting her tonight?) ;)

    Glad you like it, Joey! I'll have to get some and pepper you with kisses sometime. Soppy stuff!

  4. I think you may have it wrong, Penny. It's not possesive (like its), it's a contraction (it's, e.g.). A bold but so-often-true statement: Penelope's red. As in "Penelope's red - are you surprised? Is anyone? No, I didn't think so."

    Still, so nice to see that you're building a following...


  5. Me, wrong? Unpossible! :) But then maybe the name means both things...

  6. Sorry about that - a typo I just couldn't live with!

    I have this lipstick! It looks great in the tube but I'm very pale, so it ended up looking orange on me. The sort of orange that would be well-matched with blue eyeliner and three ungodly shades of blush, plus some fishnet stockings that don't really work and platform heels that are not so much for walking, just for wearing while leaning against lamp-posts. Yikes!

    I'm happy to have found your blog, and will be linking you. I'm a spanking writer too, though I haven't published anything at this point. For now, I'm happy with "spanking blogger," though I think, if my bottom can take it consistently enough, I'd also be happy with "spanking memoirist."

    Best wishes,
    Abby Williams

  7. Hi Abby, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I shall link you in return and look forward to reading your blog. It's nice to make new friends :) and always good to discover new writers (and memoirists).

    Thanks too for the info on the lipstick - it sounds like a rather bold choice, all in all... :D lol @your evocative description of the ensemble it would go with! (I'll have to get some for Ana. Smirk).