Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The scent of spanking

I dunno, you co-write one little blockbuster spanking book and everyone wants a piece of you. Endorse this, appear on that: if I had a PA she would have been run off her feet dealing with all the calls. Of course, I’ve played hard to get – I’m not the sort to put my name to just any old thing – but the offer from one particular fashion house was just too good to turn down. My own weight in jelly worms! Wheee! :D

So what fine product have I graced with my moniker?

Penny perfume! Check it out:

Cute bottle! (I wonder where they got the idea from?) And the smellies-spiel is pretty cute, too:

The fashion-forward, kink-conscious young woman of today needs a playful yet sensual scent. A scent that says “I'm a woman and I like to be spanked. What are you gonna do about it?” Red by Penelope Hasler and Spanky Couture is that scent. Fresh accords of tangerine, rosewood and water hyacinth complement the heat of freshly-swatted female skin and the tears on your blushing face to keep you smelling divine as you sob in the corner with your ass on fire.

Red. Like your heart. Like your butt.

Speaking from experience, wearing one’s own fashion-forward fragrance provides little comfort when you’re facing the wall in disgrace, holding your skirt up to show off your naughty, glowing bottom. If anything, it makes it all the more humiliating.

I thoroughly recommend it! ;D

Do any of you have ideas for other spanking-related product tie-ins? Aunty Andrea kitchen utensils, perhaps? Vitsky leather belts? Taste for Disgrace pasta sauce? :)


  1. Wow ! I assume it's a little spray or dab on each cheek Penny ? Sooo demure :) and I look forward to the branded spanko-apparel. And Is there perhaps a yin-yan spanker fragrance in the offing for BH ? Also, I must pay attention Penelope; I thought you had already launched a cutey-pie selection of cartoon characters for your Naughty Little Penny signature range ? You know, Little Pony hairbrushes, cookie-monster, cotton, snuggy panties and bouncy-flouncy, ruffled Naughty Princess's Party dresses ? Plus a range of accessories. I was searching for the site: all that a Naughty Right Little Madam could desire ? bad. Strict Old Spicey Uncle

  2. Not pasta. Ya need my wood-fired Bar-bee-cue sauce, for fryin' up yer juicy rump roast. Yeeeee-HAW!


  3. Penny's cold cream! I was already to comment on your last post till I read the other comments and your own. My commenting went into melt down thinking of sympathetic things to say, I couldn't think of anything!

  4. Very clever Penny. I would suggest spanko cookies dipped in chocolate for after care. I have a post with pix showing the spanko cookies which are in the shape of bottoms.


  5. What about a range of Spank Shop aprons? Of course there are all sorts of hairbrushes we could market, labelled: not to be used to brush hair. I also think there's a market for cushions and pillows to sit on and soothe that stinging freshly spanked bottom.

  6. Thanks for all the lovely messages, everyone! Some great ideas! Everything for the spanky home :D

    I remember those cookies, Joey - they looked (almost) too cute to eat.

  7. Something for the weekend Sir ? ...Hi Penny, as we approach the seventh day after toil n trouble; can I make a suggestion in the spirit of the genre ? ... a themed pressie for long-suffering BH ? :) Something in hardened, pink plastic from The Perils of Penelope Cucina range. We're talking high-resin, sustainable carbon: a quality, designer, whippy spatula. A Chef's Special. His very own man-tool...and can even be used for re-claiming the BBQ land-grap in June ! What better than a Lazy Like Sunday Morning spanking with your fleecy jammies down. Oooh ! And then, how to fry his eggs n bacon on your sizzling red botty, sunnyside up ! We all remember that Naughty Schoolboys' error about girlies turning into a pizza. I think this is a vast improvement !? Strict Inventor Uncle

  8. lol, what can I say in response to such inspired inventiveness?

    How about: "Aww... but, but! The spatula stings! Don't wannit on my bare botty!"