Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bye-bye baubles

Aw. It’s time to put the Christmas decorations away for another year, and that of course includes my cheery little blog header. I’m always saddened by this day: it’s (naturally enough) like the opposite feeling to putting everything up. But then I suppose that Christmas would lose its meaning (and the pretty decorations their appeal) if it lasted all year. And I guess that this ending-of-festivities ritual forms an important life lesson, and even at a push a metaphor for life itself: things come, things go. Enjoy the nice things while they’re here!

Still, it’s sad. And just to make it sadder I’ve got a cold, too. Wah!


  1. "On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...drum roll...a Brat Dolly Hairbrush and an old fashioned smacked BOTT- Y " :)...Happy New year Princess, Strict Uncle (now you behave yourself young madam)

  2. We took our tree down and most of our decorations. Very sad. And, I have a nasty cold as well.

    Hope you feel better.


  3. Your Christmas heading was very pretty. This season tends to bring cold and flu. We can't get too comfortable or happy. :) I hope you get better soon.


  4. I hereby refuse to accept the "Christmas is over" nonsense. My tree is going to stay up just as long as I see fit. :D

    Most of my friends seem to be sickish lately. That time of year.

  5. Thanks for the comments and kind wishes, everyone (and the funny song, Strict Uncle) - you've made my post-Xmas blues a good deal less blue. I hope you beat that cold, Joey!

    Hehe, I like it Ana :) and you are quite right - your tree, your rules! I'm too chicken to break with tradition myself in this case, but I applaud your brave tree stance. (Good name for an indie band, that: Brave Tree Stance) ;D

  6. Indie Bands Penny: you've done it now ! OooHhH the tingling frisson ...don't say you like Heavy Metal too ? That would be sooooo compelling (good rhythm to smack too)....turn it up Penny...drown out the squeals. ANA...brave tree attitude ! Love it. WOW! What an invaluable, enlightened stance. A Princess's stormy coup and Winter Revolution. A foot stomping protest to be applauded. Full marks. Oh the maverick independence ANA. That feisty free-spirit. The zestful vitality and industrious, rebellious tension. Your mighty friction and tenacious traction: all engendered by thinking, writing... and a good BARE BOTTY smacking..."RIGHT you. COME HERE Young lady at once !.. I told you to take down the tree and put away the decorations CAREFULLY and NEATLY. So now it's you panties that need taking down. How dare you dosobey me. What have you been doing ? Get to your room little madam. Right now..and you can jolly well stop by the cupboard to pick up the slipper on your merry way....Strict Uncle, # Brave Tree Attitude Adjustment... HAPPY NEW YEAR all.

  7. I liked your Christmas heading. Normally I feel sad to take the trimming down but not this year. We took ours down on New Year's Day.

    Hope the cold is on the way out.


  8. lol, my strict uncle is mad as a hatter! But I love him. (And as it happens I do quite like rock music...)

    Thanks, Ronnie - the cold is indeed on the retreat. xx

  9. Yes, sadly our pretty decorations have been stored away for the next eleven months. I don't have a cold, though sweetheart. We are instead sweltering.

  10. I know it isn't much help saying it but if I could fan you, Aunty, I would. I'll give it a try from here, one sec:

    Any good? :)