Thursday, 17 January 2013

An incident in the dorm room


Entered into student’s permanent file on the 17th of January, 2013
Incident reported by Sir Daniel, Headmaster

STUDENT: Penelope Hasler
OFFENSE: Self-defilement

On Monday, January 14th, 2013, we carried out a surprise inspection of the dormitories. Per procedure, these inspections consist of a single knock on the door, followed by immediately opening the door, unlocking it with my own key if necessary. It is common for our students to feel that their dorm rooms are somehow off-limits to the staff. In our school, our girls are afforded limited privacy only as a privilege. Uniform inspections during the school day are routine, including of the girls’ underwear, and public punishments are also common. Despite our best efforts to instill in the girls an understanding that nothing they do or have is off-limits to us, many still expect for their rooms to be ignored. These surprise inspections are deliberately invasive in order to dispel that notion.

Upon entering Miss Hasler’s room, I found her laying on top of her bed in her underwear. This itself is nothing unusual; it was what Miss Hasler was doing in her underwear that was unacceptable. I was shocked to see her with a hand down the front of her panties. The reason for this was unmistakable - she was in mid-gyration when I opened the door, and the outline of her hand made it quite clear what exactly she was doing. I had caught the young student defiling herself.

Miss Hasler seemed to be in shock and simply stared at me slack-jawed, one hand still down the front of her underwear in a most tell-tale sign of her own misbehavior, and the other hand holding up her phone. I must confess that I found myself staring in shock as well, and that a long silence filled the room. Fortunately, I recovered my wits before the child could and I quickly grabbed the phone from her, afraid that she might be communicating with some stranger somewhere in a most lewd way. Taking the phone from her hand seemed to break her shock, and the shame of her situation appeared to wash over her. Her hand immediately flew out of her underwear and grasped the sheets in a death grip, as far from the scene of the crime as possible. She went a deep red from the top of her head all the way down to her shoulders. And, finally, she let out a wretched little moan, knowing perfectly well that there was nothing to be done and that she would truly be “getting it” at this point.

On her phone was a picture of a young woman grinning at the camera while wearing only panties. I recognized the background as one of our locker rooms and remembered then that Miss Hasler is one of our tennis players, and that her partner is Maria Beltram, who I also realized was the girl in the photo. Miss Hasler had taken a photo of her tennis partner changing and then used it for her own self-gratification and defilement.

Miss Hasler at least had the sense to look pitiful, humiliated, and more than a little fearful. She still lay silently on the bed, in just a bra and panties. She had changed since classes ended, and was no longer in her classroom uniform underwear. Instead, she was wearing a pair of thin briefs, yellow with little red hearts on them. If not for the visual from a minute earlier, she would have seemed nothing more than a sweet child, lying on her bed, blushing in her underwear. But there was still one clear sign that she had in fact been very, very naughty: on her panties, in a direct contrast to the girlishness and childishness of the cartoon hearts, appeared an obvious stain where her hand had previously been.

Having taken stock of the situation, I took action. I grabbed her by the arm, yanking her up out of bed. I could see that her fingers were sticky and wet. Still holding her arm, I dragged her from her room and into the hall, scolding her quite clearly for her shameful behavior. If she hadn’t already been redder than a tomato, than she surely would have been after I dragged her into the bathroom, lecturing her all the while about the vulgarity of defiling herself. She was taken to the sink and told to clean the filth off of her fingers, and every girl in the hallway or in the bathroom now knew that Penelope Hasler had been caught masturbating. Girls hurried to exit the restroom, their faces a mixture of curiosity and pity.

After Miss Hasler had washed her foul hands several times, I informed her that she had ruined her panties by getting her filth on them, and instructed her to remove them and toss them into the trash. With a sad, small whine, she obeyed. Finally, I made her go into a stall and wipe herself clean with the toilet paper. Once I was satisfied that all of the filth had been gotten rid of, I marched her back to her room, this time only in her bra. She was instructed to place her hands on her bed, forcing her to bend over with her naked bottom out. She was told to not speak unless spoken to and to not move.

Every hall has a large punishment paddle hanging from a wall in the common room. I instructed a nearby girl to bring me theirs, and she quickly obeyed before hurrying off, clearly not wanting to be anywhere the implement. I left Miss Hasler’s door open, as I felt it appropriate that her punishment be public, so that her shame could be known and spread - this humiliation is often as effective a punishment as the initial spanking.

To that end, I quite loudly and clearly asked her if she had been masturbating, and when answered in a quiet and meek voice I made her repeat her answer louder, so that everyone passing by could hear. Then I gave her a stroke of the paddle, causing her to gasp and cry out, her nude bottom wiggling as immodestly as her fingers had earlier. I continued on like this, making her confess in increasingly shameful and humiliating detail the exact nature of her crime in between painful and increasingly unbearable strokes of the paddle. I would flatten her bottom and then, as she wiggled and waved her reddening bottom, I would make her explain exactly what her hand had been doing underneath her panties. By the tenth swat, everyone in the hall knew that she had “diddled” her clitoris and that she had penetrated her vagina with her own fingers, and that she had done this while looking at a picture of another girl, and finally that she had done all of this before, many times.

There was no doubt by the end of her paddling that Miss Hasler knew that further strict intervention was necessary, no matter how sorry and regretful she seemed at that moment.

I waited for the sobbing girl to recover, and allowed her to do the inevitable, childish dance that all girls do after a painful spanking. Then she was sent to stand with her nose against the wall and hands on her head while I browsed through the pictures on her phone. At this point, it came as no surprise that there were more pictures. There were multiple pictures of Maria in various stages of dress, as well as pictures of Miss Hasler’s roommate Emily in similarly compromising positions. There were pictures of most of the tennis team and cheerleading squad in the locker room. All in all, I discovered about twenty lewd photos on her phone.

I took her from the corner and sat her down in her hard desk chair, ignoring her wincing and pained shifting. I made it clear to her that her conduct was absolutely unacceptable, and I made her go through her phone and delete every lewd photo on it. I then informed her that for the next week she would be on a very strict clothing restriction - she would not wear any trousers, skirts, dresses, or any other clothing that would cover her underwear, and she would be forbidden from leaving campus during that time as well. I made it clear to her that this was so that it would be obvious if she were to get her panties filthy again, and that her teachers would have instructions to check from time to time. She would also be forbidden from shutting her door, and there would be regular check-ins to make sure her hands and panties were clean during the evenings. She moaned sadly but had no other option than to accept her punishment.

It has been three days, and I must unfortunately report that Penelope Hasler has already been sent to my office with filthy panties twice. I have no choice but to add a note to her permanent record that she is prone to masturbation and lust. Without regular and strict correction, I fear that Miss Hasler will go nary a day without filthy panties and sticky fingers. Her phone has been confiscated and her teammates and roommate informed of her proclivities. They seemed oddly accepting of the news and unsurprised. I wish to believe that they simply suspected it all along, but I must accept the possibility that this shameful behavior is not limited to just one girl.

There is a possibility that my academy has been overrun by wanton, decadent, and immodest tarts, sharing lewd images and “diddling” themselves. Perhaps their depravity has even gone beyond solo acts. This is an alarming possibility, and one that must be investigated to the fullest possible degree. I will not rest until I have exposed every shameful, indecent, and lewd girl in my academy.

I expect to be very busy, indeed.


  1. Self defilement, they make it sound so clinically official. With all respect I think Sir Daniel may need a little self defilement, it may make him a little less cranky.

  2. Well this really does deserve a cookie,top work, emotional content, indignation. If mrs Harry were to tell me this as a bed time story, as part of a massage , arousing story exchange we have, id be delighted. I often ask her to write me one, like a teacher giving out home work, but she never does! ( she makes them up as she tells them; if she says she can't think of anything I say "plenty of cliches!") Thank you Penelope. ; )

    1. Your description of the school (not knicker inspection) is so accurate , set against the background of old school boarding Disipline , totally plausible shame happening from the past. So clever.(::::!:::::) But set with modern gadgets.

  3. Sir Daniel REALLY needs to get laid, whathever that entails for him...

  4. And you sound SO penitent, Penny. Not. :D

  5. Oh, I am penitent, Ana... terribly, terribly so. I certainly didn't enjoy being scolded and stripped and examined and held up for ridicule in front of all the other girls... not one little bit...

    My fingers may be crossed right now.

    I'm glad you like it, Harry, but it's Sir Daniel you should thank - he wrote it :)

    And @Aunty and smuccatelli: just between us, I would be more than happy to help Sir D out with all the defilement he needs. He's dreamy! :D