Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Six of the best (blogs)

It’s a lovely expression, ‘six of the best’. Like OFG, I don’t know whether it’s purely an Anglocentric thing or whether folks elsewhere get the same lovely shiver of excitement at its mention, but for me at least it always instantly conjures up thoughts of school and canings and all kinds of nice kinky things.

Speaking of nice kinky things... :) On my recent meanders through the blogosphere I have stumbled, Bambi-like, upon not one, not two, but six wonderful, shiny blogs, and I would like to welcome them with open arms into my kinky linky fold. So howdy! to:

James Stephenson’s Spanking Blog
Blissful Dwelling Place
Facets of k
Mr Tawse
Incessantly spanked

So many clever, naughty people! I do feel lucky to have found you all. Please help yourself to cookies and feel free to leave a scolding comment any time.


  1. These bloggers should thank you Penny, you get them followers by doing this service.

  2. Thanks so much for listing my blog on yours. I am flattered! I am even more delighted that I have the opportunity to read yours. Thanks for welcoming me with a cookie or two. =)

  3. Thank you for giving us all 6 of the best.

  4. Canes were not used in American schools and I never heard the expression "six of the best" until I read it in blogland. I do like the expression.

    I am lucky to have found your blog.


  5. Aww all round. And hi, cutiebootie! :)

  6. To me, six of the best means the dreaded CANE...and I most certainly do not like that! So you can keep it on your side of the pond, thank you! :D

  7. Mmm... that isn't a problem! :D

  8. I agree with Anastasia, the cane is not a favourite at the Spank Shop, either. I believe it can also be applied to the strap, it was when I was at school.

  9. Ah, so one can have six of the best with the strap, too - that's good to know (if you see what I mean) :)

    I've never had the strap, funnily enough, but I suspect I would like it!

  10. The gap in your experience can be filled very easily is you wish, Thanks for the mention!

  11. You're quite welcome, Mr Stephenson, Sir.

    And thank you for the kind offer of a jolly good strapping! Aren't all you Tops kind? ;D