Monday, 7 January 2013

Poor little rich girl

One of the very best things about having a naughty little blog is that it helps introduce me to very talented, creative people. And kinky ones at that!

John S MacLeod, erotic fiction writer and Hasler-watcher, is one such creative spark. And I am delighted to say that John has written a fantastic story in which a spoilt, horse-riding young lady by the name of Janae Ryder is taken firmly in hand by the man whose car she carelessly canters in front of.

Reader, there is spanking, and sex, and all sorts of kinky fun, but what I love most about the story is the beautiful way it is written: the atmosphere is simply electric and the whole thing just throbs with elegant eroticism (and barely-contained lust). Oh, how I want to be in Janae’s riding boots!

I was privileged enough to receive each instalment by email as it was written and now John has created a blog so everyone can enjoy this wonderfully arousing tale. Here’s a naughty little excerpt to whet your appetite:

Even with the shirttails, following Janae up the stairs made John’s mouth ache, the slight tan of her calves fading quickly to pure white, her complexion taking on a translucent quality as it rose on her thighs and met the cotton of her blouse which, draped over the slight swell of her bottom, curtained his soon-to-be target. Similarly the firmness of her calves acquired a softness as his gaze progressed upward, with his mind’s eye filling in its natural conclusion. Each step was dramatic; tempting and teasing, full of mystery and promise, nearly but never revealing. John could tell by the restrained spring in her step that she would normally climb these stairs two at a time - an image that made his tongue curl with longing - but she had no intention of being that brazen this evening.

Do go read the whole thing. Trust me, you’ll love it!


  1. Very hot thanks for posting this on your blog
    I will have to go read the rest

  2. Sounds like a story I'd like. Thanks, will pop over when I have a little more time.


  3. You're always so nice about promoting your friends. :)

    Feeling better?

  4. It is a very well composed passage - really creates wonderful imagery. Not much of a M/F guy myself, but I think I want to have a go at Janae now...

  5. Oh, and Penny, you naughty girl - you only gave the tiniest hint of credit to the role you played in inspiring such talent.

    Then again, you do have a way of inspiring a lot of your followers....

  6. Meep... raccoons made me do it?


    I am feeling better, Ana, thanks!

  7. Darling Penny –

    Thanks so much for the link – and so much more for inspiring the story!

    The next one begins something like: "Morning started very early somewhere in the vicinity of Penny's navel…"

  8. You are more than welcome, John, and you're much too kind to give me such credit. It's a wonderful story and you're very clever to write it.

    I like the sound of the next story too :)

  9. Wow - she looks exciting! I bet she could give discipline as well as receive it :)

  10. Oh, I think so too. I would happily worship her legs and ass... and would quite like a good thrashing with that crop.

  11. perhaps we could put her in the second story...

  12. Oh yes! A strict female character, all horsey and prim and proper (and filthily perverted), to give Janae more of what she needs... that could work! :D

  13. oh no, Janae IS the filthily perverted female who gives someone else just what she needs...