Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dear Google

Stop messing around with Blogger! It was perfect and everyone who used it loved it but you obviously have lots of developers who think that they have to fiddle with stuff to look like they’re doing something and every new thing they do to it makes it less good. (I still hate the new interface, by the way). I could take it when you made life more awkward for me behind the scenes because that didn’t affect my readers. But now you’ve messed up the comment form, GRR!

Just look at it!

What a mess. Is it ‘bring your toddler into work and let them play with the code’ day today or something?

And even if everything you messed with didn’t end up worse, how would you like it if every hardware store kept changing the design of the screwdriver so you had to relearn how to use it every six months? Or if every author reinvented the alphabet in every book, or ordered the pages 1, 7, 64, 3? Not much, I bet!

Here’s an axiom for your brains trust: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Or, to put it in even simpler terms, stop fiddling already! :o(

To my dear readers, I’m sorry about the silly comment form and I hope it doesn’t put you off leaving me naughty notes xx


  1. Hug! Thanks Joey. Quite het up here, lol ;D

  2. I agree with Andrea a good spanking always does the trick.