Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Unsporting behaviour

I don’t really do the resolution thing but I swear that next New Year’s I will definitely take it easier, definitely... thank heavens for headache pills and one last day of holiday time!

So what to post about first in this bright, shiny new year? A silly tennis happening that I bookmarked pre-Xmas? Why not? :D

The happening in question was an exhibition match in early December between Caroline Wozniacki (Danish top-10-ish player) and Maria Sharapova (goddess and all-time great); nothing unusual about that. What made the match noteworthy was Wozniacki’s impromptu mid-match stuffing of towels into her tennis outfit in order to humorously impersonate Serena Williams (serial Grand Slam winner and friend of line judges). Serena is a tad on the well-built side for a tennis player, you see:

Verily, thighs of thunder and boobs of, er, largeness. Still, just look at this naughty girl’s antics:

Now, Caroline isn’t a particular crush of mine, but I must say I do rather enjoy the fantasy of taking her in hand for her childish and unladylike prank. (Just as I’m certain that many male readers to whom these pictures are new will enjoy the sight of a young lady comporting herself in such a manner). That towel would certainly be taken out of her skirt quick smart once she was over my knee courtside!

And I’d definitely spank her for winning the point she played as ‘Serena’ – the cheek of it! (Maria won the match though, of course). But then perhaps it would be more appropriate to let Maria exact retribution herself... mmm, now there’s something to think about...

On that note, do any of you have thoughts about how the young Miss Wozniacki should have been rewarded for her clowning? Bent over the net right there and then, perchance? Skirt up, knickers down for a spanking from the umpire? Sent to Serena’s house post-match with a note of confession and a paddle? Dealt with by all the girls in the locker room? So many yummy possibilities... :D

BTW, this post about the naughty behaviour of a famous person should in absolutely no way be construed as an attempt to divert your attention away from my own conduct on a certain recent evening of festivities. No sir.


  1. I think a good trip over your knee Penelope will change her mind


  2. I actually found Caroline's antics mildly amusing, as did Serena herself if reports are to be believed. However it was rather childish. I think an appropriate punishment may have been for Miss Wozniacki to have been spanked courtside by the umpire, possibly bent bare bottom over the net. Maria could have held her in position. With the promise of more to come when she encounters Serena herself in January at the Australian Open. Am I to take it that you;re nominating Miss Wozniacki for the January SotM, Penny?

  3. Hm. I'm too preoccupied with YOUR naughty behavior, Miss Penelope. :D

  4. Penny,

    I am surprised by the naughty antics of Caroline on a tennis court. I believe that the chair umpire should bend her over the net and spank her on her panties. (I am too much of a gentleman to suggest a spanking on abare bum on the court.)

    And, my dear Penny. Your antics during your party should not go (unrewarded) punished by your BF.


  5. I think it would, Timmy! There are lots of tennis players I'd like to take across my knee, in fact.

    Don't get me wrong, Aunty - I think it's funny too :) I'm just playing the outraged Annie for kinky effect. And I knew I had forgotten something; I meant to put that Caroline was a worthy SOTM nominee in the post. So yes, please! And I do like your idea of having Maria hold her in position over the net. And I see that Joey can envisage a similar scene!

    I, uh, erm, don't know what naughty behaviour that would be, Ana. And, um, Joey. Virgin cocktails and polite conversation is my recollection of events! ;D

  6. I am so impressed that little penny and strict penny has been pressing all the buttons this much so much since that see you in five days post.
    I recommend a rendevoue in a empty gym hall for you to present yourself to BH.
    He would yE>JxeA8He time, and you would have to walk al{3pCO / to him, too be told to Bend Over; obviously reporting in your gym kit.
    We can always do better.
    Carry on. Happy New Year
    Good Work

  7. I think there should be a holiday declared where Penny could spank and chastise any tennis player she wants. Or be chastised by one if she chooses :)


  8. Nice idea, Timmy! We should start a petition. "Penny's Day of Kinky Fun with Tennis Stars" has a nice ring to it.

    Thanks, Harry - I'm glad I push those buttons of yours. Happy New Year!

  9. I trust you kept your clothes on for any New Year's festivities - necessary ones, anyway - so no harm in a drink or two...

    I'm no fan of Serena's on-court behavior at times, so I wouldn't send this cheeky girl to her and with that smile I'd hate to see her get more than a smack courtside. Later at the players' hotel I'd send her to Maria and let them discuss it in private. Strict, play-strict, or playful - I'd leave that for them to work out.

  10. I did indeed keep my clothes on, though I threatened to, ahem, bare my perky titties at one point.

    Maria and Caroline alone in the hotel room, I like it... :D

  11. Or, perhaps if she can't dress properly, she can play for the rest of the day wearing no clothes at all. I'm quite certain it would help the ratings, at the very least!

  12. Well! If that isn't the most sexist, misogynistic, perverted thing I ever heard!

    I like it :)

  13. Hi Penelope.

    Its your Maria fan again (I only saw your appreciation post of my you tube spot in December). Anyway sadly, our heroine has just been eliminated from the Aus Open by the fiesty Chinese lass. Until this game Maria had been Forceful, Strict and Domineering! But she was quite submissive today ... just see the headline below! (-as-li-na-defies-odds-to-reach-open-decider-20130124-2d92o.html) ...

  14. Argh! I don't believe it! :(

    Thanks for the news (sort of). I will scribble a sad little post about it now.