Thursday, 24 January 2013

I'll never predict anything again*

Argh. Shows what I know. Maria is out of the Aussie Open, “thrashed” by Li Na. (I wish the news outlets wouldn’t use that word when it isn’t Maria doing the thrashing).

Talk about an unexpected upset. I’m not an especially superstitious person but I think I might have jinxed it. Sorry, Maria! :(

I will of course submit to any punishment you deem appropriate.

*There’s a joke in there somewhere.


  1. I am sorry that she will not be in the finals.


  2. Is it something to do with the word 'red' in the middle of predict?

    BTW it's Maria who needs her arse spanking for losing, not you!

  3. Thanks, Joey. I'll just have to console myself by ogling pics of her. Some more.

    Good guess, aristotle, but it's nothing that clever: the joke is that the statement "I'll never predict anything again" is itself a prediction.

    And Maria, spanked for losing? Gasp! The thought of it! The lovely, sexy thought of it... ;o)

  4. I have a feeling a certain Aunty from Australia would be more than happy to spank both of you...

  5. I agree with aristotle only the best is expected from Maria and sub par performances will not be tolerated.

    But in all honesty I am saddened to see her lose


  6. Who would this Australian Aunty be Phil? :). I think Maria's real problem was that she simply didn't have a tough match leading into her semi final, even Venus Williams went down meekly for her, and in a Slam you need that sort of conditioning. Li Na looked far more prepared and battle hardened. Anyone else notice that when young Miss Sharapova gets in trouble the decibel of her shrieking rises? I wonder why that is?

  7. Aw! Sorry, Penny. I don't follow tennis, so can't say much about it. At least Maria is beautiful and still has, I imagine, a wonderful life. And someday you'll meet your Goddess, she'll take you home, ...and other predictions I'm full of. ;)

  8. Thanks for the hug, TFD :) Win or lose, she is beautiful, that's true. And maybe someday I will get to meet her! And discover just how naughty she is in the bedroom...

    I think you might be onto something there, Aunty - Maria didn't get pushed before the semi-final. Silly opponents.

    I would be more than happy with that scenario, smuccatelli!

    Good boy for being sad, Timmy. But don't worry. Maria will come back better than ever :)

  9. Penny...Eureka ! I think Aristotle's onto something. Maybe your BH can punish Maria's uncovered botty over his knee (your Little Pony hairbrush) with her blue shorts and teeney-weeney little panties around her sun-kissed knees.. And maybe you can do the cream or someting ? I don't know. I'm just thinking. And anyway, Maria did lose ! So something needs to happen. Anything? Strict Uncle ... We know it's Archimedes really. But let's not tell the Aussies :)

  10. Oh... that sounds lovely! Watching Maria squirm and kick as she was spanked on the bare... hearing her squeal and sob and plead... consoling her afterwards, rubbing cream into her sore, punished cheeks... comforting her in other ways when we were together in bed later on, two naughty girls in the privacy of my room... ooh, yes! :)