Friday, 4 January 2013

Dream girl

Quiet night in tonight: I’m a bit partied out just for now! And thank goodness it’s the weekend. Isn’t it hard getting back to the grind of work after a break? The holidays never seem quite long enough. I really think bears are onto something with the whole hibernation idea... take the entire season off! (On a not entirely unrelated note I have the biggest bar of choklit I have ever seen in my life to demolish (thanks Mum): it’s as wide as my keyboard! 0_0 I’ll be okay if I get snowed in).

Anyway, get to the point Penny.

I had a kinky dream one night over the holidays. A spanking dream, even. Yeah, so? So... this is not so much unusual for me as unheard of: as unlikely as it sounds I had never, ever had a kinky dream before. Or at least I can’t remember ever having one (I won’t get into the whole Freudian latent vs manifest dream thing here). This one I certainly do remember, and I even got that strange sensation midway through where part of your mind chimes in with the observation that you are in all likelihood having a dream (and, in so doing, ruins the atmosphere: thanks, mind! :P)

The scene was a hall or a gymnasium of some kind, with a vaulting horse or spanking bench in the centre, and me in position over it. There were two women present, one either side of me, one with a cane. I don’t remember what either of them said to me – it might well have been that gobbledegook dream-speak where the words don’t matter – but I was in no doubt that I had been bad and they were going to punish me. And they did! Well, the one with the cane did: stroke after hard stroke was applied to my defenceless behind, the cane swishing through the air again and again, with no other sound in that sparse, echoing chamber but my squeals and the scolding words of my discipliners. It was just the most erotic and unrelentingly severe atmosphere (even with my conscious mind muttering away in the background); something, perhaps, like the reformatories of spanking fiction lore. This was a punishment, not play. As far as I know I began the dream in position over the bench, and I felt as if I would remain there for an indefinite time: for as long as my betters wanted me to, basically. Which was HOT. I just felt so wonderfully situated, and powerless, and abject.

And then it was gone, and I was awake the next morning, in bed at my brother’s house. I didn’t mention the dream to him, btw!

Do any of you have naughty dreams? If you do I’d love to hear about them.

P.S. That massive choklit bar is a little less massive now. I think we must have raccoons or something.


  1. Thank you for sharing your dream.

    I dream of being caned on the bare while being restrained. I posted about the realization of this fantasy about a month ago.


  2. That's a nice dream you have there :) I actually haven't had any sexy dreams before though.


  3. I read your post about that, Joey, and loved it. I'm so glad that the reality outdid the dream :)

    Now that does surprise me, Timmy! But then maybe it shouldn't... I have a highly sexual, deeply perverted mind and I never have erotic dreams. Maybe people dream the opposite of their usual thoughts?

  4. I remember so little of my dreams, just the very tip of the iceberg or nothing. Sometimes erotic, but rarely anything about spanking. Your dream was fantastic.

    I love dreams, the little I can remember. They're a special experience. Anything can happen. All things are possible. In a way, the few that have been vivid and memorable feel like they really happened ...until I forget them, which is quickly. It'd be great if technology could somehow record them, and I could watch them while awake. Sometimes, I'd like to be able to pick a dream and go live there.

  5. Dreams are special, I agree. Magical in their potentiality, and in their very evanescence; they are like fleeting glimpses into another world, delicate and tantalising. Perhaps that's what they are? Windows onto other states of being? Who knows.

    I also love that strange state of being half-asleep. I find that my creative side really fires as I lie dozing, drifting between sleep and wakefulness. The only snag is that it's not the best state for writing things down in!

  6. Yes, naughty dreams, naughty daydreams and naughty ideas for role plays. Would love to see your naughty dream made into a film!

  7. Thank you, Peter! But I'm sure the scene I dreamt will have been made into a film, many times - probably by people like Lupus and Nu-West :)