Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lose weight with Penny

You know when you catch a glimpse of something and it makes you double-take? I just had that with a banner ad above my rarely-used Yahoo! mail inbox. I only saw it for half a second before it vanished, but I glimpse-read it as ‘I have all the tools I need to lose weight – Penny Hasler’.


I couldn’t make the advert come back, but a little Google detective work revealed that the name on it wasn’t Hasler but Haslam: ‘Penny Haslam, Presenter & Journalist’. A quick scan of this near-namesake’s blog suggests that she is very keen on weight loss and/or is being paid by Weight Watchers to advocate it. Quite different to me, then! ;)

Maybe I should pop in and say hi? And send her this nifty tip for staying trim:

I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

I apparently do have a double wandering about, btw. A girl came up to me in a pub a couple of years ago and started happily chatting away like we were best pals, about people and events I had never heard of. It took me some time to convince her that no, I wasn’t Sarah, I just looked an awful lot like Sarah. Or, as my new friend would have it, exactly like her. You ever had that happen? Or run into the double of someone you know?


  1. Ha-Ha FAB...all the tools to lose weight Penny Hasler ?...Golly Gosh, that "My Little Pony" Pink Plastic Hairbrush has been ever so useful you know. Quite possibly the bestest thing you ever bought young lady ? Jolly Good Show Princess...and on your Very Bare Botty be it !!...Strict Uncle :)

  2. I have an identical twin brother. Once someone told his GF that he was with another girl. It was really me. We have lots of fun stories like that one.


  3. lol, I never knew that Joey! So there are two gorgeous guys running about :) And I bet you could get up to all kinds of mischief!

    Hehe, thanks Strict Uncle! But did I not mention my new year's resolution? To not be spanked with the hairbrush any more? ;p

  4. Nice one. But It's never too early to bring out the summer apparel Penny...and that iconic designer,-flip-flop. All bendy, hard-soled and thin. Nice n light. Total quality. Totally fashion Girl. Perfect for a modern Princess's tender-bare, winter-white little Botty... And I've only got one of them too ;) Strict Uncle

  5. Wah! I hadn't thought of that!

    It's a naughty niece's life :(

  6. Cool! Another good excuse for insisting on regular spankings. Luckily I don't have to reduce any "fleshy spots" on my arms, though, I don't think I would enjoy being spanked there... ;-)

  7. Hey, that certainly figures Kaelah.But naughty girls who fling their arms in protest across their bare botties whilst being soundly smacked over the knee; risk getting the slipper on those upper "fleshy spots". Eureka, problem solved for some ?! :) Strict Uncle

  8. Your photo of the young lady looks a lot like happy Harrys wife!, but with a pony tail. I brought her a turtle neck jumper, she looks so well. I've met many who take me as a life long friend; I think it the love of the holy spirit.Lady Harry wooped me today at my request, I do hope that you get yours soon.
    Ps as my backside has been noted to sometimes be blemeshed, I suggested that I ought not "go bare," anymore, it has worked well, but I don't get left with such amazing markings, however the impiments are far more big time, due to nearly always wearing pants and pants!
    I wore 501s and undeys and had 6 of the whacker then 8 with a comedy length bamboo cut from a local garden, the noise and gaps between strokes takes real patience, just imagine, actually counting ten between stokes.
    Thank you penny and all readers.