Monday, 21 January 2013

Close but no banana

Aw. No Super Bowl appearance for the Pats. They lost 28-13 in the deciding match to the Baltimore Ravens, who I now hate, even though they have a cute little bird for an emblem.

Still, I think the Pats can be proud: they did well to get so far despite so many injuries to important players. Get well soon, Mr Gronk! Keep that arm safe.

And, I know that boys don’t much appreciate this sentiment (if BH is any guide), but there’s always next year :)


  1. Oh well... My 'Niners won (and Joe Montana still has four Super Bowl rings next to Tom Brady's three) so I'm happy...

  2. Penny, why does a good British girl like yourself follow the NFL?

  3. Because an American penpal is a Pats fan and he told me to follow it :)

    I've always been rather easily led, Aunty. I should probably post a few more school memories on that subject, now I come to think of it...

    I'm happy for you, smuccatelli :) But we'll have less of the Tom Brady bashing, thank you.

  4. Once easily led and now leading a little band of your own students in Miss Hasler's English class.

  5. The Pats have appeared numerous times in the Superbowl...
    I think their fans are spoiled, it was due time they get a spanking!
    (but I still like Wes Welker a lot)

  6. Ah, so the Pats are kind of like Manchester United? (They win everything every year). I'm afraid I'm a real football noob, Alex, so I don't really know any of the wider context or history.

    That's a scary thought, Aunty! ;)

  7. Hardly Brady bashing. I like Tom Brady, he's a local boy (we're both from Northern California, in fact the same county) and I was glad to see him successful (being married to Gisele Bundchen doesn't hurt either) but Joe Montana is my favorite quarterback of all time and I don't want to see him eclipsed by anyone.
    So there! ;-p