Monday, 28 January 2013

I know my panties say that, Sir, but...

Now, I’m sure that this news will come as a frightful shock to many of you but I’ll come right out with it: I have been getting spanked quite often of late. Often, and hard. It’s almost as if BH doesn’t care that I’m a world-famous author... more than once I have been tempted to cry “You can’t do this to me! Don’t you know who I am?” as he takes me over his knee and flips my skirt up. But I don’t, because I know that it wouldn’t make any difference: BH always has an answer to my protestations. The rotter. And his retort to that particular line would probably be something like “I certainly do know who you are – you’re a naughty little brat who needs a good spanking!”

Darn that silly, circular Top reasoning!

Anyway. This is just my way of saying that I have summoned the nerve to present another bit of Penny porn for your delectation: a snapshot of my poor, innocent, much-abused bottom, taken – here’s a first – mid-spanking. Here it is...

Now, I ask you. Who could ever bring themselves to punish such an undeserving behind? To slap such an unappealing derriere? To make a sweet, pigtailed, thumb-sucking little girl such as I kick and squeal and plead for mercy? (Don’t answer that). I mean, it’s so unfair! I get forced to dress in all-too-authentic school uniform; made to sit and write lines as if I were a wayward fifth former; talked down to and scolded if I dare answer back... and as if that treatment wasn’t outrageous enough (sensitive readers might want to sit down for this bit) I get turned across the end of the bed and spanked! Me, a grown woman!

And get this! Even as I yelp and squirm and promise in my humblest voice that I’ll never be naughty ever again, my cruel, mean, horrid teacher has the audacity to tell me that I NEED to be spanked – for my own good! How does he work that out? So okay, on the occasion pictured I had been a teeny, tiny bit cheeky during detention, pouting and teasing and making eyes and accidentally dropping my pen and bending over to pick it up in a deliberately provocative fashion. So I was dressed in my school gym kit with an adorable little pleated skirt and sexy knee-length socks, a combination guaranteed to put lead in my strict teacher’s pencil. So I was wearing panties that have ‘spank me’ written prominently across the butt. That’s still no reason to smack a brat!

Erm... right?

The picture above was taken quite early into the spanking, as I’m sure the trained spanko eye can tell. My panties are still up, for one thing, and my bottom is just starting to blush from the attentions of a hard hand. Trust me, it got redder. And sorer. Especially when the spatula was applied.

I hope you like it. (And I hope all you meanies clamouring for poor ickle Penny to be spanked are happy... sniff, sob!)

I could probably do with a new pair of ‘spank me’ panties, btw: the ones pictured have seen better days. But it’s BH’s fault – he pulls them and stretches them and yanks them up and down, the beast! :(


  1. Penny,

    Thank you for some penny porn.

    Very nice panties! And, a beautiful shade of pink on a very pretty bum!

    As much as I sympathize with you, I cannot find fault with BH because the combination of your kit, knickers and pretty bottom are too inviting for a spanker.

    Indeed, I believe you are very naughty for protesting so much and I hope that BH has a remedy for your behavior. :)


  2. Oh, that DOES it Joey - I hope your butt gets tanned seven ways to Sunday this weekend! Hmf!

    Thank you for the compliments :) xx

  3. RIGHT Little Penelope...count yourself lucky young lady ! If you were across my knee: your tender, little, pale BOTTY would be completely BARE from the very start. Is that clear ? As it should be. I would pull your cutey, cotton, whte "SPANK ME" Wordsmith panties down to your knee-length socks and apply my rubber-soled, designer flip-flop to that soft, sensitive, uncovered place where Naughty Little Madams deserve it. And Yes, you will feel it.Hard and stinging on a bare botty. Make no mistake. Is that understood Missy ? You are a Naughty Little Niece (notwithstanding the paparazzi) and will be treated strictly as such. Now run along and continue with your reading...and your stories. There's a good girl ! Strict Uncle :)...Great stuff Penny, love your stories...bookshops do have a fiture after all.

  4. Whimper! Yes, Uncle... understood completely! I will be extra super good and extra super careful not to get caught - er, I mean not to be naughty - I don't want to end up across your knee! A designer flip-flop to the bare botty sounds horrid! :(

    Penny scampers off to her room as fast as her little legs will carry her, a fretful look on her blushing face.

  5. Yes Penny, you are such a good little girl. Your stories will flourish. And I'm afraid Young Lady that you are so very right and very clever: a designer flip-flop to the sensitive bare botty is horrid. So very horrid - but sometimes necessary Penelope. It's not only stern: it's fair, measured and kind. And it's appropriate and traditional for Naughty Little Madams. And frankly, it's the only punishment needed in the house Penny ! Naughty Step around here anytime soon. Strict Uncle

  6. Penelope if you are going to wear a pair of panties that say Spank Me you can only expect BH to do as your pretty little knickers direct him. Maybe you could be polite and get a new pair for him that say Spank Me, Please. As you well know Aunty is a stickler for manners.

  7. Poor Penny getting punished like that. But then again you are sort of asking for it. Well good job in plucking up the courage in posting this.


  8. I'm going to send you some, 'Don't Spank Me. Do you know who I am?' panties. I've just got to figure out how to fit all the wording in a small space. :)

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet pic, young lady. I'm relieved to hear (and see) you're being brought up proper both at home and at school.

  9. Hm. This isn't going how I wanted at all... I thought I'd get sympathy!

    I don't wanna new pair of spank me panties, Aunty! I don't wanna be in silly old school gettin told off an spanked... I'm too big for that! :(

    I'll run away and join the circus! You'll all be sorry when I get squashed by an elefunt!

  10. No please don't do that Penny - we will really miss you. Well, not unless it's a Special Spanking Circus, and you can report back. One that covers all the gnres...a broad, big-top of a Spanko Circus tent. Strict Uncle...I mean, who would read us our special armchair stories Penny ? And I'm sure you already have a fluffy pink n blue elefunt in your room...

  11. Thank you Penelope. I hope you are right.

  12. lol, you're welcome, Joey ;) hugs!

  13. Dear penny, I am so sorry to hear that you have been on the end of a BH smacked bottom. I'm sure you didn't deserve it, lines, p.e kit, with Nickers down as well, gosh that must have been awful. Put some cold cream on it as soon as you can. Hope you feeling better now.

  14. Penny, thank you for the lovely photo of your pert little bum. your provocative knickers are an added bonus....

    Sophie x

  15. Provacative knickers yes, but far too protective I'm afraid. Strict Uncle

  16. Thanks, Harry and Sophie! Rasp raassp ner to Strict Uncle! xx

  17. your bum looks so nice in your spank me knickers and your gym skirt pushed up.

  18. Thank you! I'm glad that something good came of the experience! ;)