Saturday, 19 January 2013

Oops, I spanked it again

So when, you might ask, is this ‘spanking fiction author’ going to get off her caboose and author something? It’s been ages since the wondrous Spank! sullied graced the world of literature, after all. Well! I reply. Finger your pearls in surprise and make room on your e-bookshelf cos here’s a sequel for the ages. Forget Wide Sargasso Sea, forget Scarlett, forget, even, Legally Blonde 2.

Ladies, gentlemen, children, household pets, I give you... (drum roll, please)...




It’s got spanking, it’s got dressing-up, it’s got more metaphors than a poetry festival (did I ever mention that my Dad was once a market trader? Getyer spankin’ stories, lovely fresh spankin’ stories): it’s got six short stories filled with playful naughtiness and good old-fashioned filth.

Fancy having your fancy tickled? Here’s a snippet from ‘The Maid’ (by me):
He spoke very sparingly, and when he did speak, there was a glass-like quality to his voice; a stern coolness that spoke of high breeding, authority, and power. Somehow it seemed that being called a wicked girl by such a figure stung far more than the cook’s coarse denouncements ever did. And the Earl’s refined demeanour did not mean that Mary’s bottom was spared its due. He slapped her trembling buttocks as forcefully and implacably as one of his servants might have beaten a rug.
Here’s one from ‘Costume Party Catfight’ (by Becky):
Alice planted a firm hand on the small of Dorothy’s back. The surge of satisfaction from exacting her revenge was overwhelming. At first, it took all of her concentration to hold Dorothy in place and deliver hard, heavy smacks to her squirming derriere, but Alice was a fast learner and was soon spanking her enemy with carefree aplomb.
And here’s one from ‘Sabine’ (me again):
Clearly still full of mischief, she made a dreadful spectacle of herself as the leather scorched her skin. But if she had thought that her performance might make me relent, she was mistaken: her desperate writhing and muffled screams only induced me to beat her harder. It was obvious that she badly needed to be taught a lesson, and the wretched little slut quite rightly felt the crop’s sting a countless number of times to her back, her bottom, her legs, and even between her legs.
Nastay! And written from experience.

So, yeah – Spank! 2: it’s basically like Spank! but with new stories in it. Buy it if you like, don’t if you don’t: the ickle fluffy bunny who edited it promises he won’t take it personally and cry and go off his lettuce. But then he might just be saying that.

Squeak, squeak, whimper.


  1. Hi,

    I really enjoyed the first volume of Spank! so I purchased volume 2 for my Kindle today. I have read the first three chapters and find it just as much fun.


  2. Thank you, Joey! You are just the sweetest.

  3. OMG! I just purchased SPANK 2 and was blown away. You wrote your own story based on my favorite cover photo! Penelope, you naughty girl, you!

    And what a story it is...a young woman in her 20's donning her old school uniform... a strict headmaster...firm discipline for self abuse!

    What an amazing story. And unlike mine, you actually FINISHED yours!

    I LOVED the story and LOVED the book. Thank you so much, Penelope!!

  4. Thanks, imreadonly2! You are much too kind, but I am so glad you enjoyed it :)

  5. Congratulations, Penny! I'm delighted to see you put out another book! I don't know where you find the time, between life and blogging and whatnot. I enjoyed the first Spank!, and am looking forward to this one, too.

    Big Bear Hug


  6. The biggest tribute I can give any story is it inspired me to want to write something myself. I wrote a new middle section to Lisa's story from Penelope's book, which is an incredibly hot story. Please buy Penny's novel to read the original, which is WAY better than this, and which even includes lots of hot spanking! :-)

    Lisa slept fitfully and rose early that morning. After several hours of staring at her schoolgirl doppelganger in the mirror and fretting about her choice of knickers and half shirt, Lisa carefully buttoning up her trench coat over her school uniform and left. She didn't want any of her nosy neighbors to see her, although in truth the clothes so completely transformed her that anyone who had seen the young woman leaving the house in uniform would, at a glance, merely suppose that 26-year-old legal secretary was being visited by her kid sister or teenage niece.

    Lisa felt quite nervous driving to the Tube, as she fretted about getting into some sort of accident or receiving some sort of moving violation that might require her to remove her jacket and explain why she was stealing a car using her older sister's driver's license. She felt relieved to park, but also anxious, for the next part of the directions she had received truly horrified her.

    "You will take the Tube to Piccadilly Circus, and then walk the 6 blocks to my flat from there. You will ride the train and walk to my flat with your uniform fully visible and I expect you to wear your colors proudly."

    Lisa stood by her car for several minutes, clinging to the safety of her trench coat. She mused that stripping naked would have made her feel less alone and vulnerable. Lisa had deliberately picked a tube route far, far, far away from her office, to decrease the chances of running into anyone who knew her. Unfortunately, that schoolgirl Lisa had a very long train ride ahead of her.

    Slipping into her role she thought, "It's all right. I'm a teenager now, with plenty of free time, and if I have to take a long ride to school to save a bit of pocket change than that's what I need to do." Gritting her teeth, Lisa unbuttoned her trench coat, and locked it up with her stylish purse in the boot of her car. Grabbing her book bag, Lisa made her way to school.

    Lisa attracted no special attention in the moderately crowded station, much to her relief. She had half expected to be outed immediately, and branded as a pervert by a mob of people fully capable of reading her naughty thoughts. But she received no special attention, except the normal male attention an attractive young woman in a school uniform receives. Lisa found herself blushing and squirming as she caught several of the men on the platform discretely checking her out, for their sly smiles and lustful glances confirmed that her transformation was complete.

    Lisa was a schoolgirl!

    A few of the more aggressive observers followed Lisa into her car, so they could amuse themselves with a bit of eye candy during their travel, a harmless pastime to be sure. Less harmless was the attention of the male police officer, who, from the very moment she sat down, eyed the nervous student in a very suspicious way. Lisa wilted under her attention, and soon found herself tapping her toes and wringing her hands to distract herself from his intense gaze. It wasn't until he walked up to speak to her that Lisa comprehended the problem.

    "Shouldn’t you be in school, young lady?" the Officer asked sternly.

  7. Thanks, RR! And thanks for the Big Bear Hug - you are a very lovely big bear. And I don't know where I find the time either! I hope to catch up on some sleep now. Maybe a month or so will do it.

    I love your added scene, imreadonly2 - it's great! I can really feel Lisa's apprehension... her nervousness... her burning cheeks... mmm! :D (You are so mean, making her travel across town to her appointment! The poor thing... anything could happen to her!)

  8. This is very exciting. I'll try to figure out how to read a Kindle file and enjoy the deliciously talented writing of Miss Penelope Hasler.

  9. Thanks, TFD!

    Such nice compliments. :) I'm gonna need a bigger hat at this rate.