Thursday, 20 September 2012

Baby, bathwater, window

Sorry to write a little blog-related post but I’m so cross I have to vent.

Google, owners of Blogger (the thing I use to host my blog), revamped the Blogger interface (the thing I use behind the scenes) earlier this year. I know that these things are subjective, but to me the new version is horrible. Just really bleh. Whereas the old version is great, and suits me down to the ground. Admittedly that isn’t a long way, but still.

So why the crossness? There has, up until now, been the option to stick with the old version. Perfect: everyone is happy. But guess what? As of today that option is 100% gone, history, so everyone has to use the new interface whether they want to or not. And I, personally, don’t want.

I know this probably sounds silly, but I am really upset at this happening. The interface to my blog is (or was) like any other part of the furniture, part of my life: it was certainly as much a part of this place as anything else is. And now it’s gone; thrown out against my wishes. And so I essentially have to get used to sitting in a different chair. At a different desk. In a different room. Using a different typewriter, with all the keys in different places. It’s very unsettling.

Sorry to moan, but like I said, I’m upset.

To anyone who works at Google: I tried the new interface the first time you switched me to it in April. I didn’t like it and switched back. What makes you think I might have changed my mind in the meantime? You’re just like a pushy telesales caller. And I don’t respond well to those.

If Google had an ass I would spank it. There, sneaked a bit of kink in ;)

Edit: While I’m on the subject of blog annoyances, I just want to flip the bird to whoever is sending spam comment after spam comment with links to dodgy websites. They’re never going to see the light of day, you know, so you might as well stop trying. Oh, and your choice of post to target – that is, the one I wrote about my Mum being unwell – makes me feel quite inclined to track you down and taser your testicles. So kindly desist.


  1. Thanks for venting. I am not a fan of the Google interface for blogger either. And, I hate the word verification system.

    I hope the bothersome comments stop.


  2. I'd like to add my voice of dissent to the chorus. I was comfortable with the old interface, and the new one isn't anywhere near as easy to operate, although one feature that has been improved is adding links into a post. The people at Google most definitely need to have a long 'chat' with me in my parlour about how to best improve their service.

  3. I have to say that, after having found it irritating at first, I have gotten used to the new layout and I am quite happy with it now (I deactivated the horrible new version of the word verification system, though). I even like the new overview of the posts which shows the number of direct clicks that each post got (and I think adding pictures to posts has become easier as well). But I know that it can be very frustrating when layouts one is accustomed to and likes are suddenly changed. I hope that you will somehow find a way to deal with the new version of the interface.

    As for offering a choice: In defence of the IT people behind Blogger I have to say that I assume that hosting several different versions of the interface would mean a lot of extra work and could lead to chaos. I guess they are already working on the next update (for the better or worse) and therefore decided to deactivate the old version after having given their customers time to get accustomed to the current one.

    I am absolutely with you about spammers, though! Ludwig and I get quite a lot of spam which always ends up directly in the spam folder. So, no luck for the spammers, but the spam is very annoying nonetheless!

  4. I understand what you're saying Kaelah and I'm glad you like the new system :) but I doubt I'll ever like it as much as the old one. It just seems like 'change for change's sake', something that you get a lot of with computer stuff. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! ;)

    I'm with you, Aunty - I'll bring my crop to the shop and we'll see if we can't beat some sense into them.

    Joey, you are just too cute! I wish everyone thanked me for venting :D

  5. I have one word to say in response.



  6. I sympathize, I've see both and they both drive me bonkers, in the most kind way, it seems you have to sit somewhere else, I expect it's a different computer, I hate spending ( money). Will you have to buy another? If it's any help I've posted a picture of sorts of me. It a bit distorted but the strap line for you personally is. Stay Calm Now Penny.

  7. Thanks for the picture, Harry - you equestrian type, you! And what a clever way of taking a picture.

    I was anticipating just that response, Ana ;)

    I'll see if I can get comfy with this new system. If I can't, I'll move house to your side of the street.

  8. @ Penelope:
    As they say: Never touch a running system! ;-)

  9. :)

    I'm getting the hang of it, I'm almost sorry to say, as I liked the old version so much. Pennys are just good at picking stuff up, I fink.

    I'll still keep hoping they restore the option to use the old one, though!