Saturday, 15 September 2012

Penny Hasler really naughty

A comment that TFD made on this poetry post, in which he suggests that search terms are “the most concise and accurate map to a person’s passions,” reminded me of an earlier post I scribbled (pretty much exactly this time last year, in fact) about word clouds. Word clouds, in case you don’t know, are visual representations of word frequencies in pieces of text: the more often a word appears in the text, the bigger it is in the cloud. And I thought that it might be interesting to gather all the text from my blog posts this year and make a word cloud from it. See at a glance what my passions are, kinda thing.

Et voila:

This is definitely a spanking blog! Interesting that the word ‘little’ is the biggest. And ‘Daddy’ is very big, too... I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about that. (N.B. Words like ‘the’ and ‘and’ are discounted from the count: they would be the biggest by a mile otherwise. Also, I assume that there is a minimum count requirement as not all words are shown. Wot no ‘Doggie’! Maybe it just shows the top hundred words).

The prominence of ‘time’ I can understand, as the lack of it is one of my preoccupations. And I obviously write about things I ‘like’. But I’m not sure what the big ‘one’ is all about. Or the ‘just’... I guess that it’s just (ha) a verbal tic of mine.

It’s fun trying to ‘read’ it, isn’t it?


  1. Penny being naughty? No! I don't believe it!

  2. :)

    I was going to point out the word 'good' in bratty retort, but, um... it isn't there.

    'Pretty' is, though! And 'kind'. And... erm... 'bare'... and 'bottom'.

    *scampers, hides*

  3. This really is fascinating. I bet 'really' would also be big in my cloud, as it's a word I tend to use for emphasis. I also use 'just' a lot. I know some people who, if we had a word cloud of the words they use in everyday speech, the word "like" would like take up the whole image. Of course, most of the words in the cloud are non-kinky. Some could be related to TTWD or not, and some (I count 12) are almost certainly about spanking. I've looked your word cloud over carefully... :)

    Proper names. We have Penny predominant, then Hasler and Maria, Penelope and BH. I think somebody likes Maria. ;)

    There are many words related to thinking, feeling, reading and writing, which reflects a great mind.

    How about body? I see hand, knee, face, and legs. There's also bottom. Bottom is the biggest of the body words, but that's probably because it has more than one meaning. ;)

    Attire? I see skirt, knickers, and bare, in that order.

    And, yes, time... times, today, week, often, and both "Now" and "now". I think that's the only duplicated word.

    There's both please and sorry.

    Why is little so big? Why is one so much bigger than two?

    Naughty and good are big, but no bad.

    Titles I see are Daddy, Miss, and Mr... No "Sir" or "Ma'am" but we have young and lady.

    I find it interesting to see what we choose for spanking related terms. I don't know how others feel, but different words that generally mean the same thing, do not always have the same power.


  4. Thanks for the thoughts, TFD - I always love your insightful comments.

    It's a revealing exercise, isn't it? Penny rather than Penelope; girl rather than woman; naughty rather than bad. Speaks of a certain immaturity, perhaps...

    And you're right - good is in there! I (like, totally) didn't spot that! It's still not as big as 'naughty', but ah well... ;)

  5. I ran several (from your link) on some substantial samples of my recreational writing, and "just" and "like" seemed to be quite prominent in several of them...

  6. It's just, like, a natural way of writing!

  7. I guess I meant to say that I use them a lot, just like you (do)...

  8. Yes, I got that :) I just thought I'd try to be cute. Bad habit.

    You used them both again, btw.