Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dark-stemm'd beneath the shade

I’m in a poetry mood again today. As a change from my usual limericks, I thought it might be fun to make a ‘found’ poem.

Found poetry is where you take bits of text from existing sources and put them together to make something new. And – here’s the clever, 21st century bit – what better source material to use than the search terms people type in to find my blog? (If one wishes to write a poem about a naughty girl being spanked, that is...)

Lights, please. *coughs delicately*

thrashing naughty penelope hasler

naughty little girl being mean to her daddy
i want to be spanked like a little brat

young lady you are going over my knee
no daddy i promise to be good

remove short skirt
blue school knickers

bend over you're getting a paddling

daddys little girl
bends over naked

insolent bottom
waiting to be spanked

i'm sorry please don't spank me

paddle meets rump
naughty bare backside

wack wack smack smack
if you act like a brat i will treat you like a brat

spanked by daddy crying naughty
over the knee good hard spanking


little girl in the corner
spanked bottom exposed

daddy's naughty angel


  1. As a pupil of yours may I submit for your discretion.
    One based on blog names please:
    Naughty writer, strict Julie spanks, bottom smarts,
    Over the desk spanking, consensual spanking
    In detention, home and school discipline.;
    Salacious stranger, caned.

    That it.

  2. Nice! I like your concept.

    But I must say, young lady, as a writer you should know better than to use redundancy.

    "naughty penelope hasler", my dear, is--by definition--redundant.


  3. Ner ner ner, rasp rasp!

    Hmf! ;)

  4. Thank you for the thank you, joey - always appreciated!

    And thank you for the poem, Harry. Very Charles Olson. But kinky.

  5. That was pretty great.

    Adele Haze has a lot of fun with her search terms. There are always some weird ones.


  6. Thanks, HG.

    I haven't read Adele's posts on search terms but I bet they're funny. I know Spanky writes very funny posts about them!

    Personally, I've always been hesitant to showcase searches as they seem like a rather private thing - my readers' perversions are safe with me, kinda thing. But I figured that using some relatively conventional phrases in a creative piece like a poem would be okay.

  7. Words can be very powerful. You picked them beautifully.

    Search words must be the most concise and accurate map to a person's passions.