Monday, 3 September 2012

Tis the season, sort of

A little ‘PH files’ kind of post today (I’m really not sure what label to put to these posts; ones in which I write about general/real life stuff. Suggestions welcome).

I saw Christmas stuff in a shop the other day. Christmas stuff! In August! Are they getting earlier, or is it me getting older? I know that Chrimbo is the most important time of year for retailers, and I know we’ve had an insanely cold summer, but I’m sure they used to wait a teensy bit longer. I mean, even Halloween is still two months away!

Anyway, seeing it reminded me of my little blog (of course) and a festive page header that I made for it last year. Most of you won’t have seen it as I had about one reader back then (hi Mum!), but trust me, it’s magnificent. It probably sounds silly but I’m really looking forward to putting it up again. Cos it’s all, y’know, snowy :D

And then I got to thinking, when is an appropriate time to put tinsel up on your blog? December 1? The middle of November? Maybe I should be rebellious and put it up in September. But then that might get me put on Santa’s naughty list.

Speaking of which... did I ever mention that, amongst my many and varied dressing-up items, I have a ladies’ Santa outfit? I was spanked in it during the holidays last year, as part of a lovely bit of roleplay where I had been a very naughty Mrs Claus (slacking on my chores, teasing the elves and putting them off their toymaking) and Santa needed to teach me a lesson. Fantastic fun! And that rotter BH even said “Ho, ho, ho!” as I sucked him off post-spanking. Tsk!


  1. Great story. Thanks.

  2. your Mrs. Clause outfit sounds lovely

  3. 'Tis the season for Christmas spankings of girls named Penny fa la la la laaaaa la la la laaaa...

    *winks and goes back to writing the next Kat story with Lily Winterbotham or Walter B Kznaijak or Sylvia Fenn-Krepple*

  4. Distracting the elves! Naughty Mrs. Claus!

    I’m hoping that the Christmas stuff is up for merchants and charity organizers who need to decorate well before Black Friday and for teachers planning classroom crafts – but I agree, it’s ridiculously early. Hallowe’en, I can accept (using that theory). Along with school starting 3 weeks before it used to, it definitely has me thinking the year is far more advanced than it is…

    I’d say put tinsel on your blog when you do around your house. Lights will go up here Thanksgiving weekend just because that’s when I have time. I personally think 2-1/2 weeks before Christmas is early enough for inside, but maybe the weekend before that. Do it when you want – I suspect you’re already on Santa’s naughty list!

  5. I think I am too, John! Thanks for the interesting thoughts. If only I knew when Thanksgiving was! I imagine I'll do what I usually do and defer to BH's judgement. And see what the neighbours do, of course.

    Love the little song, Ana :)

    It is lovely, Timmy. It has white trim and everything. But I can't help thinking Mrs Claus got stiffed a bit with the material... her outfit seems decidedly skimpy compared to Mr Claus's.

    And you're welcome as always, joey xx

  6. Isn't it grand about who guys can be so generous when it comes to buying the women in their lives shorty elves costumes? Halloween is another time of male generosity (and skimpy costumes). That's the great thing about us guys...always thinking of others! :-)

  7. Strictly no mention of the C-word (Christmas of course, don't be naughty)before the end of October, that's the rule in our house.
    And thanks, 'elf teasing' - I love it. The A-Z of reasons to be spanked will be updated accordingly.

  8. Indeed, imreadonly2 - you guys are so selfless, buying sexy costumes for us girls!

    Glad I could help with the A-Z, OFG :D

  9. I have no doubt that the skimpiness of the costume is related to the attractiveness of the wearer - and how much of Mr. Claus is better left to the imagination...

    even without Thanksgiving you definitely need to have Black Friday over there - it's the only way to support your economy and get the entire country united in overwhelming credit card debt! AND it comes early this year since it's a movable feast and the first Friday after the fourth Thursday after Hallowe'en. While the guys watch the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions play football (not against each other, of course) the female population coagulates into groups leaving in the pre-dawn hours to secure door-buster bargains. Unless you work retail (or play professional football) no one works and you still have Saturday (that would be the 24th) and Sunday for basic Christmas decorating.

  10. lol, every day has a name in America!

    But that's a point - I haven't bought anything yet. I'll have to start thinking! Maybe I should show off my craft skills and make all my presents. Everyone loves crudely glued-together card objets d'art, right?