Saturday, 22 September 2012

Grounded little writer

Hello everyone. This is Sir Daniel, author of the tales of naughtiness blog.

Penny cannot come out to play today as she has been sent to her room for naughtiness and bad behavior. There she sits now, blushing with embarrassment as she knows that all of her friends are going to read this post, and the letter she has written confessing her misdeeds, and know exactly how naughty she truly is.

Penelope Hasler is many things: a smart young woman; a talented writer; a delightful penpal; as British as afternoon tea. As readers of this blog we get to see the smart and grownup side of Miss Hasler quite often. What you may not realize is that she is also, at least sometimes, very truly a naughty little girl. Here on her blog she might play at being a naughty little girl, but it is usually just that: play.

This was not the case last week. As you may know, I am the author of this guest post. I had actually sent the post to Penny nearly two weeks before it was posted, and in that time she had twice assured me that she would post it within a couple of days. Both times, that did not happen. Naturally, she was punished for this, and quite thoroughly. She was grounded for a week and treated just as she had behaved: like a naughty little girl. She will go into more detail in her letter, but suffice it to say that by Friday afternoon Penelope Hasler had the cleanest toilet bowl in all of the Commonwealth. I am now confident that there will be no more broken promises.

However, Penny still managed to be naughty even as she was being punished. You see, every single day of her grounding Penny went to bed having stained her pristine white schoolgirl knickers during the day. Between all the scolding and all the punishment, she couldn’t help but be excited, and no matter how much I warned her she simply could not stay dry. She even once asked me for permission to touch herself. Naturally, I refused, and she has not touched herself, nor, to her credit, asked again.

Since Penny continued to do something so naughty and shameful as wet her knickers despite my repeated warnings, I decided the proper response was to showcase her bad behavior and make a public example of her. This past week, she was undoubtedly a little girl, but she could still have been a good little girl. Good little girls, amongst other things, keep their panties clean, and they certainly do not stain them from undisciplined excitement every day for a week. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Penny did, and so now she must be disciplined again.

To that end, Penny has written a letter confessing and apologizing for her bad behavior, which I am sharing with you all below. In addition, Penny must submit to your judgment: included with this post is a poll asking whether or not she should be granted the privilege of touching herself once her grounding ends Monday morning. While Penny is a very cute and endearing little girl, I ask that you not be gentle with her – only grant her that privilege if you feel she has earned it, or else she may never learn her lesson.


Dear friends,

I have a confession to make. My panties are wet. They are wet because I am a very naughty girl who gets off on being punished.

I am being punished because I was naughty and broke a promise to Sir. To teach me a lesson on the importance of keeping promises, Sir has grounded me for a week. Grounded for real, as in the punishment given to a misbehaving child.

Each night this week I have been tucked up in bed, teeth brushed, lights out, at 9:45pm.

I have been given extra chores (including cleaning the bathroom and tidying my room) to complete. I hate cleaning the toilet, but I have had to do it every single day. And my room has never been tidier nor my bed neater.

I have also had to sit and write a thousand lines: ‘When I break a promise I will be punished’. That took AGES. And I had to write them sitting on the naughty chair with my skirt removed and my panties round my ankles.

And, worst of all, the only panties I have been allowed to wear all week are plain white school knickers. Sir says this is to remind me that I have acted like a naughty child.

I have done my daily chores. I have gone to bed at the time set. I have written all of my lines and been careful to make them perfect. I have worn a fresh pair of plain white knickers each and every day. And, to my shame, I have made those knickers wet each and every day. I know it’s wicked of me but I can’t help it – I just love the feeling of being kept under strict control. It makes me feel so tingly to be grounded like a little girl: it feels all squishy... in my heart, in my tummy... and between my legs.

I fibbed to Sir on Tuesday when I reported to him, as instructed, on the state of my knickers. I know that telling a fib was a childish thing to do, but I was ashamed of myself for making my knickers wet, and I didn’t want Sir to be cross with me. He had told me off for getting them messy the day before, and I didn’t want to be told off again. Of course, my attempt at evasion only landed me in more trouble and earned me an additional punishment. Before starting my chores on Wednesday night I had to wash my mouth out with soap. I had never been made to do that before and I am very sorry that I now know what it is like. I certainly felt very sorry for myself as I knelt cleaning the toilet, the HORRID taste of soap still in my mouth.

I don’t want to confess this next bit, but Sir says I must.

I want so badly to be allowed to put my hand down my knickers and touch myself; I have been desperate to all week. I asked Sir days ago if I could but he was very cross and told me I couldn’t. Sir says that as my grounding is now nearing its end he will leave it up to you, my readers, to decide if I have earned that privilege back. He has created a poll that you can vote on. Please vote to let me!

I have to go now as it’s corner time. Please know that I am a very sad and sorry girl right now, and that I really wish I had kept my promise. I will try my best to be good from now on.

Thank you for listening to my confession.

Penny xx


Poll: Should Penny be allowed to touch herself?


  1. I agree totally with Daniel if you spank us naughty boys for touching ourselves you deserve the same.


  2. But then again imagining Penny pleasuring herself is nice thought so yes she should be able too.


  3. my rule is generally that if it's enough to be "obvious," it's the hairbrush. But I'm not a big supporter of climax delays more than a few hours... past that point and it's climaxes lost, not climaxes late...

  4. Shameful behavior. If anything she should be given a sound spanking and grounded for another week to teach her a lesson.

  5. Somebody has been having fun!

  6. Corner time and toilet cleaning and early bedtimes and lines and constant scolding are fun?!

    Well, okay... they are a bit.

  7. Oh, my.

    I really wanted to provide some useful insight here, but I can't seem to get past all the talk of early bedtimes and scoldings for young women, not to mention self-touching and damp, plain white knickers and... where was I?

    Oh, my...

    One thing, though. Where's the voting option that Ms Hasler has to come and clean my toilet?

    Not that I think it will improve her behaviour. Just that it needs doing.

  8. This kind of knicker inspection seems to really be working for Penny. So I say more checkings, early nights, and blogging with Nickers down, for another week at least. Topped with application of the cane, Three strokes if soiling is found on inspection .

  9. Looks like you had a great time indeed (especially taking into account the result of the vote)! And Underling's comment cracked me up! I would appreciate someone who cleans my toilet very much as well. Who wouldn't? ;-)

  10. lol, yeah! Underling's comment is funny :) and I would happily clean both your houses top to bottom. As long as I could wear my maid outfit. And as long as I was beaten long and often.

    It was fun (sort of), Kaelah - I'm writing a post about it as we squeak.

    Sorry Harry, but the people have spoken! Maybe next time... ;P

  11. That's alright if I got sent to bed early and had stains on my pants through fiddling every night for a week I reckon I'd be on for best excitement I've never had.