Saturday, 29 September 2012

Penny spanks Penny

Hello! I’m here, don’t worry. :) I’ve just had a rather demanding week and the bratty batteries (the bratteries) needed recharging a bit.

So what’s been happening? Apart from boring stuff, that is (even Naughty Little Writers have to pay the bills and do the laundry). Well, the other evening I took full advantage of my re-earned privilege and had a deeply filthy time. BH was out, so I got changed into one of my dress-up outfits – a baby pink Jane Jetson-style minidress and long white socks – went into the bedroom armed with my wooden ruler, threw myself over the end of the bed, flipped my skirt up, pulled my panties down (just down past my bottom; for some reason I was really in the mood for that rather than having them round my knees or ankles) and gave myself a jolly good thrashing. I know I have BH, and he does a wonderful job of spanking me, but I do sometimes spank myself too. It’s different, somehow, psychologically and/or emotionally speaking: it feels like a form of private indulgence, a bit like sinking into a hot bath with a good book. Only naughtier. And it’s also different because, as both spanker and spankee, you are in complete control of what happens and can give yourself just exactly what you want. It’s like having a mind-reading spanker. It’s a strange, unique and guiltily exciting sensation, inhabiting both roles at once. And I love it.

Maybe it says a lot about my overactive imagination, but I find when self-spanking that I always imagine a scenario, such as a school or domestic discipline one (though just a simple “you’re for it now, my girl” one, centred on the moment of punishment), and I always imagine that someone within that fantasy is spanking me. I even imagine their scolding words, and my pathetic responses. I’d be interested to hear from other self-spankers on the things they think about. Do fantasies come to you too, or do you stay in ‘reality’? Am I especially crazy?

A couple of dozen hard, deliberately-paced swats – I love a long pause – then I really let myself have it. Hard, fast, relentless; unforgiving wood stinging my defenceless skin with pitiless rapidity. Isn’t it great, the variety that a spanking can have within it? Alternating cheeks, rhythm, varying the target area, going to the thighs, delivering a succession of swats to the same spot. (This last one always has me pleading to my imaginary spanker for mercy, to no avail).

Once my rear was suitably red and sore, I gave myself a post-spanking scolding (or rather the imaginary disciplinarian who had just roasted my hide did) then sent myself to the corner. There I stood, hands on head, feeling very small and unclever, for at least, oh… two minutes, before the urge for release grew too much. One hand slipped down between my legs, and the other down onto my hot little bottom, and I stroked and caressed and fingered myself shamelessly. Masturbating in the corner always feels so incredibly illicit and furtive; it has such delicious overtones of wickedness. Qualities that, of course, only make me go even weaker at the knees.

Bathing in satisfaction on the bed afterwards I reflected upon my outrageous behaviour and decided that I would definitely have to give myself another good hiding sometime. Or, if BH ever reads this, maybe not.


  1. I keep telling myself that no one could be that naughty and you keep proving me wrong! Touching yourself in the corner - and if I read this right, rubbing after a spanking! Sounds like you need more of the same, and more!


  2. My friend I thought I was the only one who did something so similar. Have only done it once with a shower brush but other times the only way I can get myself relaxed is to imagine it all up. I think that's why we are good writers! We live in our heads with scenes. :)

  3. You are not 'especially crazy' - just wonderfully crazy!

    A humble suggestion, if I may - the next time you tenderize your own backside, follow it up by stuffing a couple of rough scouring pads into the back of your underwear and then go out about town on your daily errands. Doing your dull vanilla chores while the pads scrape and scratch your sore rear will certainly make them less boring.
    And it will remind Penny what a naughty young lady she truly is.

    Just be sure to wear a long coat or something that will hide the odd protruberances on your butt. (cuz' don't think the guys won't be checking you out as you pass by!)


  4. Ouch, don't self-preservation instincts kick in?

    And yes, seems like you have been quite naughty indeed. In other words, nothing new here. ;)

  5. Now, this is interesting. I used to assume that self-spanking was the recourse of the shy, the single and the vanilla-attached, but I've seen a number of references to it - including yours - that have educated me.

    I guess it's like masturbation. Just because someone else is regularly getting you off doesn't mean you stop doing it for yourself - and it is different, and the fantasies can be more vivid and more perfect without the pesky distraction of other people.

    Of course, self-spanking is only really suited to certain implements. If you've ever tried to use a belt on yourself - erm, not that I ever did, of course, but this friend of mine... once tried to use a belt on himself and found it a very frustrating experience.

    Oh, did I mention just how hot your posts are? Your posts are scooorchio!

  6. Very naughty young lady. You certainly deserve another good hiding.:D


  7. So many comments - thank you everyone!

    I do need more, John, and I deserve it, too. I think I'm an incurable case.

    Hi Adaline! Thanks for dropping in. And thanks for reassuring me that I'm not alone in imagining :)

    Hugs, RR :) but aww... scouring pads? Whimper..! I'll be good!

    I suppose they should do, Ana... but they don't in this case! In fact, whenever I don't deliver a decent swat, I imagine my fantasy disciplinarian saying "That one doesn't count," then I give myself an extra hard one to make up.

    Thank you for the compliment, Underling - I'm so glad I please! And I am glad to have contributed to your view of self-spanking a little. I agree that some implements are more suitable than others. Double-jointed people must have the most fun.

    And you can tell me off anytime, Joey - yum! :)

  8. So accurate, I could have written this, all senarios are possible when it's just you. Boy do I give myself a telling off.I indulge if alone in the house without family,thought not last time I had a week alone. For a proper caned look, lie on the bed with hands down yourside. Put a pillow under your right hand, the one with the cane, or two depending this somehow helps get accuracy.
    However I am for the high jump this week, sometime, one lunchtime most likey Weds at 1.10 I am sharing this one I'm very excited to be able to. Thank you, PS everybody's at it but it's a bit Taboo.?

  9. Thanks, Harry! And thanks for the self-caning tip.

    I'm glad to hear that you will be getting your just desserts this week - naughty boy! xx