Sunday, 30 January 2011

Detention for Miss Hasler

I write about spanking and, for want of a better term, 'kinky' sex, and I also enjoy both in my personal life. My partner and I continually explore new things - new roleplay scenarios, new implements, new positions - which seems perfectly natural to me, as we are always in a process of exploring each other's sexuality and each other as people.

That said, we do have a few favourite scenarios that we tend to return to again and again. One is the classic 'naughty schoolgirl and strict teacher', where the schoolgirl (me), dressed in authentic uniform, is verbally disciplined (I love a good scolding), punished with lines and/or corner time, and given a spanking (the severity depends on just how naughty I've been in our fantasy, and/or just how horny I'm feeling). Suitably chastised, I am then 'forced' into sexual subservience: made to worship my partner's cock; stripped, bound and teased; worked up into a frenzy of longing, then fucked long and hard.


I just thought I'd share this, and let my reader know that I will be playing this game tonight. I just never seem to learn my lesson, so it's detention once again...

P.S. My better half doesn't actually look like Peter Griffin.
P.P.S. Family Guy © Fox Broadcasting Company. I don't particularly want a spanking from their IP lawyers.


  1. Naughty girl! I'd give you a spanking!

    So are you a redhead too?

  2. Hi Anon, thanks for dropping by, and thank you for the offer of a spanking. I'll have to make sure I behave myself around you...

    As for my hair colour, I'm a brunette. When I'm a brunette in pigtails, a spanking is highly likely to occur.

  3. my office. NOW.

    definately a good spanking followed by a dozen with the ruler for you!!

  4. Seems to me you definitely like the finer things in life... Hope your mate spanks you often
    Happy spankings

  5. Not nearly as often as I'd like, but then I guess being kept in a state of yearning is hot in its own way...