Sunday, 30 January 2011

How hard is it to get your book reviewed?

Pretty hard, it would seem. My publisher, Neon, has sent out copies of Spank! to a goodly number of specialist (romance/erotica/BDSM) review sites in the months since the book's release. Number of reviews to date? Zero.

Was it something they said? Is it the cartoon cover? Is it because the words "vampire" or "wolf" don't appear in the title?

Whatever the reason, it's a shame, as reviews (good or bad) are helpful to readers.

I therefore make the following plea: if anyone has read the book and wants to write a few lines about it on Amazon, be my guest! There is a single, solitary review there at present – many thanks to that kind person – but more would be great, as that would give people a more rounded picture of my little book and help them decide whether it is worth bothering with or not.

And of course suggestions/criticism can help make the next book better...

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