Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Does your husband yawn at the table?

Or, isn’t it great when you stumble upon a new thing? There I was, diligently researching matters of serious seriosity and deep deepness when, oh! Like a girl finding a gingerbread house in the middle of the forest I came across a Tumblr blog called Weird Vintage. I only meant to peek round the door... maybe just stay for a little teeny while... but bang went my afternoon!

The site consists of an endless array of imagery that, if nothing else, proves that the world has always been mad. There’s kooky stuff like this:

And this:

And of course the occasional bit of this:

But I think the artefacts that tickle/flabbergast/disturb me the most are the vintage advertisements... some simply have to be seen to be believed. (“For PEP and VIGOR – Vitamin Donuts!”) And oh, the misogyny!

There are lots of ads like that. This thing looks like fun, though:

Exercise, my ear! “Oh! O-oh! It-- it’s all right, darling, d-don’t come in-- I’m invigorating m-my vital organs!” LOL. And I bet it gave the Countess of Aberdeen complete satisfaction, the naughty girl.

Warning: as I mentioned in opening, browsing this site can be highly addictive. I spent ages on it when I should have been doing the housework like a good little Fifties girl... whatever will my husband Better Half say when he comes home?

With any luck he’ll splash out on a Horse-Action Saddle and put me on it to sort out my hysteria. ;D I do hope they still sell them someplace! (I reckon riding one of those with a freshly-spanked posterior would be orgasmically highly stimulating, and of course highly effective as a punishment... “Oh! N-not the g-gallop setting! Oo-oh!”)


  1. Penelope,

    Thank you for sharing the vintage ads with us.


  2. LOL. You're very funny, Miss. Being an older (i.e., more vintage) person myself, I remember many kooky things coming out of that era.

  3. Horses of course mention of Rabbits I presume ? ;) I'd wager that The Perils of Penelope would be the classic genre for the sepia tinted 1950s ? And a nice, little domestic advert opportunity for your spanko-branded product ranges mentioned earlier...yes, the good old days when a Naughty Princess might have her gingham Fairy party dress raised, her frilly, yet sensible pastel, cotton panties pulled down and the hairbrush applied to the tender bare botty across the authoritative knee ? Strict Uncle..."Don't worry Penny you didn't burn the cookies, but you did scoff them. And so now I'm going to burn your botty bad style. Yes over my knee young lady" ;)

  4. You're welcome as always, Joey!

    Thanks, TFD - I'm glad I amuse. And I'm glad I evoked some memories. It's always nice to help one's elders! :D

    I should hire you as my Brand Development Consultant, Strict Uncle! (I suspect that I would spend more time bent over my big executive desk than sitting behind it, though). And the good old days? There's nothing stopping you from giving me a good hiding now!

    Er... I retract that last statement.