Saturday, 23 February 2013

Forgetfulness can have painful consequences

I’d never make a Mouseketeer... I completely forgot about Saturday Spankings last week. Oops! Can we move the calendar back seven days? No?

My six sentences this week :) are taken from one of my stories in Back to School, a short story collection centred around adults experiencing school-type discipline. The story in question, ‘Spanky Friday’, is a twisted variation on the ‘Freaky Friday’ scenario of mother and daughter magically switching places. Unfortunately for the mother in my story, Pamela, the switch between herself and her bratty teenage daughter takes place moments after she has finished enrolling said daughter at a strict boarding school. Oh no! ;D

In the scene that follows, Pamela is in English class. The teacher, Miss Preston, has just asked everyone to hand their homework in. To her horror, Pamela realises that she has forgotten to do hers. Having confessed as much to her furious teacher, she has been summoned to the front of the class. (Quite an appropriate extract, really, given my own absent-mindedness...)

Perhaps it was because she knew that a painful punishment lay in store, perhaps it was the belittling feeling of being told off by a woman younger than herself, or perhaps it was the cumulative effect of the time she had spent back in school, but Pamela, in stark contrast with her usual demeanour as an adult, fiddled nervously with the hem of her pinafore as she was scolded. Not for the first time at Shorecroft, she felt considerably shorter than the five feet three inches she stood, and decidedly less mature than her years. She was lectured sternly and at length on the importance of homework, and did not look up from her feet the whole time.

“Now, Miss Burrows,” said Miss Preston at last, pulling her chair out from behind her desk and sitting down purposefully upon it, “over my knee.”

The teacher’s command had left no room for desistance, yet, just as she had when confronted with her first classroom punishment, courtesy of Miss Miller, Pamela hesitated. Was this really happening?

Oh yes. It most certainly is! (I think that first sentence must break some kind of record for length, not to mention various grammar and style rules, but oh well!)

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  1. Great excerpt Penelope. I like the sound of a spanking version of Freaky Friday :)

  2. Thanks, Constance!

    There's a lot of wish-fulfilment in there, I think, as I would have loved to have gone to a school where CP was a possibility. And there's something about the diminution of an adult - some wonderfully kinky thrill about returning them to the position of a child - that really appeals to me. I just figured magic would be a fun way of achieving that!

  3. Thanks for sharing the extract from your story.

    I am glad you are part of the blog hop.

    I attended schools with lots of CP. An adult spanking is a lot more fun especially when I am in school boy clothes with my naughty female classmates who have on skirts. Wow.


  4. Yeah, I went to a school with CP and it wasn't fun. But it seemed to have informed my career choices. *ahem* Nicely done.

  5. Thanks, everyone - I'm glad you like the snippet!

    I can understand why CP at school wouldn't be fun; the absence of choice has a lot to do with it, I think. But I'm sticking to my story - I would have loved it!

  6. I like that first sentence. This type of scenario, the more mature mind forced to deal with being treated as a child, is a favorite of mine. Having grown up with the very real experience of living under such threatening authority takes me back. I certainly did not enjoy those conditions of childhood, yet I'm fascinated by them.


  7. Penny, great snippet, though I can't imagine why her teacher is younger. Makes me want to read more. Thanks for posting.

  8. Thanks, Kathryn :) The teacher is younger because Pamela is in her late thirties and teacher is in her twenties. Pamela is, naturally enough, in the body of her teenage daughter. Happens all the time, right? ;D

    Glad you like, Renee - hug!

    I wouldn't know about the more mature mind myself, TFD, but I can imagine. And I'm fascinated by those scary conditions too. XOXO

  9. What a great story idea! Love the F/F too, of course. :D Plus school stories are always a favorite.

  10. Thanks, Ana! I'm glad you like it. I do like a school setting, I must admit. (You wouldn't believe the amount of school uniform I own. Then again, you might). And there's something uniquely beautiful about F/F... it's a dynamic that is limitless in its possibilities and it's one that I intend to explore much, much further.

  11. I must admit I'm rather partial to the idea of Friday as well. What a perfect way to end the working week. We could call it Hot Friday. As some of you know there's a series on my blog about a naughty sorority that has a Friday night paddling for all the girls, so it fits in perfectly.

  12. There is always a certain eros that flavors a story when the school setting is present. And the infamous words that always wet the appetite "Over My Knee" just a perfect scene here...

  13. That would be freaky, alright. And ouchie, too. Great concept!

  14. More nice comments - thanks, everyone! :D