Monday, 25 February 2013

grown ups are silly! but im GREAT an CLEVER! :D

HI pennys friends!!!

daddy finks im playin wiv my ponys in my room but im on pennys computer while shes out an iv made her silly old page look much better! i did it wiv my pink felt tip. i like drawin, its fun. penny shud hav a drawin of a pony not a borin old pen! iv put a cupple of stikers on this letter to briten it up.

this is gonna be a FUN letter insted of the sort penny rites an i can rite it wiv no help from daddy or anyone (okay, mr hugs can help) cos im super clever! daddy always says so an mrs cooper next door does too wen she sees me an i can count ALL my fingers and toes AN say the alfabet all the way to the end. this mornin i made brekfast ALL BY MYSELF an i only got a bit of milk on the counter an i watched dora explora in my jammies then i ran upstairs an got drest.

im wearin a blue dress an its pretty like me an white socks an pink panties wiv kermit on. daddy brushd my hair which i like an he put a clip in wiv a pretend flower. i like flowers an i like daisys best.

penny is BORIN an she always rites about silly stuff like spankin an people come an talk about it an her poems are okay but still borin an i could do a better one.

daddy is fat!
he sat on a cat!
ow! meow! meow!
what a flat cat!

wen i grow up im gonna be a doctor or a famus actres an hav a big house like my barbie has, AN a swimmin pool AN a kichin but im not gettin marrid cos boys are silly.


dats the longest word in the whole world an most people dont know what it means but i do cos im clever. it means...


its what people in the souf pole say wen they meet a pengwin. a man pengwin! they say a diffrent fing to lady ones. the souf pole is cold like it was here last week wen daddy said i had to wear a scarf an gloves an a hat an there was snow an i made a snowman. it was a snow daddy an it was fat like daddy! i like hot choklit even mor wen outside is cold.

anyway spankin is SILLY an i dont like it wen daddy or aunty andea spank me. they make my botty all hot an it stings an i cry an feel all sad. im not gonna be spanked EVER again cos im too big for it an imma princess an i DONT need it even wen they say i do an grown ups are silly an so THERE!

im gonna go play wiv mr hugs now an go into space an get saved by my pony from mean space pyrits an maybe jump on my bed.

rite if you like but dont rite anyfin SILLY !

i gotta go wiv aunty andea to her house now an i dont fink its for cookies.


  1. Penny I have just read your last post, well speed read the last half. Once you have read this, you are to put yourself in the corner, nose right in touching, pull down your trousers, and pants, lift your skirtif your wearing one and stay their till you have counted to one hundred.
    If you write like a little girl it's only right that you expect to be treated like one!

  2. Very cute little Penny.

  3. Hehee. You're very clever, indeed. But I think when Penelope sees this, somebody's gonna be a BIG trouble. :)

  4. ner to harry cos standin in the corner is silly an ner ner NER!

    i like joey. hes nice an clever an i mite marry him. (shh, dats a sekrit).

    i am clever! i like tfd but im not gonna get in enny trouble cos pennys silly an she wishes she was neat like me and if she shouts i can say a skwirril did it.

    imma pony now! im called raindrop an im pretty an purple an i like jumpin on pennys bed. bye bye xxxxx

  5. Young lady! What is the meaning of this? I think your behaviour here and your vandalism of Penelope's blog need a corrective visit to the Spank Shop. *takes Little Penny by the hand and drags her protesting out*

  6. Penny, many infinite congrats on your "little bump" :) wonderful news !!...Little Penny, what did Aunty Andrea do to you ? Dragging you out ? Were you naughty ? She seems very strict. You need to take real care, you know ...Strict Uncle...sumtimes Wodgers Fesawruss can help wiv words and stuff, Little Penny :)

  7. Penny says: thanks, Strict Uncle! Hugs.

    Little Penny says: aunty andea told me off an gave me a spankin an i was very very sorry i wuz naughty an rude an i wont do it eva again for a bit.

    wassa fesawruss? is it like a doggie?