Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lisa, 26, spank-curious

I'm a Saturday Spanker! Or rather I’m an official one now cos I’m doing the Saturday Spankings blog hop :)

(Is this like being a Mouseketeer? I’ve never been in a club before. It’s all very exciting!)

The idea is for kinky authors to post a few sentences from one of their stories in order to tease and tantalise potential readers. The ‘hop’ bit is that people can hop between the various participating blogs and read lots of interesting things at the click of a mouse.

My eight sentences are from ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’, one of the stories in Spank! 2. The star of the piece is Lisa, a young woman who has never given spanking a moment’s thought. Until she discovers that her mother was once a spanking model, that is...

Lisa wondered why people allowed themselves to be beaten. What did they get out of it? It had to hurt, after all. She leaned over and took the magazine from her bedside cabinet and looked once more at the photographs in it. So many punished bottoms! So many grown women letting men – and sometimes women – pull their knickers down and smack their backsides as if they were naughty children. Why would they all do it if it wasn’t enjoyable in some way?

She wondered if she would find it enjoyable.

If you would like to find out where Lisa’s incipient curiosity takes her, press star on your telephone keypad. Alternatively, purchase this here Kindle e-buk:

Buy me or a pixie will cry.

Here are all the blogs taking part in Saturday Spankings this week: check them out to read more saucy snippets!


  1. Hmm. Now you've got me "spank curious." Will Lisa enjoy the experience? Looks like we need to buy Spank2, or there'll be a lot of crying pixies. Great snippet, Penelope. Thanks for playing.

  2. I can't believe an intelligent charming girl like yourself has never been in a club before, Penny.

  3. I hope that readers check out your book because they will find many fun and erotic stories in the book.


  4. You should join the Spanking Club of New York. You can visit with us online in a chat session. We have members from the UK,South America, Canada, South Pacific, etc. Google the name to find the club.

  5. Thanks, Kathryn! I'm glad I joined in.

    I've been in plenty of nightclubs, Aunty, but that isn't quite the same thing is it? :) And I went along to Guides once but got a bit freaked out by the whole thing and had to be taken home. (I did cry).

    Thanks, Joey! And thank you for the invite to the Spanking Club of New York - I shall have to pop in for a chat!

  6. It starts with curiosity...such a slippery slope.

  7. I don't know why, but I love the word "knickers" I suppose because it sounds so naughty.

  8. I'm definitely in the Penelope Hasler fan club. Spank! 2 is great. Thanks!

  9. Aw. Thanks, TFD! I'll get your club badge sent out as soon as I can.

    Thanks for dropping in, Cara and Celeste :)

    ('Knickers' is a very naughty word, Celeste, I agree).

  10. It's exactly like being a Mouseketeer. Minus the ears. That's hardcore. Welcome to the Sat Spank.


  11. lol, thanks Sophie! I'm humbly grateful to be welcomed so regally. I thank you very sweetly, in fact.