Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cookiee! Nom nom nom!

Yes, it’s another post about cookies. (Caution: may contain nuts. Definitely contains puns).

I think I must either be strong in the Force or just really in tune with cookie-type news. On the very same day that I posted about my lucky discovery of cut-price cheesecake and giant cookies in my friendly neighbourhood megamarket, I went on a spanky internet wander and learned of something called the ‘Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza’ (!)

The idea is for cookie-loving bloggers all over the world to post yummy recipes on their blogs on the same day (this year it’s December 6th); the recipes are then collected and posted all together on the blog of the lady behind this sweet initiative: Jz, of A Reluctant Bitch.

If you fancy chipping in, pop over to Jz’s place and drop her an email so she knows to add your blog to the mix. And (I’ve got to say it) that’s the way the cookie crumbles... :)


  1. I really love cookies. My problem is that I cannot eat just one cookie, I become addicted. I have the perfect cookies as well to add to the exchange.


  2. oooh, thanks for helping spread the word!

  3. Now just why do I sense that this will be another opportunity for mischief?

    One of my favorite cookies is blueberry muffin cookies. Mmm.

  4. My recipe is: 1) Take package out of cupboard. 2) Open package. 3) Eat cookies.

    I could add spanking pics and make it a blog post.

    Enjoy your cookies, Penny. Sweets for the sweet. XO

  5. I like that recipe, TFD! Did you sneak a peek at my recipe book?

    Mischief, Ana? I think you'd know more about that than innocent little I... ;D

    You're more than welcome, Jz. It's a lovely idea so if I can help publicise it at all then great!

    I love them too, Joey! And I know what you mean about not being able to have just one. I think more research should be done into the phenomenon... and I'll even do it for free. Looking forward to reading your recipe :)

  6. I'm the same a Joey, can't just eat one.


  7. I hear you, ronnie! They're crafty little things, cookies ;)