Friday, 9 November 2012

Uniformly saucy

It’s nice being a kinky scribbler. I have spent a goodly amount of time this week immersing myself in school imagery and fantasy, poring over image after image of young ladies in various types of school uniform (for research purposes, you understand) and imagining all kinds of naughty scenes suffused with pleated skirts and pigtails. And so I thought it would be nice to write a little bit about the uniform items I myself own (and wear when I play the naughty schoolgirl).

I don’t have all that many, to be honest (though BH says I have too many): a blue gingham summer school dress, a knee-length grey pleated skirt, three mini-length pleated skirts in various colours, and a super-naughty micro-length black pleated skirt. That last one is very much a token piece of clothing: there’s constant and unavoidable bottom/panty exposure even when standing up straight in it.

I love them all, but my absolute favourite thing to wear is another item again: my black pinafore/gymslip. I adore it. It’s short and pleated at the bottom, and it flattens my chest at the top, and it is just so wonderfully... schoolgirl. I challenge anyone to wear it and feel like a strong-minded 21st century woman, rather than a 1950s boarding school pupil acutely aware that she might be given a stinging, humiliating spanking any time she misbehaves.

I’m not quite ready to pose for a full-length picture in it (apologies), so here’s the beautiful Gemma Arterton (by far the best thing in the not-especially-great St Trinian’s remakes) doing just that in a very similar dress. The only things missing are the pleats, plus my dress is a bit shorter:

Mmm! She can be my Head Girl anytime.

And what do I wear with this plain, dull, restrictive, fantastically sexy pinafore? Stuff very much like Gemma wears above: long socks (white, black or grey), white blouse, blue and gold striped tie, black buckle shoes and a maroon blazer. No padlocked collar, though. The dress and blouse were bought from high street clothes shops but the socks, tie and blazer are 100% authentic schoolwear, bought from school outfitters. The blazer even has a school crest on it. I think that the authenticity of much of the uniform helps when it comes to play, because when I put it all on, and stand blushing before my teacher, I really do feel every last inch a schoolgirl. (Or at least an adult one who lives in a twisted, kinky reality). I just totally get into that headspace. It’s remarkable, even to myself, how much my body language and thought processes and speech change. It’s as if I step wholeheartedly into the fantasy world I create in my mind, and live and breathe it for the whole time I am in my uniform. Bless BH for indulging me and playing along!

BTW, I can well understand the appeal of wearing stockings and suspenders with school-type stuff, but I have to say – with the exception of the occasions on which I wear the decidedly slutty and non-regulation microskirt – I always stick to socks. I would probably wear tights every so often, like I did in school, but I figure they might get in the way a bit when I was thrown onto the bed and, you know, ravished. With socks I am always only moments – the exact amount of time it takes to yank my knickers down, in fact – away from being interfered with. Regardless of whether I actually am interfered with or not, the awareness that it could happen just like that on my severe and sexy teacher’s whim is hugely arousing. And, sexual practicalities aside, I think my preference for socks over stockings also has something to do with a need I have to inhabit a school-based erotic fantasy where it is school first, sexualised adult second. (Not second by much, but still). Socks just seem more authentic, more prosaic, to me in a school context than stockings and suspenders.

One thing I don’t wear are ‘regulation’ knickers, I guess because the practice of wearing them to school was a bit before my time. I do have several identical pairs of completely plain and boring white knickers that I like to wear; I imagine that the effect is similar. Sometimes I wear equally plain black ones, which are also acceptable at Penny’s Fantasy School. And just every so often I wear cartoon character panties, but that’s only so I can get into trouble for wearing non-approved underwear. Okay, and so I can feel extra immature and, you know, little.

Conversely, one thing I never wore at school but now do (occasionally) is a straw boater. So Enid Blyton! It makes me want to go on a jolly adventure. As for my hair, sometimes I put it up into pigtails, sometimes I wear an Alice band, sometimes I just wear it down. (In case you were wondering, my hair is currently shoulder-length). Confession: I like it when BH pulls my hair as he fucks me from behind. Am I out of the feminist club?

A big gap in my wardrobe is games kit. I very much hope that Santa brings me a garishly-coloured netball skirt and an equally garishly-coloured shirt and socks. And a pair of horrid, thick gym knickers! That kink I do ‘get’ from experience.

If I am lucky enough to find such a gift under my tree this year, I hope that BH wastes no time in putting me into it, scolding me, and giving me a jolly good hiding. But, gym kit or no gym kit, I hope that I get to spend large parts of the holiday in some variety of school uniform, sitting (with or without a spanked bottom) at a lonely little desk, doing hour upon hour of schoolwork or just plain writing lines. Bliss.

So, that’s pretty much my school wardrobe. If any of you would like to share your own uniform favourites, I’d love to hear about them!


  1. Well, the pinafore dress is a must. I have never put on a school uniform since leaving, I love to see photos of adults in it. If Mrs Harry presented herself in a micro skirt, to me it would could only mean immediatle, seat warming, yanked down unders and a steady reddening, up to gasp point and instant dismissal or sexual encounter instigated by her. That however doesn't happen. We both have a prep-y look anyway. I'm the one who likes it,I have been dealt with wearing blue games shorts without pants pulled up and drum tight, blimey that made my legs wobble! That was a bit of a punishment caning,Mrs H has no interest to hear about it so I'm grateful to be indulged at all. I have a line in Khaki empire building shorts fo summer.

  2. I do wear uniforms though and have had very similar fun, in fact black tie does, I have some very long trousers from a tails suit that I wear with braces and if they are on I feel like I'm at school, I either feel I'm a ring master or a 1900s public schooler. They have house prefect or fag,about them,5 inches of button fly, and at the back a high gusset for the braces.

  3. I wore a uniform for many years at school and I try to replicate the identical look for special events.

    I have gray pants, a white shirt, a school tie, gray socks and black shoes. I have worn this uniform to several spanking events. The shoes are polished to a nice shine to ensure the uniform is authentic.


  4. Honestly Penny, can any naught girl or boy have too many school uniforms? I don't think so.

  5. I never went to a school with uniforms, so I don't know much about them. I bet you look cute and adorable (not to mention sexy) in every one.


  6. Aw, thanks TFD! But I couldn't possibly comment on my cuteness or sexiness. You went to a school without uniforms? Poor thing!

    I quite agree, Aunty. That's why I'm just going to keep adding to my collection :)

    That sounds adorable, Joey! I would love to be in class alongside you.

    Thanks for the detail on your own uniform tastes, Harry - very interesting :) I can picture you now in your Eton gear, looking very respectable. (But we know better).

  7. Where do I begin?

    Penny, clever Penny, admired her uniform in the mirror…the knee socks, the crisply tied tie, the blazer with the smart crest on the pocket. Perfect; althought 26, she looked exactly like a schoolgirl! Smiling, she opened her bedroom door and stepped into…the Headmistresses office.

    Penny, dumbstruck, stared at the huge wooden desk, the cupboard filled with tawses and canes, and the frowning Miss Sharapova.

    What on earth was happening?

    "Where's your punishment slip, Hassler?" she snapped. "If you lost it, you silly girl, you'll get the max!"

    Penny, her mouth dry, vainly searched her blazer pockets for the non-existent slip as Miss Sharapova strode across the room to retrieve the senior cane.

  8. :D

    That is a lovely place to begin! Oh dear, silly Penny - too late she turns and makes for the door, suddenly thinking better of her little dress-up game now that the prospect of a thrashing lies before her!

    She lowers her head and looks down at her own uniform... her blazer, her little pleated skirt, her childish socks... she paws uncertainly at the hem of the skirt, in the exact manner of naughty girls down the ages...

    She looks up fearfully at the beautiful, strict woman who advances toward her, cane in hand...

    She gulps.

  9. And I'm not 26, I'm 24 and two thirds! And it's Hasler, not Hassler!



  10. Love the school girl uniforms. My brat wife is military, her dress uniforms work good also. Looove taking a strong independent military woman,and spanking her down to the naughty little girl she is!!!

  11. Mmm - that does sound like fun, for both you and your wife! There's something very hot about being taken down a peg or three.