Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sweet treets

Now, never mind my saucy schoolgirl rear, here’s some real Penny porn. Come into my little lair... don’t mind Doggie; he barks at everyone who calls round. Into the compact and bijou kitchen, where a sneaky peek into my naughty little fridge reveals...

...omigod omigod...

...a strawberry swirl cheesecake (half price! :D) and... oh, oh... a giant TRIPLE CHOKLIT COOKIEEEEE!!

Nothing at all to do with kink; I just thought I’d share my joy at finding these yummy things on offer in the supermarket. (Plus I figured I had better take a picture sharpish as they are unlikely to be around all that long).

On an entirely unrelated note, a house on our street has put their Christmas lights up! :-O


  1. Oh and with Christmas coming I am thinking Little Penny's sweet tooth will be going into overdrive very soon.

  2. Oh yes Aunty! Lots of choklit and sweeties and yummy treats! Cos of course I've been good all year and I thoroughly deserve them.

    And the cookie is only half yum now, Joey. Half of it seems to have disappeared! A real mystery.

  3. Young lady, you should NOT be eating half a cookie before dinner!

  4. *whimpers*

    But, but... I only eated a quarter of it... a raccoon helped me wif the other quarter...

    *smiles hopefully, hides*

  5. Half a triple chocolate cookie? BEFORE dinner? Go and fetch my big wooden spoon THIS INSTANT, young lady!

  6. Awww...

    Wish I'd said a cookie monster came and eated it. :(

    Penny trudges off sadly to fetch the horrid wooden spoon.

  7. You can hav the other half if you like... :)

  8. Penny, how many times has Aunty had to spank you for snacking on biscuits before dinner, young lady?

  9. Penny looks down at her shoes.

    Mebbe... free times, Aunty...

    Or mebbe four...


  10. Or mebbe... more than dat.

    Penny ruefully rubs her bottom.

    I fink there must be a cheesecake monster in my house, cos some of the cheesecake has gone now!

  11. The squirrels again? You've used that one too, young lady.

  12. Penny finks quickly.

    No, Aunty, it wasn't squirrels! It was, uh... the great cookie thief!


  13. It's not NICE to lie to Aunty Andrea! I can already see a naughty little white bottom being spanked nice and pink over Aunty's lap. Bad Penny! ;-)

  14. Whimper!

    I'm sorry, Aunty! I confess! It was a fib! I eated the cheesecake!

    But it wuz defnitely a raccoon dat eated the cookie... ;D