Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Whine and ye shall receive

Aw. I feel loved! Joey and Ana (two of the nicest people in the spanking blogosphere) have each nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you. I owe you both a serious cuddle. Maybe we could have a three-way. Cuddle.

I feel a bit bad for whining now. Maybe I should be spanked. Yes. I think that might help. As would a good long spell in the corner.

Most people on Earth now know what the LA involves, but in case you don’t it requires the nominee to answer eleven questions set by their nominator and to list eleven facts about themselves. (Just like I did the other day, only with not-made-up facts).

Here are the questions Joey has asked of his nominees, and my carefully considered responses:

What spanking position do you prefer?
OTK. It’s just the best.

Is there any spanking implement that is a hard limit for you?
If there is I haven’t found it yet. I thought, before I experienced it, that it might be the cane. But it wasn’t. (Obviously).

What food do you hate?
I haven’t dared look at butterscotch since I had it at school aged eight. Absolutely horrible! But then everything they fed us at school was horrible, so maybe it’s got an unduly bad rep. Other than that, I can’t eat anything that looks just like it did when it was alive, like shrimps or lobster.

What activity makes you feel naughty?
Getting frisky in a public place.

Describe the clothes worn by your fantasy spanker?
If male, a smart dark suit with a nice dark shirt... all business and smartness, his smouldering, masculine sexuality and power simultaneously veiled and accentuated by clothes that signify respectability and decorum. If female, a sensible tweed skirt, a smart, light blouse (perhaps unbuttoned a little), dark, seamed stockings, shiny heeled shoes, hair tied up. I like the idea of respectably-dressed people being strict and kinky!

Describe the clothes you put on for your fantasy spanking?
Something to contrast with the above and signify my status as a child/subordinate: I think a little girl dress with a big, pretty bow on the back, and a petticoat underneath. And white kneesocks. And ribbons in my hair.

Where would you go for vacation if you won the lottery?
America. I’d want to see as much of it as possible, and meet lots of the lovely spanky people I have got to know online. And ring TFD’s doorbell and hide round the corner.

What famous person would you like to meet for dinner?
Dizzee Rascal. (Not really). Stan Laurel. Alive, of course.

What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas! It isn’t the same magical experience it was when I was a child, but it is wonderful in different ways now. Most importantly, it’s when I get to see my family.

What celebrity do you think deserves to be spanked?
Lots of them do. But Britney Spears should be first in line.

What is your pet peeve?
Crumbs on a smooth surface like a worktop or a desk; grit on a smooth floor. Argh!

That was fun! Thanks again to Joey for being a sweet asky-asker; I hope my answers were okay. So that this post doesn’t get too long I will post my answers to Ana’s probing questions tomorrow. Same time, same brat-channel. (Bring alcohol).


  1. Penny,

    Thank you for providing terrific answers to my questions.

    Of course, I think you are also one of the nicest people in the blogosphere.


  2. You and I share a taste for lady spankers in business outfits, and a distaste for crumbs (especially on the kitchen counter. No matter how thorughly you wipe, they still seem to collect. I think they are procreating like rabbits when we are not around)

    Aargh, indeed!

  3. Britney? Do I accept that as a vote for the SOTM over at the Spank Shop, Penny?

  4. Yes please, Aunty. I'm sorry I didn't vote for November. Please see my post on Friday x

    Yay! Glad to know another crumb-hater, RR! It's just that contrast between smooth and bitty... it's horrid.

    Thanks, Joey, I'm glad you liked the answers! I'm not all that nice, though. Especially in the morning (grargh, stomp).

  5. Congratulations, Penny! Good for Joey and Ana to nominate such a worthy candidate. I enjoyed your answers. I'm from Earth and live here currently, but apparently missed the Liebster during my galactic travels.

    Oh my! It would be so exciting for me to have you ring my bell. I'd have to alert my crack security team. :)

  6. Thanks, TFD! And I know not evryone knows about the Liebster fing really. I didn't mean to sound all snarky and boasty... I just wanted to be funny so I used exaggeration.

    And I'd ring your bell any time. And your doorbell too.