Saturday, 18 June 2011

Late again, Hasler - see me after class

Hello, my little naughties! Sorry for the long break in posting; I haven't forgotten about you (or your naughty little bottoms).

You'll be glad to hear that work continues on the follow-up to Spank! two stories are completely finished and three more are in progress. Becky and I thought that five short stories made for a nice little book, so Spank! 2 will follow the same template.

As a sorry for the long wait and a thank you for reading my little blog, here are a couple of extracts from one of my forthcoming stories (a first for me, a school-based story):

Miss Miller took up a wooden ruler from her desk and gripped it tightly in her podgy little hand. “Twelve on the hand, young lady. If you take your hand away, we will start over. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Miss,” replied Pamela.

Though she knew to expect the blow, and had been warned not to move her hand, when the ruler landed across her palm with a stinging WHACK! she couldn’t help but yank her hand back to soothe it.

“PUT THAT HAND BACK AT ONCE!” cried the outraged schoolmistress.

Timidly, Pamela held her hand out again. She swiftly received a second stroke across the same latitude as the first; this one stung even more, making her want to not only retrieve her hand but to bolt for the door, away from this place. But she fought the urge, and bit her lip stoically.

“Now, don’t move your hand again, girl!” warned Miss Miller.

“Yes, Miss, sorry, Miss!” Pamela sheepishly answered.

THWACK! went the ruler on Pamela’s soft palm once more. This stroke was laid across the bottom of her fingers, too, stinging them awfully.

Ten more times Pamela’s trembling hand felt the sting of the ruler. By the end, tears had welled in her eyes. When she was sent back to her seat, she rubbed her burning palm sorrowfully.

“Now, I don’t want any more nonsense from you, Miss Burrows,” warned Miss Miller. “I have better things to do than punish silly little girls like you!”
* * * * *
Pamela scarcely had time to think before a second firm swat stung her left cheek, making the tender flesh of her buttock ripple. A third swiftly followed to her right, then a fourth to her left. She bucked and yelped as her defenceless, bouncing curves were fairly tanned with a furious succession of hard swats.

WHACK! “Ooh!”
WHACK! “Oww!”
WHACK! “Oww! Ohh, Miss!”

The punishment rules stipulated that a girl should receive at least sixty on the bare for forgetting her homework, and Miss Preston took the ‘at least’ part of this guideline very literally in poor Pamela’s case. She walloped the howling child seventy-five times in total, with the final dozen counted out loud by the miserable offender.

When the last swat had been delivered, Miss Preston immediately ordered Pamela to stand up. Pamela did so quickly, despite her discomfort. Miss Preston pulled the tearful schoolgirl’s knickers back up and smoothed her skirt back down.

“I hope that this has taught you a lesson, Charlotte,” she said. “And to reinforce that lesson, you will see me for the next five school evenings for detention. Now, what do you say?”

“Th-thank you, Miss,” Pamela whimpered, wiping away a tear, her little face a picture of hurt.
There's lots more yummy punishment like that in the story. Hope you like the sound of it!