Friday, 30 August 2013

Back to school? But we've only just finished!

A school-ish, kinky think-type post today.

I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries, but in England there’s a six-week school holiday from mid-July to the start of September. (No school in August, evah! Whee!) Oh, how I loved it as a kid. The feeling of jubilation as that expanse of school-free time stretched out into the future like a golden vista; waking every morning feeling light and carefree... just wonderful.

But as vast as it may have been, and as endless as it may have seemed midway through, the summer break always did come to an end, and I always got a really sad feeling when September arrived. I remember counting down the days as the end of the holidays drew near, and making a conscious effort to savour each moment. So sad going to bed on the last night before school!

And so to the kinky think. Akin to Easter eggs appearing in February and Christmas merchandise in October, it always seemed that the minute the school bell rang for the end of term, every shop was instantly full of ‘back to school’ stuff. (Seeing a big display of uniforms in my local supermarket the other day is what prompted this post, in fact). A practice that always struck me as terribly unfair. We’ve only just finished! I wanted to wail. Can’t we be allowed to forget about school for one day? Such a downer to be constantly reminded of it in the holidays.

Yet now, as a twenty-something, I don’t mind seeing those things at all. If anything, I get a secret little frisson of pleasure whenever I do see them. Which of course makes perfect (kinky and twisted) sense: I’m a school roleplay and CP freak and have a decided uniform fetish.

Case closed! Except... a taste for such things isn’t something that only came to me as an adult. I’ve enjoyed being spanked for as long as I can recall, and school has always been a favourite and central part of my fantasies. As a child I fantasised about other people punishing me with a smacked bottom (including my teachers), and I often wished that my school experience was more old-fashioned and strict.

So what I’m wondering is, given the above, how come I didn’t like the whole ‘back to school’ thing as a schoolgirl? And when exactly did dislike transform into like? I’m figuring it was at some point after I left school, but I don’t quite understand why that would be.

Thoughts on that (and anything else school-related) welcome!

P.S. I was treated to a new skirt and two new blouses from the aforementioned supermarket. I rather suspect my immediate future will involve some school fun and a jolly good spanking.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sweetness itself

Regular readers will know that this blog is as much a Maria Sharapova fan site as it is a spanking fiction one – she does inspire me rather, divine goddess that she is – so it’s over to the sports desk for the latest news on everyone’s favourite sexy tennis player.

The bad news first: Maria has had to withdraw from the imminent US Open tournament (a biggie) with an injured shoulder. Poor Maria. (And poor us, not getting to see her in action). She plans to take the next few weeks off in order to receive “proper treatment and rehabilitation.” You don’t know how much I would love to help with that.

The cheerier news: Maria’s brand of sweets (you do know that she has a popular range of confectionery, right?) has just celebrated its first birthday. As a publicity stunt, Maria apparently pondered changing her surname (for the duration of the US Open) to Sugarpova. How funny would that have been, the umpire and commentators calling her ‘Miss Sugarpova’ every two minutes? :D (Of course it was just an idle threat, but Maria got the publicity for it anyway. So crafty!)

Just because I can, here’s a photo of the lovely Miss S in perfect serving condition. Get better soon, Maria!

P.S. In homage to Miss Sugarpova, readers are invited to suggest a suitable alias for yours truly. ‘Ivana Shpankin’, perhaps?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

My dog ate it?

Rarrgh!! That’s the noise a stressed Penny makes. Life, work and everything have been conspiring to keep me mega-busy and mega-worn-out this week, so apologies for the quietness. Believe me, I would much rather be having fun here!

Hopefully things will settle down again soon and allow me to attend to naughty online stuff. For right now, though, I figure it might amuse if I explain my absence through the medium of the lame excuse (as practiced by schoolgirls everywhere). A little stream of consciousness writing, if you will :)

Okay. I haven’t posted anything lately because...

...well, I was going to, but late one night a unicorn tapped on my bedroom window and when I opened it she said I had to help her cos a nasty witch was going to destroy Neigh-Neigh Land (which is where the unicorns live). I grabbed my best cardigan and climbed out of the window and onto the unicorn (who was called Princess) and we flew away over the houses and the fields and the sea and we got quite near to Neigh-Neigh Land but a dragon suddenly appeared out of the water and said it wanted to eat us so we had to take the long way which was via the north pole. Really cold! I was very glad I had my cardigan.

It took all night and all day to get to Neigh-Neigh Land but when we arrived I was introduced to all the unicorns including the chief who was blue and called Sparkle. She said that the witch lived in a mountain and that only a girl called Penny could stop her because Penny is a magic name. It was late so we all slept and the next day I was given a flower necklace and a magic amulet and a stick and I had to go to the mountain all by myself and find the witch’s lair and it was very far and very steep and I snagged my dress on the rocks once or twice but I made it.

When I reached the top of the mountain the witch appeared and said she would eat me all up but when I said my name was Penny she hopped on her broomstick and flew away from Neigh-Neigh Land. It was a long way back to the unicorn village but when I got there they were all very happy that they were safe and threw a party and I ate lots of cake and learned a new dance.

When the party was over I said I had to get back to my friends so Princess flew me home (via the north pole to avoid dragons) which took a very long time but we made it and I gave her a kiss goodbye and stroked her nose.

And here I am!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Penny Does a Runner: Part IX

Penny had only been a member of the circus for a short time but already her former life as a schoolgirl was a fast-fading memory. She was doing very brisk business on her first night as an usherette, and she glowed in anticipation of the praise she would get from Mr Carter when the evening’s show was over.

But as she turned with a smile from her latest customer and looked out over the audience she was given a sudden and unwelcome reminder of her status as a fugitive: sitting not ten feet away, engrossed in the entertainment, was Miss Harper, her erstwhile Elocution mistress!

Penny’s tummy did a triple somersault, and terrible visions of punishment flashed across her mind. She had been in a world of trouble before she had run away from school – goodness only knew what would happen to her should she be dragged back there now! She would be thrashed on the stage! Given detention for a year! Demoted to the first, to start her schooling all over again!

Her first instinct, just as it had been when she was marched by Miss Pinchit to the Headmistress’s office, was to flee. But where would she go? The circus promised a life of travel and fun, but more importantly it promised shelter and board. She couldn’t leave it... but Miss Harper was certain to spot her sooner or later. Oh, dear! Whatever should she do?

Just then the audience broke into applause as Fernando the Fearless, a masked fire-breather, took his bow. Fernando – real name Fred – was unmistakable backstage, a shock of ginger hair making him stand out like a beacon. Yet with his mask on even his mother wouldn’t recognise him. Of course! thought Penny, inspiration hitting her like a bolt of lightning. She would disguise herself! Miss Harper would never suspect. And it would only have to be for one night, after all, as the circus was set to leave town the next day.

Penny dashed down the aisle and out of the tent, snack tray bobbing madly, would-be customers left waving at thin air.


Monday, 12 August 2013

All dressed up and cherry red

Yippee! Your humble hostess has been asked to guest on the very hot and very naughty Cherry Red Report blog and give a rundown of my five favourite roleplay costumes. Do pop over and peruse my musings (and feel free to leave a comment)!

Of course I would also love to hear your thoughts on such matters here. Do you have a particular favourite outfit and/or roleplay scenario? Is there anything that doesn’t turn you on? If you could dress a playmate in a specific thing for an evening of fun, what would it be?

P.S. No prizes for guessing what my #1 outfit is.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Swifter than the moon's sphere

Hey kids! As Kierkegaard might say. I’ve got a post or two on my to-do list but have been frightfully short on time this week so it’s Penny Blogging Plan B: ‘if in doubt, write a limerick!’ :)

I hope it amuses.

Bedtime for a Kinky Girl

She’s tucked up all safe as can be
As snug as the snuggest sweet pea.
She drifts off and dreams
Of spankings and screams
And sucks her thumb, grinning with glee.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Report card? Oh, erm, I must have lost it.

It’s the end of the school year! Whee! That means long, lazy summer days... trips to the beach... and, joy of joys, no more lessons!

And, of course, it also means a report card to take home. (Ohh! Why didn’t you pay more attention in English class? That ‘F’ is going to spell a sore bottom when Daddy sees it).

I mention this because I just so happen to have created a make-believe report (we do rather go for the school roleplay thing in our house) and would be more than happy to put my Miss Hasler hat on and write a personalised one for any girl or boy who would like one.

Here’s mine for PE class:

Silly PE. I don’t wanna run and jump about! Hmf.

If you’d like a report of your own drop me a line by email or let me know in the comments :)

Saturday, 3 August 2013

What the stuffed toy cat saw

Haven’t done this for a while... (blame the cosmic winds between Earth and Planet Penny). It’s Saturday Spankings! HONK!

The following excerpt is from my upcoming F/F spanking romance, and features one F taking another F over her knee for a you-know-what. I will confess that some elements are based on my own experience.

Charlotte sat on my bed, patted her thigh and purred a “Come along, over my knee,” as if the matter was no longer under discussion. Which, of course, it wasn’t. I frowned, stalled, fiddled with trinkets on the dressing table, but the inevitability of what was to come felt as obvious as a mountain and before I knew it I was lying across Charlotte’s lap, my dress pulled up around my waist. It was then that I caught sight of Whiskers, my bright pink toy cat, sitting proudly on a bookshelf at the foot of my bed. I cringed inwardly and hoped that Charlotte wouldn’t also see my plush friend and think me childish for still having him. I felt quite childish enough already.

As my knickers were eased down my thighs I felt suddenly and disconcertingly self-conscious, as if old Whiskers was looking down from his perch and wondering what on earth his little girl was up to. That careworn toy cat and I went back a long way.

Here are all the blogs taking part in Saturday Spankings this week:

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy birthday, Mister BH

Hello! (Or ahoy-hoy, if you prefer).

Another birthday post: it was my Better Half’s birthday this week so we had a mini-holiday couple of days off (and away from the computer for me, hence no blogging). And, just between you and me, we had sex... more than once. :-o

Poor BH does indulge me so. I’ve been feeling very horny and very submissive of late, and this has translated into me playing the part of a shameless, slutty plaything (I know, a difficult role for one as sweet and innocent as I to assume) obsessed with his cock and with pleasing him. Lots of naughty talk and touching and promises of punishment and good, hard seeing-tos... and – oh! Please! Not so hard, Sir! – precisely those things in hot, steamy, clutching-the-bedclothes practice.

I think my kinkiness must be rubbing off on my once-vanilla partner, as he got more thoroughly into one fantasy (I played a woman sentenced to an indefinite stay in a strict institution for perverts) than I can ever remember. My stars, it was hot. Being scolded – belittled, really – for being a wanton, sex-mad pervert whilst simultaneously being groped and kissed and toyed with is just amazingly, pant-wettingly arousing. I LOVE that particular double standard. And the sex, once my keeper had had enough of my wickedness (and had taken the crop to me)... I honestly thought I was going to combust. But, of course, it was my own fault for getting him so frightfully big and hard with my sordid teasing: as he repeatedly reminded me whilst nailing me (and slapping me, and pulling my hair) I was only getting my just rewards. (Him: “You deserve this, don’t you? Filthy little pervert!” Me: “Mmm! MmMMmm!”) Good thing he had me gagged or I would have screamed the house down.

I definitely think we shall have to revisit that particular fantasy. For one thing, the naughty nymphomaniac who was demeaned, stripped, beaten and ravished hasn’t learned her lesson one bit. More correction is clearly required!