Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Blogging break

I’ve had some very bad news in my personal life and I need to take a break for a while.

Love to you all.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Emily loses her skirt

It’s Saturday Spankings! Yaaa-aaay! (Waves arms about in a Kermitly fashion).

My teasing sentences this week are from a WIP rather than a finished story: the ‘Project Summer’ I have muttered about once or twice when surfacing from my scribble-lair. It’s a F/F spanking romance set in London and, in the snippet below, never-before-spanked Emily is about to receive her first punishment at the hands of her lover, Charlotte.

“Take off your skirt. You won’t be needing it.”

Surprised by the brusqueness of Charlotte’s instruction, my eyes flashed up to meet hers. Her expression was just as frostily stark as the tone of her voice had been, her body language as commanding. She was, I realised with a shiver, in no mood to brook deferral.

Unconsciously shrinking from her gaze, I reached behind myself and slowly pulled the zip at the back of my skirt down, noticing for the first time that my hands were trembling.

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

I winned another thing!

As many of you will be aware, fellow scribe and babe Paloma Beck is currently on a whirlwind release tour for her new book, Hold My Hand. Her stop yesterday was at Natasha Knight’s blog, where she shared a wonderfully teasing excerpt and offered a copy of her book as a prize for commenting.

I commented... and I won! Yay me!

Thank you, Paloma :)

If you haven’t caught Paloma on her tour yet, please do – there’s a chance to win a book every day!

(It’s obviously good karma for my being such a sweet and innocent little thing).

Penny Does a Runner: Part V

Penny could see the school gates gleaming in the distance. She thought for a moment of bolting for them, but paused. She hadn’t considered until now what she might do beyond escaping her immediate predicament... she was still in the uniform of St Spankem’s... how far would she get strolling around Quaintdale dressed like that? Not very. The first adult she ran into would simply march her straight back to school, with a scolding and a smacked bottom for good measure. She had to get a change of clothes, and quickly... her teachers would come looking for her any minute!

She clutched her hands in dread. What to do...?

Footsteps! Penny gasped and readied herself to run for it, only to breathe a sigh of relief when a pigtailed First Year came bobbing into view. She grabbed the girl by the elbow. “I need you to do something for me. Run to the drama store and fetch me a dress in my size – bring it to the trees over there – I’ll be waiting. Run like the wind or you’ll be sorry!”

The First Year timidly nodded her assent and shot off like a rabbit. As for Penny, she glanced carefully round, crept to a nearby thicket of trees and crouched in wait.

Minutes later – though to Penny it felt like hours – the girl returned, clutching a red dress. Penny snatched it from her and shooed her away, then tore her uniform off and frantically got into the dress. It fit perfectly! She slipped her shoes on and, with one last glance at the school buildings, dashed to the gates.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Penny Does a Runner: Part IV

“Oh goodness, I’m for it now!” thought Penny as she was marched down the corridor, her wrist held firmly and painfully by her deeply unamused teacher, her grey skirt dancing as she hurried to keep up.

“Please, Miss Pinchit!” she cried in one last plea for clemency, “Don’t take me to the Headmistress! I won’t do it again!”

“You most certainly will not!” snapped her furious form tutor in reply. The burly schoolmistress gave Penny’s slender arm a spiteful tug as reward for her insolence, making the hapless girl trip over herself, wincing in distress.

Things looked bleak for young Penny (and her bottom) indeed; hopeless...

...but she was nothing if not quick-witted! That very moment the door to a washroom came into view and a thought came darting to her. “M-Miss...” she whimpered, “Please may I go to the toilet? I need to... um, well... I don’t want to wet myself in the Headmistress’s office... I’ll be quick!”

“Oh, very well,” sighed Miss Pinchit in irritation. “But mind you are quick, girl!”

Freed from her teacher’s vice grip, Penny slipped into the washroom. Her eyes lit up at her one chance of escape: the row of windows, high up on the wall above the washbasins! Heedless to the consequences, she clambered up onto a porcelain sink and quietly levered the window open, then, with some difficulty, climbed up out of it. In the several moments she was halfway through, head and arms outside, legs and feet dangling inside, she made a little wish that no-one would come into the washroom – she didn’t want a repeat of her previous experience!

With one final push she came tumbling out of the window, landing with a bump outside on the grass, but she cared little about the soreness: she was free!