Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My bottom smarts too...

The lovely Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts has very kindly added a link to my humble blog on her own, so I would like to extend a warm welcome to any new readers and invite you to make yourselves at home, browse my scribblings, and be as naughty as you please in the comments! (If it helps, imagine your hostess dressed as a French maid, curtseying deeply...)

(What a wicked little tease... showing off her stockings and knickers like that... and the little hussy even has the audacity to peek back over her shoulder to see your reaction. She needs a good talking-to, and a lot more besides!)

Anyway, as a little welcoming gift – and to prove that I'm not all about school roleplay – here's an extract from a story I'm working on at the moment. I hope it titillates x


Sabine is my slave. She’s a pretty little thing, a lovely pet; delightfully feminine and very submissive. But not, I’m sorry to say, always obedient. Barely a day goes by, in fact, when I don’t have to punish her for some instance of misbehaviour. “Oh, but Mistress! I’m sorry!” she invariably cries as she is put into position for a thrashing. I was treated to exactly that performance this very morning, as I put her across my knee for a good spanking. Of course, I simply answered her mewling with “It’s too late for sorry, my girl!”, moments before yanking her knickers down and roasting her naughty bottom with my favourite hairbrush.

My pet is of course collared; I like to walk her round my house and grounds on the end of a leash. I find that this greatly reinforces her sense of submission and helps tame any wilfulness that may be building up within her.

And I like to fuck her. I have a number of strap-ons, all of which my slave has worshipped with her tongue and all of which she has felt inside her.

I always fuck Sabine in the ass. She wails and cries every time but I know she loves it really, the filthy little bitch. She really is the most perverted slut. So perverted that sometimes I think she misbehaves and makes a fuss just so she can be punished.

She was certainly disobedient when I fucked her the night before last. It had perhaps been a mistake to put her into a pretty floral dress that morning; such an adult outfit is always likely to give her ideas above her station. Whatever the reason, she showed the most outrageous hesitation at my command to bare her bottom for my attentions. I had no choice but to take the crop to her: such wilfulness cannot go unpunished, and a sound thrashing always proves an excellent corrective. The little madam’s attitude certainly improved when I put her over the punishment stool and gave her a brisk fifty to her seat with the crop.

After she had done crying and begging for forgiveness I gave her permission to worship my feet. Sabine loves few things more than grovelling at my feet, kissing and caressing my long leather boots. She has spent many evenings doing just that, naked and tethered, whilst I recline in my favourite armchair in front of the fire. I never tire of hearing her little moans of pleasure as she strokes, kisses and licks, nor the little gasp she makes when I tug on her leash to bring her up to my knee. For, on occasions when she has been an especially good little slave, I let her worship me between my legs.

I allowed Sabine to kiss my boots, whilst I ran the tip of the crop over her sore bottom, for perhaps a quarter of an hour. Then that pretty dress came up and those tight little knickers came down and my little plaything assumed her proper position, head down, bottom up, ready for my cock.


  1. Welcome Naughty Little Writer. I sure would love to take down this naughty maid's knicker's, and cane her. Yes, 'six of the best', with a pliable stinging cane, on that bare bottom of her's would be a most befitting corporal punishment. Especially when she appears even more sexually erotic, because she is wearing suspender-belt and stockings, that encase her voluptous naked rear end.

  2. Oh, my... thank you for the sexy words. A caning on the bare will be awfully painful and humiliating for me, I mean her.

    If I may, I'll imagine a little more...

    I gasp as my master, outraged at my shameless display, takes me by the wrist and forcefully bends me over. Moments after grabbing my ankles as per his stern command, I gasp again as my black satin knickers are yanked down...

    Trembling in fearful anticipation, secretly wishing that I hadn't teased my master so, I bite my lip, awaiting the first stinging caress of his cane upon my defenceless bare bottom...

    How foolish and exposed I now feel, my knickers abjectly gathered round my feet and my short, frilly petticoats offering no protection or modesty. Truly, I am a wicked little maid who deserves everything that is coming to her.

    (thank you for the kind hello, btw!) x

  3. I would gladly hire you as my maid if you dressed like that as long I would get to fuck you long and hard after I punished you. And sometimes I would let you punish me


  4. Sounds like a great job to me! :D

  5. Are you going to continue the English Classes?


  6. Of course, Timmy! I have just been up to my ears lately (wish I was taller) so I haven't had the time to write one. But I will, so do keep that pencil sharp.

  7. I was browsing the web the other day and I saw a picture of the lovely emma watson. I would love to spank her and hear her moan



    I guess she likes spanking too

  8. Hehe, I like them! Especially the second one.

    I bet she would be fun to spank, I agree - she strikes me as a bit of a madam, so to strip her of her dignity (and her panties) and make her squeal and squirm and plead in her posh accent would be lovely.

    And I bet she would make a very sexy domme, too... :)

  9. I am still going along with your spanking plan that you assigned me a couple months ago. It is going on well I hope you are very happy to hear that.
    Last night I did have to thrash my bottom extra hard for masturbating to the second picture of Emma and for showing you (a grown woman even) the degrading last picture.
    I went out and bought a pair of special light slippers with a hard sole. When an employee of the store I was in asked me if I could use some help I said I needed a good slipper to spank my bottom with. She did help me find a good pair kind of like these.She even said have fun.


    Just so you know, I was in at gym the other day and another a man asked me why my bottom was red and sore and I told him that I had been spanked for being naughty and filthy person.


    Timmy :)

  10. Good boy! I'm very glad to hear that you are getting the spankings you need. And I'm even more glad to know that you are confessing your spanking regimen to others. I'm sure that feels very embarrassing, but you know you deserve it. In fact, you got off lucky: if I had been that store employee I would have given you a demonstration of the slipper by taking it to your naughty behind!

    And quite right that you were thrashed extra hard for masturbating. It's just a shame that Miss Watson wasn't there to see it.

  11. O and I forgot to ask tell you. I went out and bought a jockstrap to wear during my punishments.
    Hope you approve.


    Also, I have been continuing to spank myself at 7:00 with my windows open and down. Earlier this week I am sure that my neighbor who is a mother of a young boy heard me. She asked me today whether spankings worked for me and I was a little shocked I admit but I said yes. She said that she had decided that she would start spanking her son soon.


  12. 7:00 P.M I mean

  13. Found these while browsing the web
    All are photo shopped sadly :(
    I hope I am not bothering you if I ever do bother you I am so very sorry







    If you ever feel like I am spamming you please tell me I don't try to. And whenever the case occurs that you do feel that I spammed you just assign me a special punishment of your liking.


  14. It's alright, Timmy - you can always post whenever you like. I just don't always have all the time I would like to be able to respond, that's all.

    I am very glad that you are getting the spankings you need! And if you want to wear a jockstrap that is fine with me :)

  15. did you like the pictures?
    They seem very lifelike

  16. The one of Jessica Alba with the cane is my favorite, She is such a babe. I would love to fuck her if I could. But sadly I can't so I masturbate shamelessly to it. Need to work on that habit.


  17. I do like them! They're fun. I wish I was good enough with paint programs to be able to make my own celebrity spanking pics. But that's a good reason to practice!

    Now, Timmy, I want to give you a quick lesson in HTML so that the links you post are clickable and a little easier on the eye.

    Rather than just pasting the URL of a pic, you should try enclosing it in an <a> tag.

    For your Jessica Alba pic, if you post it as

    <a href="http://chross.blogt.ch/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=514">Jessica Alba</a>

    it will appear as

    Jessica Alba

    The template is always the same, no matter what URL and text you use. The URL goes in the quote marks at the start, and the text you want to show goes at the end.

    Let's try it with a photo of my butt. If I write

    <a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-t6lkfMt66Ps/UFNCCuqyRVI/AAAAAAAABQw/rZVlXDCgmv4/s1600/penny_butt.png">My butt</a>

    It appears as

    My butt

    See? :)

    Copy this text and use it as a template:

    <a href="URL goes here">Text goes here</a>

    For your homework you can try to post a link to a pic in this format! xx

  18. Timmy's homework

    Hows that. Hope I get an A+ or Mommy will spank me

  19. woop's guess I failed it already. Please don't punish me :(

    Timmy's homework take 2

  20. Found this picture of Emmy Rossum

    Emmy Rossum

    Why are all women on the internet so hot. Boy even my spanking schedule isn't stopping my little masturbation habit. Its just hard not to when there are pictures like this all over the web.
    But then again how could you resist a man like this

    Buff Guy


  21. Well done, Timmy! You can have a gold star for being a good boy and listening.

    And it's alright... masturbation is good for you. (Don't tell the Domme Association I said that, though).

  22. Emmy Rossum is one person who needs a good spanking


  23. In her new show that she is in Shameless she literally participates in shameless sex. No pun intended. She deserves a nice long trip over your knee.
    (I do to I would relish each searing smack of your brush) :D

    Also when do you want to continue the story about the farm that I started? Dont feel rushed

    Hot girl to look at


  24. Tel me what you think about the pictures. Halloween is coming up and I thought that they were appropriate. Please don't punish me for looking at them.
    Naughty-nurse Aguilera

    Hot devil


    And lately sadly I have been struggling with looking at porn. If you have any ideas to stop this naughty habit please share. I have found Lexi to be extremely hot
    Lexi Belle


  25. They're all very sexy and cute, Timmy. I don't think Christina Aguilera is a real nurse, though. And Lexi Belle is new to me - she's very pretty. Exceedingly green eyes!

    I think I'd go for the naughty nurse outfit myself.

    Oh, and I don't personally think that looking at porn is a bad thing, so don't worry. It's healthy!

  26. I was thinking do you want to post naughty pictures that you find on the web and exchange them with eachother?

    If you don't want to that's okay.


  27. Sure, I can do that, though I would probably prefer to do it via email.