Monday, 30 January 2012

The perils of being a Fifth Former

I've added another new site to my links: Mr Whacker is the blog of "a fictitious pedagogist with an unhealthy interest in spanking and crisp school uniforms" – sounds like just my sort of gentleman! There are all sorts of lovely stories and pictures there so I heartily recommend a visit.

A recent post by the aforementioned Mr W. details a punishment earned and received by his naughty wife. The young Mrs Whacker, it appears, is one of those recidivous young ladies whose behaviour requires her husband/teacher to put her into school uniform and administer firm correction. On this occasion she had been especially naughty, so she was given that most feared of all school punishments: six with the cane on the bare.

I mention this because, as you are no doubt aware, I am another of those permanent schoolgirls. And I'm sorry to report that I have also recently (just yesterday in fact) been put into my uniform and given a thoroughly deserved thrashing. It's almost as if my own teacher knew I had read about poor Elaine and decided to give me the same treatment!

I instantly knew I was in for it when I was told quite out of the blue to go upstairs, change into my uniform and wait for him. How I hate that ritual – removing my adult clothes and stepping into those of a child! Yet, awful as that part is, even worse is the silent, interminable wait that follows, fearfully contemplating the discomfort and humiliation to come, knowing full well that it is too late to undo your misbehaviour...

When my teacher eventually entered, he sat on our hard-backed 'spanking' chair and brusquely commanded me to climb across his knee. I hesitated, mumbling that I didn't want a spanking, and received several hard smacks to my seat as I stood. "Naughty girls seldom want a spanking, but they always need one." Feeling even more humiliated than before, I lowered myself into position. My skirt was flipped up with a practiced ease and, once he had smoothed his hand over my cheeks for a moment or two, my teacher commenced a very hard hand spanking. I don't know if it was because I hadn't been spanked for a while, but each and every smack really stung. Of course, my impudent pleading – "Ohh, Sir! Not so hard!" – was rewarded with a sharp rebuke and, if anything, an increase in severity.

My teacher has a variety of spanking implements, one of which is a wooden kitchen spatula. While this simple tool may look (and perhaps even sound) innocuous, believe me when I say it is very painful when applied to a girl's bare buttocks. As I squirmed and bucked over my teacher's knee, my bottom rippling under his rapid, hard smacks, that dreaded utensil stared impassively up at me from the floor beneath my bobbing head. I made a silent little wish that it wouldn't be used on me.

After five minutes or so I was told to stand up. When I had clambered to my feet I instinctively reached back and rubbed my bottom, which was of course a mistake. I was ordered to put my hands on my head and given a few more terse swats for my impertinence.

"You really are being naughty today!" my teacher scolded. Then he reached up under my skirt, took hold of my knickers and pulled them down to my knees. "It's a spanking on the bare for you, my girl. Now get back over my knee."

Back in position (with no hesitation this time), I looked once more at the spatula on the floor and thought for a moment that my teacher had forgotten about it. How my heart sank when I was told to pick it up and pass it back to him. Ignoring my fearful little whimpers, my teacher peremptorily tossed my skirt up once again and then applied the spatula with blistering force to my backside. He really let me have it! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

I couldn't help yelping, kicking and pleading – it hurt so much! Of course that only landed me in further trouble. "DO keep still, girl! You deserve every one of these!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

The spanking went on in the same agonising manner for a good, long while; I'm not sure exactly how long. I do know that by the time it ended, tears wet my face and I was a very sorry young lady with a very sore, very red bottom. Sitting is still a little uncomfortable as I write this today, in fact.

But the spanking had the desired effect, if tearful promises to behave are anything to go by. Of course, it remains to be seen how well I keep to them!


  1. I just discovered your blog thru your link to Mr. Whacker, and immediately downloaded your two wonderful books. I love stories about adult women being sent back-to-school, so naturally I was in heaven when I saw a whole book on the subject!

    I imagine changing into your school uniform must be quite humbling, as you feel your adult identity melting away. In a previous post you mention your significant other taking you shopping to various "school uniform emporia" and being made to come out and model them to check the fit. During this process, do you ever have an interaction with the sales clerks, or other customers?

    Do you find that, once in uniform, they begin speaking to you differently? Nothing overt, perhaps, but subtley patronizing... "Oh, don't you look nice, dear!" or ""Hurry up dear, spit-spot. Don't keep your father waiting!" I imagine being talked to in that manner must really bring the role home.

    I enjoyed your book enormously. I've seen (and written) stories with a number of those scenarios, on the spanking library board, under the Imreadonly2 name. "Spanking Friday" and your other stories were entirely original though, and quite well done. Excellent job!

    A couple of other scenarios I've written about:

    -- A well behaved graduate student enrolls herself in a reformatory to gain "first-hand experience" with corporal punishment. Inspired, in part, by "A Degree of Discipline"

    -- On Halloween, the Assistant Headmistress decides to wear a school uniform, and is shocked to discover how totally her new look submerges her into her role. Lacking the authority required to teach, she is given a class schedule, and finds herself treated by both her former students and her collegues as "simply one of the girls."

    -- Assistant Principal Jennifer, forced to live with her Aunt & Uncle to comply with the school's new live-in-the-district policy, finds herself living the role of "Jenny," a naughty teenager, at home...and even more embarrassingly, in public. Her uncle takes "Jenny" to the hardware store, where one of her 18 year old students makes naughty Jenny a spanking strap...

    -- A 22 year old teacher is mistaken for a student and is sent to the Principal's office in a strict Texas school.

    -- A casually dressed professional woman picking up her niece at school finds herself waiting on the dreaded wooden "spanking bench" outside of the Principal's office. The secretary goes to lunch, leaving her alone in the office with the Principal...and his paddle.

    So many ideas!

    One of my recent favorites involves a story I wrote about Christine Bleakley, the BBC TV host who donned her old uniform and went "Back to School" for her show. The nice part about this scenario is that it's all true (the setup, anyway) and it comes with pictures:

  2. I should also mention that one of the things I loved about your books was you got into the PSYCHOLOGY of the situation...the feeling of putting on the uniform, the nervousnessness of facing your headmaster, the humiliation of having to drop your knickers and bend over for your punishment. I think the psychology of the adult woman regressing to this status is what makes these stories, and your stories, so wonderful.

    Thanks again for the great work!

  3. Oh, thank you for the lovely comments! What a pleasure to read such kind words. I'm very glad you enjoy my writing; that's the reason I write!

    You know, I think we may have a lot in common. The psychological aspect of kink is indeed the most important dimension to me, certainly more than the physical. And humiliation is a wonderful, hugely erotic part of that. I wrote recently that I hated the ritual of changing out of my everyday clothes and into my school uniform, but I'm sure you understand that I really mean I LOVE it! It's just such a liberating feeling (as is much else of kink, of course): forget your adult worries for a while and assume a naughty alternate persona. The precise feeling can vary - I might, for example, really be in the mood for ageplay and so 'become' that girl, or I might stay closer to Adult Me and savour the humiliating feeling of being 'forced' into the role of a child (if you see what I mean) - but it's always fantastic.

    I do very much enjoy stories just as you describe: ones in which an individual is subjected to a loss of authority or status, with the delicious humiliation that comes with such a turnabout. Spanky Friday is probably my most overt attempt to capture that kind of experience.

    I'll make sure to read the stories you list: I do find that particular sub-genre tinglingly arousing! And I agree that it is rich with potentiality.

    As for myself in school uniform shops... I would like to say that I am spoken to like a schoolgirl by the assistants, but it (sadly) hasn't happened yet. I suppose the fact that I shy away, blushing, as much as possible might have something to do with it! But my better half certainly does his utmost to make me feel the part, and I still feel the thrilling excitement of uncertainty; the ever-present possibility of 'what if?'

    You've got me in a really naughty mood now! I'll read one of your stories tonight, and think of myself as the protagonist xxx

  4. In addition to my own work on the subject, I'd also suggest BRITTANYS WARM RETURN TO KENTWOOD HIGH and BACK TO SCHOOL by DJ Black, the latter of which has a wonderful audio file attached.

    I'm surprised you didn't find others reacting to you differently. The young actress who played a schoolgirl in AN EDUCATION reported that the crew treated her like a teenager when she was in uniform, even though they knew she was in her mid twenties.

    You just need to try another store...and another...until you find a clerk who treats you RIGHT. :-)

    Since you're reading my stuff, maybe we should trade reviews. I'll start:

    OPERATION PINAFORE was awesome. Favorite bits:

    -- her embarrassment as her collegues hooted at her when her school uniform was revealed for the first time

    -- Making her uniform a little too small

    -- The scrunchies for her hair, although I wish you had told us the style she chose.

    -- Her first spanking from Jefferson, and her shame at the indignity of it all.

    I liked how she became trapped in her role, and assumed the psychology of her part. if you'll permit me a brief excerpt:

    Jenni stood, head bowed, nervously playing with her fingers. She may have been a twenty-six-year-old FBI agent, and she may have told herself a minute earlier not to worry about silly things like spankings, but her bravado had melted away and at that moment she felt exactly as she looked: a naughty schoolgirl being scolded. Her heart skipped a beat when she lifted her gaze and caught sight of the fearsome-looking wooden paddle that lay on the desk in front of her. Her bottom hurt from just thinking about how much it must sting. She gulped when the Principal took it into his hands.

    Loved the phrase, "she felt exactly as she looked: a naughty schoolgirl". And also the part about how her bottom hurt LOOKING at the paddle. Great stuff!

    The mental regression is more interesting than anything, and you captured it wonderfully. Thanks for the great story, and I hope you enjoy my efforts half as much.

  5. Thanks for the recommendations - I'm sure I'll enjoy reading them.

    As for Operation Pinafore, you are very kind but it's not my story! :0)

  6. I've just had a look at that newspaper story you linked to, btw: she looks very cute! And I can well imagine that those pictures fired your imagination somewhat ;-)

  7. Thanks for adding me to your links Penelope. I do love your writing.

    Hopefull I'll have some more pictures of Elaine and her school uniforms in the near future.

  8. My pleasure, Mr Whacker. I like your blog very much and I'm glad I discovered it!

    More pictures of Elaine in her uniform, you say? Oh my, the poor girl! How dreadfully humiliating that sounds...

    ...yummy! :>