Monday, 2 January 2012

New term, same naughty Penelope

I should have made a resolution to be less naughty...

I'm sitting a little uncomfortably today because I was given a jolly good thrashing yesterday evening. Having been ordered to dress in my school uniform (grey pleated skirt, white blouse, stripy tie, maroon blazer, knee-length grey socks, black Mary Janes) I was given a very good OTK spanking (a long, hard hand spanking over my skirt, then my knickers, followed by a good hiding with the hairbrush on my bare bottom, ouch!)

My better half teacher had said that I was overdue a smacked bottom, and he was certainly more severe and businesslike than usual in giving me one. There was no pre-spanking scolding; I was put straight across his knee. I was certainly scolded as my seat was warmed, though, being told in no uncertain terms what a naughty little girl I was. I squirmed and kicked and yelped and complained, but he wasn't having any of my nonsense. "Do be quiet, girl!" he snapped. "This is for your own good!"

When I was warned during the hairbrush spanking that I could expect more severe discipline in school this coming term, I petulantly wailed "But I'm too big for school!"

Pausing to smooth the hairbrush over my burning buns for a moment, he retorted with a stern "Judging from your behaviour, young lady, you're anything but too big for school! No, I think you'll be there for quite some time to come." He then applied the awful implement to my wriggling rear in a fresh and blistering salvo. Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Oh, how wonderfully helpless I felt! Enrolled in a school I can never leave; a school where I am given all the painful discipline I deserve! I howled up a storm with the stinging, humiliating deliciousness of it all.

When the hairbrush spanking was finally over, I was made to kneel at my teacher's feet and pleasure him. Ohhh! Is there anything hotter than pleasuring a dominant lover, kneeling, chastised, your wicked little bottom burning red hot, feeling like a wretched little slut? If there is, it'll have to be pretty fucking hot.

Once I had pleasured my teacher to his satisfaction, I was given the cane. Bent over and made to hold my ankles, just like the girl pictured above, I received twenty-five fulsome swipes on the bare, each of which stung frightfully. I was originally to receive twelve, but me being me, I talked myself into more trouble. (Heaven. I love school roleplay, and the cane is just the most wonderful, erotic element; combined with the donning of school uniform, it really transports me to a lovely, strict, make-believe place where I feel free and naughty and controlled and loved, all at once).

There was no corner time after the caning; I was simply thrown onto the bed and fucked very hard. And I came very hard.

Bliss! I hope 2012 carries on just like this! xxx


  1. nice blog you have ,best tim.

  2. Thanks, tim! I'm glad you like it.

  3. you are a wicked naughty girl and you should be punished very hard. i would spank you until you beg me too stop.

  4. Oh my! That sounds lovely. When can you start?