Monday, 16 January 2012

To all my naughty girls...

I wrote a few days ago with a warning to all my naughty male readers that if I ever caught them misbehaving I would make them very sorry indeed.

Of course, it would be remiss of me not to extend the same courtesy to any of my female readers who are similarly badly-behaved. So if you are one of those girls who enjoys illicit peeks at forbidden material, read on.


I know that despite your fascination with punishment and submission you are in reality an independently-minded woman, and I know that, were you to actually receive treatment such as that depicted above, you would be affronted, humiliated and terribly resistant.

You should know then that your treatment at my hands would be unremittingly severe and humiliating; entirely appropriate for a wanton little slut like you.

My first objective would of course be to beat that troublesome and foolish resistance out of you. To that end I would bare your bottom, bend you over and give you a good thrashing with the crop. And I most certainly mean a good thrashing. By the time I had delivered the last stroke your willfulness will have melted into sorrowful, sobbing pleas and your soft, fleshy rear would be streaked an agonised, flaming red.

But I know that girls like you take a perverse delight in pain, and a thrashing such as the one you had just received would leave you shamefully aroused and desperate for release. I would therefore take great pleasure in running my crop between your legs and teasing your swollen sex with its pitiless caress, all the while admonishing you for your depravity.

When I had tired of that game I would command you to stand and strip in front of me. Do it slowly: remove the symbols of your past life, one by one, and embrace your new status as my pet. How pretty you look, naked and powerless! Your collar would then be put round your delicate neck as you knelt at my feet.

And then you would go across my knee for your first spanking as my possession. A long, hard, pitiless spanking, your already-sore bottom endlessly rippling under my gloved hand. And when I slipped my hand once more between your legs to check for arousal, and that hand emerged slick with your juices, you would get your just reward: a fucking with my largest dildo. And, just like the filthy harlot pictured above, you would moan with shameless delight.

Such obscene behaviour would of course earn you another spanking, which would be administered as soon as I had fucked you to my satisfaction.

And then it would be into the corner with you. There you would remain for an hour or two, reflecting upon your new position in life and your wretched unworthiness, until it was time for you to crawl to my feet and worship my boots.

If you were an especially good little slut, I would treat your ass to another taste of the crop whilst you grovelled. And I would introduce the crop to other parts of your sinful body, too: your legs, your back, your breasts and even your wicked little pussy would all be thrashed. And I would remind you, constantly and forcefully, that you had brought it all upon yourself.

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