Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lucy's punishment

Lucy sat in the Headmaster's office with a nonchalance that belied her situation; a self-assurance that other girls in her position could only dream of. She was a very naughty girl, of that there was no doubt, and she was in line for a suitably severe punishment. Yet as she was lectured she sat as calmly as one might if listening to a gentle serenade.

As well as being naughty, Lucy was a very pretty young lady, and she knew it. She also knew that the Headmaster liked pretty girls and pretty legs. Perhaps she thought that she could seduce her way out of trouble. Or perhaps she was just so naughty that she simply couldn't help being a tease; shamelessly flaunting her attractiveness and arousing her teacher.

That gentleman certainly stumbled over his words when the pretty schoolgirl sitting before him casually crossed her legs, causing her grey, crisply pleated skirt – already short to the very point of indecency – to ascend still further. His gaze lingered over the glimpse of soft, bare thigh that was unveiled, and all manner of thoughts came to him. Lustful, deeply improper thoughts.

"Your... harrumph! your disciplinary record is abysmal, young lady," he continued, turning his gaze to the window and forcibly returning his thoughts to scholarly matters. "An outrageous number of detentions, and a wanton disregard for the uniform rules..."

Having raised the issue of uniform, the Headmaster could not resist turning to look upon Lucy once more. She was such a wicked, naughty girl...

...with such a disgracefully short skirt, and such a carelessly fastened tie... the knot resting impudently in the valley of her young breasts... and, oh! Those stockings... how obscenely they sexualised her legs... her lovely, shapely legs...

Lucy looked up at her teacher with a coquettishly innocent expression, her big brown eyes open wide, her soft lips just faintly parted, as if ready to kiss. "Oh, yes, Sir," she purred. "I've been a very naughty girl. Are you going to... to punish me, Sir?"

A spanking, that's what she needs; a jolly good spanking. He would put her over his knee, lift her pleated skirt... reveal her tight, white knickers... pull them down...

...and spank her pert, bare, naughty little bottom until she was good and tearful and sorry...

"Yes, young lady, I am going to punish you. I am going to give you a good bare-bottom spanking over my knee. Naughty little girls like you deserve nothing less."

Lucy pouted appealingly, then smiled to herself at the bulge in her teacher's trousers and his ineffectual attempts to conceal it. "Yes, Sir," she whispered, outwardly timorous but inwardly thrilling with excitement at the prospect of a spanking. "I do deserve it, Sir..."

As she rose from her seat and began to remove her blazer she hoped it would be a very hard, very thorough spanking; one that made her kick and squirm and cry.

For, you see, poor Lucy – poor twenty eight and three quarter-year-old Lucy – hadn't been spanked by her husband in weeks, and she really, really needed it.

Image copyright the spankingly sexy School Mistress Fantasy.


  1. That's a good one! Loved the way it ended, I didn't see that coming.

  2. Thanks, Spanky! I'm glad you liked it.

    It's essentially an account of the play my better half and I have when we're in the mood for some school fun, hence the little turn at the end :> I was driven to scribble it the moment I saw the photo on SMF - just so sexy and suggestive.

    There's a lot of me in that naughty girl x

  3. An interesting debate, but I prefer a "realistic" look, since for me the fantasy is the adult woman feeling the part of a naughty schoolgirl, rather than feeling like a sexy siren. is a favorite site, since it shows very adult woman dressed in their business clothes, or their chic casual wear, and then dressed in their uniforms. But I prefer the more reaslistic school uniform look, and the girls at onlytease are always wereing strappy-shoes.

    So do you use a cover-story at the Emporium when you are buying your uniform ("My wife needs a uniform for a party...") or do you not explain?

    If it's the former, how do the clerks react...any sly smiles? And if it's the latter, the same question?

    I suppose it might depend somewhat on how you are dressed when you come in. Do you go for crisp professional, casual chic, or jeans and sneakers? What assumptions might be made about you based on your appearance when you enter?


  4. Haha! Okay Anonymous, since you ask so peremptorily :-)

    The reactions of the sales assistants or shop owners have varied a bit, but then the shops we have visited have varied. I wish I could say that I have noticed sly, knowing looks, but I haven't (cry). Often they pay no attention at all, tut!

    But even so, it's very sexy to browse through items in the uniform section of a prim and proper department store, knowing at all times that my BH and I are going to use the things we buy for naughty, nasty sexual purposes - it's like having a little secret, that all the other people in the store aren't in on. It's a kind of secret foreplay, I suppose :-)

    We have used the 'fancy dress party' line in the past when asked, and I have noticed that this tends to elicit a smiling, "oh, alright then" type of acceptance: understandable, as the practice of dressing in school uniform for parties or nightclub events ('school disco nights') is very common in England.

    Shopping for a tie in a very compact uniform shop (there was barely room for us and the owner) felt a little awkward, but not in a nice way, as the owner was a bit too attentive - sadly, in a 'keen to make a sale' way, rather than a 'I bet you're going to be spanked in this, you naughty girl' way - and we kind of chickened out and said it was for our (non-existent) son.

    I agree that assistants treat people differently depending on how they are dressed, at least in my experience: if I'm wearing a smart, professional outfit I find that I am treated more respectfully than I am when I turn up in jeans or a casual skirt. It's just subjectivity, I suppose. (Smartly-dressed = serious professional, must kiss up to her).

    As for the realistic school uniform look, I generally prefer it too. The realism seems to add a certain something; an extra dimension. I guess it makes everything surrounding the dressing-up a bit more 'real' by association, if that isn't too silly an observation. (If it is, I'll make up for it by using the word 'verisimilitude'). *smiles sweetly*

    But then the 'fantasy' stuff can be sexy too (in a slightly different way). Hmm. There's a blog post in there somewhere...

    Anyway, I hope that this answers some of your burning questions and I'm sorry that I don't have any stories of changing room spanking to tell - it's that English reserve, I guess. Maybe in future I should wait until I'm in a really kinky mood then dash to the nearest shop! In all seriousness, though, I do hope to have a kinky experience uniform shopping one day.

  5. Thanks for answering my uniform store woman donning uniforms must be more common in England than I thought, but that's only a good thing. :-)

    Your hubby might help, by making a few well placed comments in front of the clerk:

    "For goodness sakes, straighten your tie, and stop slouching!"


    "We want the uniform to be authentic. Are you wearing regulation knickers?"

    "Verisimilitude" is the perfect word, really...using an authenic school uniform, a genuine school cane, a punishment book...going thru all the rituals, like waiting outside the study, and the nervous shuffling in front of the Headmaster's desk. They all make the experience more real, I think, and heighten the emotional experience. As you put it so well, you go from LOOKING like a schoolgirl to FEELING like one...

    I think authenticity plays a big part in this. Here's a link to Irish broadcaster's Christine Bleakley's "Back to School" experience, where she donned her old uniform. You can tell she blushes a bit during the introduction, and I love watching her fidgit as she complains about the short skirt and the difficulty she had knotting her tie.

    No excuses, young lady!

  6. What a lovely video! :> And you're right, she does blush! She seems a little timorous throughout, in fact, despite her smiles - the magical effect of school uniform!

    But she can count herself very lucky. I can only imagine how that day would have gone had you been the Headmaster...

  7. What a truly wonderful picture you paint Penelope and i must add if it was my study you had been attending wearing such a provocative outfit like the one in your accompanying picture;there is absolutly no way you would have left with a mere hand spanking. Your knickers would have been resting around your stocking tops while touching your toes awaiting 12 good well deserved strokes of my trusted cane.

    Correction Man.

  8. Thank you for the kind comment, Mr Correction Man - I'm very glad you found my little piece stimulating!

    And thank you for letting me know what to expect should I ever find myself sent to your study for punishment. Twelve with the cane on the bare... oh, my! That sounds frightfully painful and extremely humiliating. I would definitely be a very sorry little girl by the twelfth stroke.

    Would I get extras if I lost position? xxx

  9. Most certainly you would earn yourself extra strokes of the cane Penelope, after all you are not only attending this excellent college to learn education but also some measure of self control; and thus far during your visit to my study you have failed on two accounts in that particular area..The first one in not holding your position while being caned, and secondly and most importantly for deliberatly crossing your stocking clad legs earlier so that it was impossible for me not to look . And therfor you will hold your touching toes position while i administer a further 6 well deserved strokes to hopefully deter you from any more provocative wicked ways in the future understood.

    Correction Man.

  10. Y-yes Sir, I understand! Thank you for giving me what I deserve.

    Please, Sir, I know I shouldn't speak unless spoken to, but I'm -OW!- I'm really very, very sorry for -OW!- being so naughty! I shouldn't -OW!- wear such shameless things to school and I shouldn't -OW!- lose p-position during a punishment and I'll never -OW!- do it again, Sir!

    OW! Thank you, Sir! *sniffle*

  11. In hearing your responce Penelope i am a little bewildered to your future intentions when you state quite boldly that you should not wear such shameless attire to college and you will never do it again. Am i to expect you to *attend wearing a long dire dress to your ankles and a matching pair of dutch clogs*? after reading your story line i hardly imagine this to be the case and i state this fact with great confidence.

    Correction Man..

  12. Okay, you got me... I was fibbing! x

  13. Fibbing indeed! *what ever happened to the cries above of sorry and i will never do it again Sir*? Seems very obvious to me that you were deliberatly fibbing therfor you can have another 6 strokes of the cane befor pulling up your knickers and leaving .Hopefully this will deter you from further wayward conduct, but rest assured Penelope should you ever find yourself here again you will be introduced to my Two Tailed Lochgelly Tawse; which will most certainly leave you both contrite and very willing to conform to our traditional college rules and regulations .

    Correction Man.