Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sleb spanking statement shock!

I don’t, as a general rule, look out for celebrity spanking-related stuff, but I couldn’t help spotting a plug on Yahoo! for Keira Knightley’s latest film, ‘A Dangerous Method’, and thought I’d mention it here for the benefit of any readers unaware of its release.

I mention it primarily because the film features the delectable Miss Knightley playing the lover (and patient!) of Carl Jung, and she is apparently spanked topless in a couple of scenes by the kinky shrink. I’m not a mind-reader but I figure some of you might think this worth investigating ;D

I also mention it because I was struck by the curious angle of the Yahoo! PR piece (and so, obviously, the angle taken by the film’s marketing people): it seems to consist of a reverse-psychology foregrounding of the film’s spanking content by means of loudly downplaying it, i.e. “Yes, okay, the film’s got spanking in it, but that’s not all that it’s about, and although we’re mentioning spanking here to the exclusion of everything else we don’t want you to focus solely upon it, honest we don’t.”

Methinks the artists doth protest too much...

A quote from Keira herself made me chuckle for similar reasons. Pseudo-complaining about the English media’s (apparent) uniquely keen focus on the kinky aspects of the film, she makes the astute observation that “We obviously like spanking, I don’t know.”

It’s hard to tell if she’s giving a sly nod to the ubiquitous yet still semi-underground culture of kink within our shores, or if she’s being genuinely naïve. If it’s the latter, I would simply like to add: well, du-uh! In other news, Keira, fire is hot, ducks can float and nobody on Earth is going to watch that movie for the insights into psychoanalysis it might provide :0)


  1. Her comments about the English seemed rather cheeky to me, and suggests a young lady who might benefit from a dose of the cane. :-)

    Caning Kierra might actually make psychoanalysis worth the $300 per hour. :-)

  2. I thought that this story might interest you, Imreadonly2!

    So Miss Knightley the analyst would find herself bent over her own desk and given the cane - on the bare, I presume, her tight skirt pushed up round her waist, her silk panties round her ankles - my goodness!

    I'm curious, though... what would happen if her secretary (a young lady bearing a striking resemblance to yours truly) were to walk in on that little scene? Would she find herself over the desk too?

  3. Would you be punished for barging in and interupting? Who is being naive now?

    The flightiness of the question suggests a total lack of...and a need for.. discipline.

    Strict discipline.

    The only real question is whether I would line you up side-by-side, with your delightfully bare bottoms pressed snugly together, or make you hold each other for your thrashings.

    Holding Kierra down would allow you to build up a sense of anticipation,as you would feel her jerk on every stroke, and look at her tearful countenance as she apologized... repeatedly ...for her sauciness. Agonizing for her, yes, but also for you, as you watched me tap her bottom with the cane to line up each stroke, and winced on every SWISH, imagining your own upcoming punishment.

    Oh, what torture! You would want her discipline to end, to relieve your suffering as well as hers. But at the same time, you would want it to continue, indefinitely, to postpone your own reckoning for as long as possible. And there's always a chance I might tire my arm out on her, tight bottom, and go easier on you...

    Your agonizing is interrupted by a voice. "So what do you say, Miss Penelope. Do you think she needs another six, then?"

    Kierra looks up at you, her pleading eyes soaked with tears, her face a mask of contrition.

    "What say you, then? Six more, or should I start on you?"

    Oh no! What would you say?

    Side-by-side offers a delightful visual, and an element of surprise, as you would never know which of you might recieve the next stripe. And if I used the senior cane, and aimed carefully, I might elicit two squeals for the price of a single seering stroke.

    Decisions, decisions!!

  4. Mmm :-) what a lovely scene. But little would you know that, as I held the wicked Miss Knightley down for your attentions... as I gazed into her tearful eyes... and as I shuddered with each and every fearsome stroke of your cane upon her agonised rear, I was growing ever more shamefully aroused.

    "Oh, please, Sir! Please give her six more!" I would plead, for I would want to prolong the exquisite agony of anticipation - anticipation that made my knickers more disgracefully wet with each passing second - as long as I possibly could.

    And all the while I would know that, when my turn did finally come, and my pencil skirt was hiked up, and my depraved little secret was discovered, I would be in for the caning of my life.

  5. When your turn came, perhaps I WOULD put you side-by-side, if for no other reason than it would allow me to use a hand on each of you to compare your relative wetness...and to finish you as to fully focus your attention on the discipline to come.

    Oh, the indignity of it! Bent over my desk, your legs spread to shoulder length, with my hand tickling, probing, and stroking you ever closer to release. And the feeling of Kierra next to you, gasping for air as my fingers brought her ever closer to the brink.

    Exciting, yes, but awful too, as I would leave the cane resting on the small of your backs, a reminder of the pain to come when the pleasure was complete.

  6. Oh, how awful that ordeal sounds! I think I had better make sure I behave around you, imreadonly2...

    ...I wouldn't want to be toyed with until I came then mercilessly thrashed for being a filthy little slut, after all xx

  7. That's me...strict but fai..uh, make that "strict, but fun."

    When you and Kierra decide to make the film versiono of BACK TO SCHOOL, please feel free to call me in to help you reherse.

    With her Jane Austin attitude and her stiff upper lip attitude, I always thought KK would be the prefect candidate to play the heroine in one of my stories about young ladies (un?) justly confined to the reformatory. Look at this photo and decide for yourself...are those stripes across her pert, tight bottom?

  8. I'll be sure to let you know about any film we make - though I can imagine it now, the director announcing "Can you do it again, with a little more reaction?" for the tenth time, as I lie sobbing over the teacher's knee, my freshly-walloped bottom aflame. Oh!

    Re the picture, I can't tell - any stripes that may be there are covered by her bikini bottoms :p

  9. Yes, but the stripes are rather suggestive, are they not?

    I mailed you a story I'm working on, about a young woman named Penelope...