Monday, 20 February 2012

Dear readers

After my exchange of letters with Mr Whacker I thought it only polite to write to you, my dear readers, to say thank you for your kind interest in my little blog. I have never had so many visitors! My genuine thanks to you all.

I must also mention that I may not be able to post as frequently as I would like for a little while, but I will do my best to post again before too long. Don't worry, it's nothing bad – so please just imagine me wrapped up in a boarding school intrigue, like the one delightfully captured above. Just look at that naughty pair, sneaking around the school after hours, carefully listening for the slightest sound of a teacher's approach – what mischief could they be up to?

Feel free to offer your opinions on their conduct and my own (and, of course, to suggest ways in which such wicked girls should be disciplined) in the comments or by email – your messages mean a lot to me and I read every single one. Back soon! xxx


  1. "What are you doing out at this hour?" Mr. Craggles, the ancient Headmaster Emeritus, spat out.

    Cynthia straightened her blazer, quickly regaining her composure. "My name is Cynthia Rodrick, and I'm Suzie's mother. I'm here for mother/daughter weekend, and I'm afraid I lost track of the time…"

    "If you're her mother, why are you wearing a uniform?"

    "It's mother/daughter weekend, and I thought I'd wear my old uniform…what the blazes does it matter why? Look, it's my fault were late. Let me get Suzie back and then…"

    "I am glad you have taken responsibility for your tardiness; that is very brave of you. Ordinarily that would be a mitigating factor, and might actually save you from the cane, but the outlandishness of your story has earned you a baker's dozen, on the bare. Suzie will be exempt, since the tardiness is your fault, but she will watch, as a lesson to you both."

    "Really, I'm certain if you check…"

    The Headmaster and the Secretary are both in bed, which leaves me in charge," Mr. Craggles said, flexing the cane in his hand into a full half circle. "I haven't swung a cane in quite a while, young lady, but I intend to show you tonight that I haven't lost my touch."


    "No buts!" Mr. Craggles said, proving his temper was as bad as his eyesight. "Follow me. You can plead your case bent over my desk, with your knickers 'round your knees."

  2. Thank you for the lovely little story, imreadonly2 :o) And you're right, one girl in the picture does look older than the other.

    That poor lady - getting the cane despite not even being a pupil at that school. How awful that sounds!

  3. Pennyyour tales are grand ,love and spanks,timxx

  4. Aw, thank you Tim! What a kind thing to say. I'm a beaming little girl now :)

  5. Those two girls in the picture would get a sound spanking with my hairbrush over my knee.

    Naughty schoolgirls that misbehave and break school rules must be punished.

    Sometimes a spanking over the knee with the hairbrush on their bare bottom can improve their behaviour.

    But one punishment that i find very effective in changing a schoolgirls behaviour other than a spanking is a Saturday Detention.

    The naughty schoolgirl in question is made to report to the headmistresses office on a Saturday morning at 9am in full school uniform for a three hour detention which lasts until 12pm.

    During the detention the girl is made to write out lines. These can be any line that one wishes to make up for the girl to write.

    I find that a Saturday detention to be very effective in changing a girls behaviour.

    The fact that the girl has to wear her school uniform on a Saturday is a great embarrassment to her as she will get stared at on her way to school wearing her school uniform on a Saturday.

    Also unlike a spanking the punishment is not over quickly. Many a girl has wished for a hairbrush spanking rather than a Saturday detention.

  6. Oh, that sounds awful - just imagine having to attend detention on a Saturday. And for three long, boring hours of writing lines! The poor girls' writing hands would be aching dreadfully, long before the end.

    And of course, as you point out, there's the added embarrassment of having to journey to school in uniform on a weekend. What if that journey meant a half-hour walk? Past all those houses, through the town centre, past all those people... disapproving shopkeepers, tutting housewives, giggling children... I think any girl would be blushing deep red with shame the whole time. And this before she had even arrived at school!

    (Mental note: misbehave and break school rules at the very next opportunity).