Monday, 13 February 2012

Remote discipline

I learned on Friday that I have to go away for work at the beginning of March, and will be staying in a hotel (in a single room, on my own) for a week. That basically means:

1) No blogging, in all probability
2) No better half around to swat my naughty bottom

Now, BH and I aren’t lifestyle kinkers by any stretch of the imagination, although (at least in my case) that doesn’t mean we don’t think about it all the time. And the prospect of my staying away – unsupervised – for a week has fired that part of our imaginations where BDSM things live. I will, of course, have to be kept in line somehow. But how? Being tied up and left helpless on my bed (like the poor maid pictured above) is, alas, not likely to happen. I very much doubt I could tie myself up like that, and I’m not asking room service to do it!

Things we have come up with so far are corner time, writing lines, and self-spanking. And telephone calls, of course. (I anticipate being told off a lot. As if I would dream of doing anything naughty... on my own... in a hotel shower...)!

Naturally, dear reader, I would love to hear any suggestions you might have for things I could do while I’m away. And I’d be very interested to hear from anyone who has experienced ‘remote discipline’ themselves, either as the discipliner or the disciplinee.

P.S. Isn’t the photo above just gorgeous? It comes from Tucson Tied, a fantastic female bondage site. (I wonder if they want any new models?)


  1. Lines and essays, I'd say. Anything else you'll enjoy. We had to do essays at school with titles like 'Why poor manners and disrespect are never acceptable'. Trying to spin that sort of thing out to 1,000 words was torture.

  2. Out of town--> someplace new--> FREEDOM!!

    I think you should bring along shorts, sneakers,and your favorite boy-band T-shirt. Put your hair in scrunchies and head down to the far enough away from where you're working not to run into anyone, but close enough not to be a pain.

    Then, be a teenager again!

    Don't buy anything. Relish the sensation of store owners and security guards giving you the fish eye as you finger their merchandise. Go into the furniture department and lay on the couches, or on the beds. Hang out at the food court, and drive the mall guards crazy wondering what you're up to. LOITER.

    Don't steal anything, or break any rules. You won't have to do much. Trust me, your presence will irritate everyone.

    After a couple of hours, you should feel everybit the naughty teenager. Then drive back to your hotel, and give yourself a good sound handspanking for all the mischief you caused.

    Naughty, naughty Penny!!

  3. Wicked girls like you need to be shown up for what you are, so I have done a short post about you on Sexuelle. Also, see a short message from me following my post "Just letting you know."

    Don't think I don't know about the sort of things you get up to!


  4. Thank you so much for the comments and suggestions! And thank you x1000 for the lovely post on your blog, Liz -- I'm not worthy (although I am a wicked girl, as you so rightly note... but then perhaps it takes one to know one?) xxx

    Re activities/punishments, I really like the idea of lines and an essay, I must say... :> I might have to slip a school uniform into my suitcase, and wear it when I'm alone in my room doing my 'homework'.

    Any suggestions for the line(s) I should write? And does a thousand lines a night sound like a fair number?

    I will of course also follow your suggestion, imreadonly2 :) It can be a nice treat to break up the (yummy) tedium of my schoolwork. Although now you have planted the seed I think I might have to let my inner tease out a little bit... I'm thinking spot a serious-looking older businessman in the food court and do a little flirty show for him with an ice cream...

    Would that behaviour merit a spanking, she asked innocently..?

  5. Suggested lines:

    Girls who brat men at the mall
    often cannot sit at all.

    Yes, a self spanking is in order, after your mall adventure. But most importantly, when you get home you must write and tell us all about it!!

  6. Ooh, yes Sir! I will, I promise. And thank you for the suggested line - I shall write that a thousand times the evening after my shopping trip. The other evenings I'll write 'I will not be a naughty girl' 1,000 times.

    I will make sure to pack a good, hard hairbrush, too.

  7. And after the self spankings been correctly addministerd which will be when your bottom is throbbing enormously and glowing a bright cherry red. Make sure you are sitting down on a hard chair with a bristle mat under your bare bottom. This will make writing the 1000 lines more difficult to say the least ,but on the positive side it will aid your concentration in coping with adverse situations like the one you currently find yourself in Penelope

    Correction Man.