Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh, but Daddy..!

Yesterday my better half was very much in the mood for some Daddy and Little Girl action, which was perfectly fine with me! I love ageplay. There’s just something so hot and exciting yet sweet and comforting about it, very much related to the sensation of erotic escapism I wrote about here, I think. I’ll write a more contemplative post on the subject at some future point, but right now I’ll just get down to the details…

I own a variety of fancy dress outfits in the ‘innocent yet sexy girl’ style, and for yesterday’s play I was put into a dress not unlike this one:
My long socks had bows on them, my red shoes had bows on them, my dress had a big bow on the back, I had frilly white French knickers and a big white petticoat underneath my short skirt, and I put pigtails in my hair and tied ribbons in them, so I was all bows and ribbons and frills.

And when I had finished dressing, and transforming into 'Penny', Daddy stood me in front of him and began giving me a good telling-off. I’ll hand over to Penny at this point so she can tell you everything that happened...


Daddy was very cross. He said I had been a very bad girl all week, neglecting my chores, answering back, showing off and flirting, and, most wickedly of all, touching myself. He told me that I needed a spanking. I said I didn’t want a spanking, and stamped my foot. That made him even more cross. He took me by the arm, marched me to the bed and pulled me down across his knee.

He flipped my skirt up and ran his hand over my bottom, and up and down my legs. He did that for quite a long time, and he told me what a naughty little girl I was. I felt very silly over his knee. “Please, Daddy, I’m sorry,” I said, because I didn’t want a spanking at all. “It’s too late for sorry, young lady!” Daddy replied. “You need a good hiding, and your backtalk just goes to prove it.”

He started to spank me, his big hand stinging my bottom very hard. I tried to wriggle free, but Daddy held me firmly down. “Ow! Ow! Oh, please, Daddy! That hurts!” I begged. “Be quiet, Penny!” he scolded. “You really are the naughtiest little girl there ever was – you can’t even take your punishment like a good girl!”

Daddy spanked me for a long time. He warned me halfway through that he would be taking my knickers down to check my pussy for wetness. I begged him not to, because I knew I would get into trouble for being wet, but he just told me off again for speaking out of turn. Daddy always tells me that little girls should be seen and not heard.

When Daddy did pull my knickers down he put his hand between my legs and stroked me. “Is this where you touch yourself, Penny?” he asked.

Ohh! Oh! Y-yes, Daddy!”

“Naughty, filthy girl! You know very well that you’re not allowed to touch yourself there. Only Daddy can play with your little pussy, can’t he?”

“Yes, Daddy!”

Daddy slipped one of his fingers inside me and thrust it in and out. It felt so nice, but I knew I was being very naughty by enjoying it. And I know Daddy is right to punish me for touching myself, but I just can’t help doing it.

Daddy inspected my pussy for a long time. He was very cross that it was so wet. When he had finished, he told me to stand up. I did, and he pushed me down to my knees. He stood in front of me, undid his trousers, pulled his underpants down and held his big, hard cock in front of my face. “Is this what you’ve been thinking about all week, Penny? Daddys cock? Have you been thinking about kissing it, and sucking it, and stroking it, when you should have been concentrating on your chores?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I nodded, ashamed.

“Naughty girl! You are such a little slut! And just look at how hard youve made it with your teasing! Well, my girl, now you can do what you’re best at!”

And then he pushed his cock into my mouth. I wanted to tell him that it was far too big, but he held the back of my head so I couldn’t escape! I could only suck and lick and gulp and look up at him helplessly.

“There’s a good little girl,” Daddy said, stroking my hair. “Ohh... you are so good at that... ohhh... I’ve a good mind to come in your mouth right now. You’d deserve that, wouldn’t you?”

“Mmnh, mnnh!”

But Daddy didn’t come in my mouth. He let me suck him for a few more minutes then pulled his cock away. “That’s enough for you, greedy girl,” he said, ignoring my sad pouting. “Now come along, it’s time for your second spanking.”

Aww, not another spanking! I didn't want to be spanked again, but I knew better than to answer back to Daddy.

Daddy sat on the bed again, but right on the edge this time, and he told me to straddle one of his legs. I climbed onto his leg and he flipped my skirt up and I waited for the first spank. But it didn’t come. Instead, Daddy reached down and took one of my shoes off my foot. He slapped it against his hand and I knew what was coming. “You have been so bad, Penny, that you deserve a slippering.”

“Oh, but Daddy!” I begged, trying to wriggle free. “I’ll be good! I promise!”

“Now, Penny. You know that you thoroughly deserve this, and you know it’s for your own good!”

Daddy whacked me very hard, and my bottom hurt so much I started to cry. But he just kept whacking me, and scolding me, and I felt very naughty and very sorry for myself. But deep down I knew that Daddy was right, that I was a wicked little slut, and that I deserved every last swat. I certainly felt very ashamed as I ground myself against Daddys leg, but I couldn’t help doing it. When the slippering was over Daddy lifted me up and sat me on his knee. “There, there. It’s all over now,” he said, holding me close and stroking my hair. “There’s a good girl. Now, are you sorry for being so naughty?”

“Yes, D-Daddy,” I tearfully nodded.

“Good girl. And you won
t be naughty again today, will you? Because if you are Daddy will have to give you another spanking.”

“No, Daddy, I promise.”

“Good girl. Now, Daddy wants to play with his sexy little girl. Youd like that, wouldnt you?”

“Yes, Daddy! Oh, yes please, Daddy!” I smiled.

And he lay me on the bed and played with me very hard. I came seven times in all.


  1. So much to comment on here! Let me start with this.

    Knickers down, over the knee, offers several advantages, not the least of which is the chance for the spanker to check for cleanliness, proper grooming, and most importantly, those tell tale signs that the young lady might be enjoying her punishment.

    Ironic, isn't it, that the remedy for this situation is more punishment? Rather a vicious circle, isn't it? Easy to see how you ended up at 7…you're fortunate it wasn't seventy, young lady, given how naughty you are!

    In an institutional setting, such as a prison or college (same difference), the position offers a wonderful opportunity for a contraband check. Although it might seem unlikely that the offender is carrying drugs if they were sent to the office for say, passing notes in class, one never can be too careful (or too thorough).

    A supply of rubber gloves or elastic finger sleever, plus a small jar of Crisco, can be handy if the spanker decides to thoroughly probe the aft port hole. As an added punishment, you may ask the young lady, when situated over your knee, to open your lower desk drawer and then remove these items and hand them to you. Trust me that she will get the most delightfully shocked expression when she realizes what your up to.

    What is the English equivalent of Crisco? Trex, perhaps? No matter, in a pinch, you can simply ask the young lady to suck on your gloved finger…

    So tell me about some of these other outfits…a school uniform, of course. Any T-shirts or denim shorts other items for when Penny enters her troublesome teen years?

  2. I certainly do have a pair of denim shorts! They are very short, and very tight, and they leave the bottom of my cheeks shamelessly exposed.

    I also have a number of miniskirts, several of them pleated, that I love to wear when I'm in a bratty mood, and a selection of tops and t-shirts that are a little too small for me. The tops are all short enough to leave my midriff bare, and a couple have been cut so that they only just reach down past my breasts. Of course, I wear the above with knee-length (or longer) socks! x

  3. I imagine dressing that way must be quite liberating, and makes you feel naughty... mischievous... even impish. Of course freedom is never free, and the price you pay for abandoning your adult persona is to make yourself imminently spankable.

    A man spanking his wife Penelope might enddeal up in divorce court, if not prison. But a father spanking naughty, teenage Penny, in her midriff baring shirt, featuring the name of some local band of hooligans with guitars, is a different matter altogether. A passing stranger spying little Penny's buns wiggling and bouncing under her fathers palm as he passes by their living room window might smile, pleased to see that there is at least one father in England who knows how to deal with the teenage hooligans running riot in London's streets.

    Indeed, if it were me who spied you thru the window, I'd stop to listen...and you desperately pleaded for mercy, and tears rolled down her face as she promised to b e good. A sincere promise, no doubt...but we should lay on a few extra crisp ones, just to be sure.

    I think the roleplay works because of the element of control. Penelope can call her lawyer. Penny, on the other hand, has little choice but to grin and bear (bare?) it.

  4. Well sure, it's in large part classic power exchange. And it does feel very liberating!

    But as for being spied upon whilst being spanked, or, even worse, being spanked in public, I don't think I'd like that at all... it would be so embarrassing :(

  5. Embarrassment is part of the punishment, young lady, and I do mean BARE, with your snug little jeans and your adorable knickers (the ones with the little cartoon know the ones I mean) skinned down to your ankles and well out of Daddy's way. There will be nothing between your cute little butt and the discipline you need...not your pride, not your modesty, and certainly not your dignity, which, as your spanking progresses and the tears and kicking starts, will best stripped from you as completely as your cartoon underpants were.

    What's that? Suddenly you notice the open drapes rustling in the breeze...

    OH NO!!! Daddy left the window OPEN!!!!!

  6. "Daddy-da-windoths-open!" you shout, running your frantic words together into a slurred, squeaky whine that adds little to your gravitas.

    Your "Daddy" chuckles as he squeezes your cheeks, testing their firmness and resiliance as part of his vital pre-spanking checklist. "You should have thought of that before, young lady" he chides. "You like acting smart...well, take your spanking like a big girl, and keep quite, or you'll be acting smart for the whole neighborhood."

    You look up. In the mirror you can see the open window, the bright sunlight, and the open drape rustling in the breeze. You strain to hear...

    Voices. Male voices!

    "Strike one" a boy calls out.

    Your shudder in horror. Your bottom is is facing the window, and when you start to kick, the show you put on will be truly unforgettable.

    "Daddy, 'da boys 'r home from college. They'll SEE!!"

    SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Your Daddy, exhausted by your childish antics, does not care.

    You struggle not to cry, or protest, or make a sound. If you speak, or wiggle, or sob, Daddy will scold you, LOUDLY, and that will draw the boys to the window, like bees to a honeypot.

    Your honeypot.


    You struggle to maintain your composure as the fire in your bottom slowly builds, knowing it's a battle you are bound to lose...

    Okay, I'll admit it. It is a LITTLE embarrassing!

  7. Mean Daddy!

    *sucks thumb*

    Pulling my Cookie Monster pants down, s'not fair!